How to Make Money Online for Free

Wondering about how to make money online for free? You are at the right place. Free money-
making ideas may seem like an oxymoron in the real world, but they are completely possible in the
cyber world where the rules of the game are different. You can create an online business without
investing anything and turn it into a million dollar company.

The internet has made it possible for anyone to earn income from the home. You don’t need to have a
large amount of capital to establish an LLC to make money online. There are a plethora of online money
making opportunities that require no investment.

How to Make Money Online FREE or without Paying Anything?

The online world is bustling with money-making opportunities. All you need to do is to look in the right
direction to find effective ways to earn income online. Here are some useful online money-making ideas
that will allow you to earn a living.

1. Monetize Your Blog Site For Quick Cash

A great way to earn money online is to monetize your blog site. If you love expressing your thoughts in
an engaging manner, you should definitely consider this option.
A lot of people are blogging and making tons of money.

You can select any topic that you think your readers will find interesting and start writing. You can write
about cooking, travelling, adventure, games, business, sewing, and other interesting topics.

You don’t need to have an MA in English or a copywriting certificate to start blogging. Just open the MS
Word or whatever word processing software you’re using and start typing your thoughts.
Once your blogging site attracts a lot of online traffic, you can monetize it in many different ways.

  • Sell Product or Services — You can sell your own products or services to customers through the
  • Affiliate Program — You can sign up for affiliate programs such as ShareASale Affiliates, Amazon
    Associates, Shopify Affiliate Program, and StudioPress Affiliate Website. With affiliate marketing,
    you will get paid for sales or traffic generated from the referrals.
  • AdSense Program — AdSense programs include Google AdSense,, AdBrite, PopAds,
    Infolinks, and PopCash. These are contextual ad networking sites that pay you when users click
    on or view the ads.

One important thing that you should remember is to diversify your blog site income source. A lot of
people have narrated the horror of having their AdSense account banned that put a stop to their online
income. You should monetize your blogs in different ways so that the disappearance of any one source
of income doesn’t feel like a ton of bricks falling on you.

2. No Investment Freelancing Gigs

You can also earn an income online by offering services through freelancing websites. This is a great
opportunity to earn a living as a freelancer. You can offer accounting, web designing, graphic designing,
website development, copywriting, editing, fashion designing, and many other services to customers
through a freelancing site.

The best freelancing sites include, Hubstaff Talent, Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork.

To offer freelancing services, all you need is a reliable internet connection and a laptop or PC. You
should determine how much money you will charge to the customers as a freelancer.

You need to create a portfolio website to attract customers. The portfolio site should contain samples of
your recent work. You don’t need a paid hosted site with a custom domain for your portfolio page.

You can create a website and domain without paying anything by signing up for a free account on or The page should contain three sections including About Me, Portfolio, and
Contact me page.

3. Do Online Surveys For Money

Not many people know that they can make a decent living by simply filling out online surveys. You can
participate in online survey programs by signing up with Swagbucks, Toluna, OnePoll, LifePoints, i-Say,
and Google Option Rewards.

The online survey sites pay you for each survey completed. To make the most money, you should sign
up with multiple paid survey sites. You need to cast your net wide since you won’t qualify for all the
surveys. In addition, you should also consider creating a separate email for survey sites so that you can
receive all the emails in one place.

4. Create An Online Consulting Service

You can also set up online tutoring or consulting business without investing anything. There are lots of
different areas for offering consulting business. You can offer business, accounting, or legal consultation.

Moreover, you can also offer consultation for networking, IT, and implementing a green business

Make sure you have the credentials to back up what you are offering. People won’t trust you unless you
have a solid experience and successful track record in the field. Consider taking online courses to build
up credibility regarding your services.

The best thing about offering consultancy services is that you don’t have to leave the office to provide
services to the clients. You can offer services through online chat and video conferencing tools. If you
have solid experience and knowledge regarding a particular subject, people will be willing to pay big
bucks for your workshops or classes.

5. Leverage Social Media To Make Money Fast

Today, digital media has become the mainstream advertising medium for most businesses. Small and big
businesses are spending thousands of dollars on promoting their products and services through social
media marketing. You can offer social media management services to companies. If you know how to
make Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts, you won’t find any difficulty in managing social media
campaigns of businesses.

Apart from offering social media marketing services, there are lots of other ways in which you can earn
through various social platforms.

You can become a global influencer if you have hundreds of thousands of fans on social media channels
such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or Twitter. Experts foresee that social influencing will become a
$10 billion market by 2020.

To connect with brands, you can sign up with Brandwatch. Signing up for an account will allow brands to
find your profile. You can communicate with the brand through the platform and negotiate payment.
In addition, you can directly connect with brands to promote their products through your social media
channel. In fact, most influencers have said that sponsored content makes up the majority of their
online income.

Another way you can monetize through the social media page is by promoting affiliate products of
unknown brands. You can head over to ClickBank to find products that you can promote on your site.
Also, you can find products to promote at Amazon Associate.

You should consider joining YouTube Partner Program if your videos receive lots of online views. To
become eligible for the program, you need to have more than 1,000 subscribers and over 4,000 public
watch hours in the past 12 months.

Lastly, you can make money through your social media channel by promoting your own products or
services. You can promote your eBook, video course, app, or any other products to your social media

6. Make Money By Doing Podcasting

Not many people know that podcasting can help them earn money online. If you’re good in communication skills, you can monetize it by creating podcasts.

The fact is that podcasts have become increasingly popular, particularly in the US. Nearly half of the US
population listens to podcasts on a regular basis. If you are able to build a large following, you can use
the medium to make money online.

First, you should select a popular niche market for your podcasts. For instance, a lot of people like
fishing. You can gain a sizeable following by creating podcasts regarding fishing. Other interesting
podcast topic ideas include pet training, healthcare, tech news, and gaming world.

You will have an easier time building audiences if you target a niche market. Once you have selected a
topic, you should create a script for the podcasts. While you can also speak what’s on top of your mind,
it won’t likely result in the best impression.

Try to make the podcasts interesting by including facts and examples. This will help you create a loyal
following for the podcasts. Also, make sure that you use a high-quality microphone with noise
suppression feature for recording the podcasts.

Once you are able to build a loyal following, you can monetize the podcast channel in different ways.

Get a sponsor — You can get sponsorships to make money from podcasts. Podcasts such as $100 MBA
show and Entrepreneur on Fire generate thousands of dollars through sponsors.

Promote Products/Services — You can promote your own or affiliate products and services on the
podcast channel. For instance, if you are a business consultant, you can ask listeners to visit your
website for discounted prices on workshops or counselling sessions. You can also sell audio-books to
your listeners.

Virtual Summit — You can organize a virtual summit or digital conference that podcast audiences can
attend for a small fee. This is how I managed to do various events like Traffic Millionaire Summit, were i was able to
generate about $20,000 plus income and increase my email subscribers by 3,000.

Make Money Fast Today

The online world is full of money making opportunities. All you need to do is to look at the right place
for the right opportunity. The post will serve as an inspiration for you to make money online.

Remember that success in the cyber world requires the same traits required in the real world – patience
and persistence. You need to work on the potentially profitable money-making idea and keep trying
until you see money rolling in your bank account.

About The Author

Your Millionaire Mentor
Shaqir Hussyin

Shaqir Hussyin is the founder and CEO of & Nicknamed the “Backpack Millionaire”, he’s invested $350,000 into his own education and training. Whilst traveling to 100+ countries, Shaqir has built over 10+ million dollar brands and attracted over 500,000+ subscribers.

His signature program is now available at: CreateDigitalCourse.comspecially designed for aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to start their online business with their very own high paying product.

Shaqir is also a highly sought-after speaker and direct response “Sales Funnels” global leader you can meet in person. His work has impacted over 100,000 businesses in 65 different countries. Connect with Shaqir on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn & FB Group.

9 Ideas To Make Money From Home

Are you looking for ways to build your wealth? Take heart: There are lots of opportunities available to
make money for people regardless of their education and experience.

However, the foremost barrier that you must be overcome to make money is finding the right business
idea. In this post, we will list some of the profitable ideas for making money from home that you can
implement today and see profitable results.

Best Ideas To Money Making From Home

1. Start Making Money With Amazon FBA Program

Amazon is a great platform for making money that won’t require much spadework to build the business.
Enrolling in the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program will allow you to automate the orders due to
Amazon’s advanced shipping services.

Stats show that almost half of Amazon sales are from third-party sellers. You can reach millions of
customers by selling products in the online marketplace.

Starting an Amazon store is simple. You will need to create an Amazon seller account by scrolling down
to ‘Make Money with Us’ section, and then click on the links to sell items on Amazon.

You can source your products through local companies, or even better through different

A lot of people are buying cheap products in bulk from Alibaba, branding them, and then selling them at
Amazon for a profit.

For instance, you can buy 100 pieces of electronic mosquito pest control for just $1.2 a piece from
Alibaba, add a brand name, and sell the same at Amazon for $26.80 a piece for the same product. Even
after paying fees, the profits can be substantial.

And the best thing about selling on Amazon is that you will not only be able to target US consumers but
global users as well through Amazon Global Selling.

2. Creative Ways To Make Money With Ride Sharing

Starting your own ride-sharing business is another effective money making the idea. Just sign up with
Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar and literally start moving people around to make quick bucks.

According to Nerd Wallet, to make a yearly profit of $50,000, you need to offer about 84 rides each
week as a Lyft driver, 73 rides as a Sidecar driver, and 61 rides as an Uber driver.

You don’t necessarily have to drive yourself. Just hire a driver, and let him earn for you. The money will
keep rolling in your bank account without even lifting a finger. This is a great idea to earn supplemental
income as you focus on other avenues to boost your income.

3. Launch Online Coaching Business

Do you have more than a decade experience in finance, business, copywriting, avionics, or any other
field for that matter? If so, you should consider setting up an online coaching business.

Your customers will be willing to pay premium prices for receiving coaching advice if you offer a clear
value proposition. According to Katja Kempe, the founder of Viveka – an online marketplace for coaches,
clients don’t care about what you sell but what will be the results.

One important thing you should remember about the coaching business is that great money can be built
on the back end rather than the front end. In other words, you shouldn’t mind breaking even for the
actual coaching class.

Once your customers have completed the coaching class, you can upsell them high-end coaching classes
that will allow them to gain a deep understanding of the topic.

4. Digital Social Media Specialist

Digital Social media specialist is another profitable business idea. Most smart businesses have dumped
traditional marketing methods, and embraced social media marketing networks such as the ever
popular Facebook and Instagram to market their products and services.

You can offers services to business owners to run a social media campaign for promoting their product
offering. Business owners are generally not well versed with – or may not have the time for – promoting
their products or services online. You can help businesses expand the reach of their business through
the social media platform.

If you have experience and knowledge of digital marketing, you can monetize your skills to earn income
from home.

5. Earn Extra Money As College Career Advisor

A lot of students are in the dark about what careers will be viable for them in the future. All you need is
a keen eye on the employment landscape. You should know what careers are available and what
persons are best for those jobs.

You can help students explore options and select the best career for them. Moreover, you can help
students find the right college and assist them in applying for a course.

To become successful in this business, you need to research the industry and college trends. You can
promote your business by contacting your local school network and introduce your college career
counseling services to students and parents. Associating with a school will also help build rapport and
credibility with the parents.

6. Get Paid As Online Tutor

Many students face problems with their studies. You can help them in their studies by creating an online
tutor website. This is a great business idea that doesn’t even require you to have teaching experience.

You can give lectures to students through email, video conferencing, or messenger app like WhatsApp.

Fees for the online tutor class can range between $50 and $90 an hour depending on the course you
teach. The highly sought-after standardized testing and SAT tutors charge as much as $150 an hour. You
can charge hourly or provide a package deal that also consists of books.

7. Start A Photography Business On The Side

Do you like to take photos with your camera? If so, you should consider monetizing your passion by
setting up a photography business. There are great opportunities, particularly for landscape

You can make money by selling photos through your own website, or sell them through stock photo
websites such as Yay images, Shutterstock, and iStock.

Apart from selling photos, you can also offer professional photography classes. In addition, you can
consider offering corporate photography services to customers.

8. Create Digital Products That Gives Fast Results

You can also make money by selling digital products such as PC or mobile apps and eBooks. The best
thing about these products is that there are not shipping and manufacturing costs. This means the
margins can be high for digital products.

Online platforms such as Shopify offer a free digital download app that lets you sell digital products
similar to physical products.

The best thing about selling digital products is that you won’t have to worry about fulfilling the orders.
The orders will be delivered to the customers automatically without having you to do anything.

However, make sure what you are selling is unique. You should offer a product that consumers won’t
get elsewhere for free. Moreover, consider using digital security tools to protect your product from
piracy and online theft. Lastly, you should make sure that what you comply with the online marketplace
terms and agreement when selling digital products online.

9. Online Fast Food Business Idea

Do you have flair in cooking? Have you taken gourmet food cooking classes? If so, you should make good
use of your skills to make money online.

You can sell baked goods, specialist goods such as jams or preserves, or gourmet food. Moreover, you
can also offer weekend catering services, cooking instructor and personal chef services to the

In addition, you can start a foodie blog or video site, and monetize from the online traffic. A nutrition
coach is also a good option to help customers adopt a healthy diet.

How to Make Money Online for Free?

Not having money is not an excuse to start your business from home. You can set up an online business
for free.

Amazon allows you to sell up to 40 items a month for free. You pay a small fee for every sale. This is a
great plan for selling high-margin items like branded things, flowers, and jewelry. With a markup of $500
per item after deducting selling fees, you can make $240,000 annually through the free Amazon

eBay and Etsy also let you sell online without paying anything. You can also set up your own site without
investing any penny. Using free website builders like Weebly, Wix, SITE123, and Jimdo, you can create a
professional e-commerce site. You can also purchase free web domain names by heading to

Blogger is another option for making money online for free. While the alternative WordPress also offers
free blogging service, you can’t add monetization features. With Blogger, you will be able to monetize
your free blog site. When your site receives a lot of online traffic, you can enable Google AdSense to
receive income from the blog site. Moreover, you can gain additional income from the blog site through
promoting products, selling eBooks, offering services, and through affiliate programs.

Final Word Of Advice To Make Money Fast Today

Now that you know about the profitable ideas for making money, all you need to do now is to get down
to business. You don’t need to read books or take online courses to learn the ropes and get the inside
track for starting a successful business.

The foremost rule that you need to remember is that great success comes at great risk. You should not
be afraid to take the leap of faith and put profitable business ideas into practice. Remember that failure
is only a byproduct of success.

Failure is a stepping stone to success. Successful people who have amassed great wealth don’t dread or
mourn failure. They simply parlay their failures to make big wins. You need to implement the money
making ideas mentioned in this make — and do this fearlessly — if you want to amass wealth and enjoy
all the things that only money can buy.

About The Author

Your Millionaire Mentor
Shaqir Hussyin

Shaqir Hussyin is the founder and CEO of & Nicknamed the “Backpack Millionaire”, he’s invested $350,000 into his own education and training. Whilst traveling to 100+ countries, Shaqir has built over 10+ million dollar brands and attracted over 500,000+ subscribers.

His signature program is now available at: CreateDigitalCourse.comspecially designed for aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to start their online business with their very own high paying product.

Shaqir is also a highly sought-after speaker and direct response “Sales Funnels” global leader you can meet in person. His work has impacted over 100,000 businesses in 65 different countries. Connect with Shaqir on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn & FB Group.


How to Make Money Online Quickly

Wanting to make money online but don’t know how to d it? Stop looking around and start learning how to make money online quickly implementing the steps shown here.

The internet is bustling with opportunities for making easy money. All you have to do is to look in the
right direction to find out how to make money online. But you should also know that not all online
opportunities translate into demonstrable benefits.

Some opportunities are like a mirage in the desert. They look good at first, but when you sink your teeth
into it, you will find your entire efforts amount to nothing.

So, how can you find the right online opportunity to make money online? What are some of the
profitable online opportunities that are worth exploiting? How can you make money from home? You
will find out the answers to these questions here in this post.

Online Money Making Tips | How to Make Money from Home

1. Start A Blog Site Designed To Make Money

Creating a blog site is a great way to make money online. There are many people who make outlandish
income through their blog sites. Their annual income exceeds what is made by many C-level executives.

Consider CopyBlogger founded by Brian Clark that had started out as a simple one-man site in 1998. The
blog site evolved over the years and now rakes in ten million dollars annually. There are many other
examples of successful blog sites such as TechCrunch, Mashable, Moz, Engadget, and Huffington Post
that that make 8 figures income annually.

To become a successful blogger and make money online, you need to go through these steps.
Step 1. Select a blogging platform such as
Step 2. Register a domain name using BlueHost or GoDaddy
Step 3. Design your site to make it look attractive. You can use the free WordPress website
editor to design your site.
Step 4. Create useful blogs for users.

Note that you won’t have to pay anything for setting up a blog site except when registering a domain
name. However, you don’t have to pay a thousand dollars for the domain name. You can purchase a
domain name with a .com extension and privacy protection for just $20.

You should not only create blogs but also promote them to your online audiences using social media,
forums, and other online mediums.

Once your site starts attracting a lot of traffic, you will be able to earn money through ad networks such
as Google AdSense. In addition, you can promote affiliate products to earn income.

A lot of bloggers are making money through their blog posts by arranging events such as conferences,
workshops, or even parties. You can charge your blog readers or find a sponsor for the event.

2. Sell Digital Products Online

Selling digital products is another great way to make money online. If you have flair in writing, you can
write a fantasy novel, or any other genre for that matter, and sell on Amazon for free. You can also
publish your books on AuthorHouse that will take care of the task of promoting your eBook. Other good
self-publishing platforms you can try include Lulu, Blurb, CreateSpace, and Virtual Bookwork.
In case you don’t have any interest in writing books, but are expert in coding, you can make a program
and sell on Android or iOS marketplace.
Just make sure that whatever you select for selling online, it should be useful to the readers. Don’t
assume that your readers will like your digital product. You should first listen to your readers to know
their needs, and then sell a digital product that satisfies their needs.

3. Sell Physical Products Online

You can also make money by selling physical products on platforms such as eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon
Prime. You can sell just about anything on these platforms. Moreover, you can create your own e-
commerce store for selling online.
A lot of websites also allow you to sell arts and crafts. Sites such as Bonanza, Art Fire, Zibbet, Folsky, and
Big Cartel allow you to sell different types of artisan goods online. You can sell homemade gifts,
ornaments, jewelry, designer clothes and much more.

4.Make Money Online with Google

Google offers lots of opportunities for making money online. You can connect your website with Google
AdSense to make money by displaying ads on the site. In addition, you can also make money by posting
viral videos on YouTube. You will receive money for every ad displayed to users who view your videos.

You can also sign up for Google Opinion Rewards program to earn money online. The company will pay
you $1 by PayPal account for each completed survey. While this isn’t a regular income source, you can
gain easy money by signing up for the program.

5. Make Money Freelancing

Freelancing is a profitable online source for making money. You can offer IT, accounting, journalism,
creating writing, editing, and other services.

You can make thousands of dollars as a freelancer without even leaving your home. To attract users, you
need to create an appealing portfolio. Your online portfolio should consist of the following:
 Highlights past experience
 Shows your skills
 Includes educational credentials
 Clearly states what you can do to create value for users

You can offer freelance services on your own blog suite or freelance sites such as Trulancer, Guru,
Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr. Once you are able to build a good portfolio, you can make a lot of
money through freelancing.

4. Sell Photos Online

If you have expert photography skills, you can sell your professional photos on sites such as
Shutterstock, iStockphoto, SmugMug Pro, and Etsy. The sites allow you to cash in your passion for

Once you submit your collection of photos and they are accepted, you will become a stock photo
contribute. The stock photos can be sold to multiple users allowing you to earn a passive income stream.

Remember that making money by selling photos online is a numbers game. You need to upload lots of
quality images to different stock photo sites. The more pictures you upload, the greater are the chances
of making money online.

Another important tip when selling photos online is to use related keywords for images. Consider using
five to ten keywords for each image so that folks will be able to find your pictures online.

5. Make Money Through Social Media

Social media is another great platform for making money online. You can leverage from the loads of
connections you have made on social media by promoting goods and services.

People with a large number of social media connections are known as social influencers.
The global social influencer market is huge — worth around $6.5 billion. Moreover, a survey conducted
last year had revealed that around 44.7 percent of advertisers are focused on the social media channel.

A lot of global brands such as Unilever and others pay social influencers for promoting their products
and services on their social media page. For every 100,000 followers on Instagram, you can earn about

If you have a large online following, you should sign up with influencer marketing websites such as
BuySell Shoutouts and Brand Snob. These sites let you connect with advertisers who want to promote
their products or services to your online social media fans. This is another great avenue to earn a large
amount of passive income online.

6. Sell Online Courses

Online courses can also allow you to make decent money online. You can create an online course about
anything such as accounting, money management, copywriting, massage therapy, and cooking.

You should start by creating a course outline. Get input from other people on what they think should be
included in the course. Once the course outline is made, you can start creating a course.

Most courses are in the form of videos with a written script. After you have completed the course, you
can sell on sites such as Zippy Courses, Teachable, and Alison.

To know more about how to make money selling courses online, you should read the book Build a Six-
Figure Online Business Selling Online Courses.

7. Online Tutor Services

You can make a lot of money by offering online tutor services. With internet communication technology,
you can offer tutor services to anyone anywhere around the world.

Online tutors interact with their students through the webcam or WhatsApp software. You can offer
one-on-one or group coaching classes. The coaching classes can be offered through your own site or by
joining an online tutoring site such as FlexJobs, Chegg, Tutorhub, Skooli, and Brainfuse.

You don’t need to have experience in teaching to offer online tutor classes. If you have experience in a
particular field, you can coach others by sharing your experiences. Most people would love to receive
coaching from a person with years of experience in a field.

8. Make Money Fast Today Online!

Remember that you have to behave like a marksman when looking for online money making
opportunities. You need to scan the cyber world for profitable avenues. And once you spot a profitable
prospect for making money online, you should aim and home in on the target.

Another important tip to make money online is that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. Your
chances of success will increase significantly the more online business ideas you try.

And the great thing is that putting different online business ideas to practice is not difficult.

You are not constrained by cost when setting up an online business. Most of the online money making
ideas listed above don’t require a large investment. You can start making money online without
investing anything.

Do you have any more ideas on how to make money from home? You are welcome to comment in the
box below.

About The Author

Your Millionaire Mentor
Shaqir Hussyin

Shaqir Hussyin is the founder and CEO of & Nicknamed the “Backpack Millionaire”, he’s invested $350,000 into his own education and training. Whilst traveling to 100+ countries, Shaqir has built over 10+ million dollar brands and attracted over 500,000+ subscribers.

His signature program is now available at: specially designed for aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to start their online business with their very own high paying product.

Shaqir is also a highly sought-after speaker and direct response “Sales Funnels” global leader you can meet in person. His work has impacted over 100,000 businesses in 65 different countries. Connect with Shaqir on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn & FB Group.

How to Make Money Online for Beginners 2019

Want to make money online? Well today you’ll learn how to make money online as a beginner in 2019. Let’s face it, e-commerce is growing at an unbelievable rate. In the US, consumers spent nearly $513.61 billion on various e-commerce websites in 2018. Worldwide online sales amounted to nearly $2.86 trillion, and this figure is expected to double by 2021.

The above e-commerce trends show that most buyers prefer to buy online. If you want your slice of a
trillion-dollar pie, you should invest in an online business today.

Fortunately, you don’t need to invest a large sum of money to create an online presence. The post will
reveal a few tips on how you can make money online without much investment.

Setting Up An Online Store To Make Money

One of the best ways to earn money online is to set up an online store. The best thing about online
businesses is that you don’t have to invest a lot of money to create an online store. With just a few
hundred dollars worth of investment, you can start a business and earn a substantial amount of profit.

You can set up an online business by following these three simple steps.
1. Create a website
2. Host the website online
3. Market the business

It’s that simple!

While setting up a business is easy, ensuring its success is a whole new ballgame.

So, how can you create a successful online business? How do you know which business will click and let
you break away from the 9-5 rat race? What steps are required to achieve online business success?
While there are no hard and fast rules for becoming successful online, here are some tips that will
increase your odds of becoming a successful online entrepreneur.

1. Beginners Must Do Research First Before Making Money

Before you take the plunge into an online business, you first need to discover a successful business idea.
This requires carrying out detailed market research.

Find out what are the needs of the target market that you can meet better than the competitors. You
should study the target market profile, including preferences, problems, and frustrations. For this,
consider carrying out an online survey.

The survey will reveal hidden business ideas that you can
capitalize to become successful.

2. Create a Digital Marketing Blueprint

You can’t be a successful online entrepreneur unless you come up with a solid digital marketing plan.
Without advertising your business to your target market, you can’t make money online.

The three pillars of a successful digital marketing blueprint include the following.
 Search Engine Optimization
 Social Media Marketing
 Content Marketing

The overarching goal of these different yet highly related marketing elements is to funnel a maximum
number of traffic towards your website. These are interrelated elements and you can’t be successful
with just one or two of the strategies.

You need to optimize your website for search engine visibility. Moreover, you should leverage from the
immense popularity of social media sites to build a large online following. You can read the post here to
know how you can double your traffic from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Lastly, content marketing will help you attract relevant targeted audience to your site. You should
regularly post blogs on your website. But don’t let the blogs sit pretty on your site! Advertise those blogs
by emailing them to the list of subscribers. Boosting blog traffic will have a positive impact on your
website’s search engine ranking.

3. Remain Persistent

The third important strategy you should remember to make money online is that success is achieved
only through persistence.
A lot of business owners don’t make a profit until one or two years after setting up an online business.
You need to continuously test and optimize your online business strategies according to market
Successful business owners persist past challenges and stick to their vision despite facing overwhelming
obstacles. If your value proposition is made after a throughout market research, you should not be

discouraged and stick to your vision. With a persistent approach, you will become a more experienced
entrepreneur and know what it takes to build a profitable online company.
Having said that, you should know when to quit and pursue a new business opportunity. Don’t be scared
to change course and start a new online project if success seems unachievable.

4. Consider Other Creative Ways To Make Money Online

Setting up an online store is not the only way you can earn money online. There are a lot of other ways,
you can earn money in the cyber world.
Here are some of the less well-known ways you can earn money online without investing money to
create an online store.

Tips to Make Money Online Without Investment

Make Money Online with PayPal

If you want to make easy money, PayPal is your best friend. A lot of companies offer money through
PayPal for carrying out different tasks. Some of the sites that offer PayPal cash reward points include
PrizeRebel, GrabPoints, OpinionOutpost, MyPoints, and Survey Junkie.

All you have to do is to register a PayPal account and sign up with the companies offering PayPal cash
free of cost. Next, you have to carry out various tasks such as playing games, completing offers,
downloading apps, or watching videos.

Carrying out each task will allow you to earn points. Once you receive a certain number of points, you
will receive cash via your PayPal account.

Make Money Online with Google

Google is another great platform for earning money from home. The online search engine giant provides
a lot of opportunities for people to make money. Let’s take a look at just some of the money-making
avenues that will let you earn big bucks with Google.

Search Engine Evaluator

Not many people are aware that Google uses the services of companies such as Appen, LionBridge, and
KarmaHub to improve search results. You can join these companies to earn guaranteed pay online.

The job is not difficult and you can earn consistent money by becoming search engine evaluator.
All you need to know is how to use a computer and use Google’s search feature. If you have made way
to this post, you probably know how to do the job.

Your job is to make sure that the search engine returns the most relevant results from the user’s
queries. You can earn $12 an hour and sometimes more depending on the tasks.

Google Opinion Matters

Google Opinion Rewards is another great job opportunity to make money online. You just have to
download an app to earn money.

Once you have downloaded an app, you have to take online surveys. You will get a notification about a
new survey once a week. The surveys will contain a mixture of user opinions and reviews regarding a
particular merchant.

After completing each survey, you will receive a credit to your PayPal or Google store account. The
credits can be up to about a dollar that will serve as supplemental income for you.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a time-intensive yet highly rewarding online money making tactic. To make money
using this technique, you need to create a blog site, and publish informative blogs regularly.

The blogs can be about anything such as politics, cooking, hobbies, and entertainment related topics.
Next, you should sign up for Google AdSense and place ads on your site.

You should market the online blog site online through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter,
Reddit, and Quora. Once your site starts receiving a lot of traffic, you can earn thousands of dollars
without doing anything. You will get paid every time users click on AdSense ads on your website.

To earn money through this strategy, you need to create blogs for a specific audience. The blogs should
be informative and meet the information needs of the target market. The more online audience you
attract with your online blogs, the greater will be the revenues.

Sell Digital Content on Google Play

You can also make money online by selling your software and books through Google Play. A lot of
programmers earn thousands of dollars every month by selling their software through the digital

Moreover, if you have an interest in creative writing, you can publish your books on Google Play through
the Google Play Books Partner Center. With over a billion Android users from more than 50 countries,
you can reach audiences not possible before through this program.

Google Work from Home Jobs

You don’t have to live in Silicon Valley to work for Google. The company occasionally offers work from
home positions. You should regularly visit the career site of Google to know about any work from home

Just enter the words ‘remote’ and ‘telecommunicate’ to find out about work-from-home jobs. Once you
find a job, you can click on the Apply button and fill the online Application form.


YouTube is a Google-owned video site that is also a great resource for making money online. The site is a
gold mine with billions of active users.

To make money through YouTube, you need to have a creative flair and regularly come up with
interesting viral videos.

You don’t need to invest in the expensive video recording device to make videos. A mobile camera can
be sufficient for creating YouTube videos. You can upload your videos on your YouTube channel and
apply for Google AdSense program explained earlier.

If your videos go viral, you can earn a lot of money. For instance, one YouTube channel owner from
Honolulu Hawaii had earned nearly $17.5 million in 2018. There are dozens of other YouTube channel
owner from different parts of the world notably Logan Paul, PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye, and JakePaul also
make millions of dollars from the online video sharing platform.

About The Author

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Shaqir Hussyin

Shaqir Hussyin is the founder and CEO of & Nicknamed the “Backpack Millionaire”, he’s invested $350,000 into his own education and training. Whilst traveling to 100+ countries, Shaqir has built over 10+ million dollar brands and attracted over 500,000+ subscribers.

His signature program is now available at: specially designed for aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to start their online business with their very own high paying product.

Shaqir is also a highly sought-after speaker and direct response “Sales Funnels” global leader you can meet in person. His work has impacted over 100,000 businesses in 65 different countries. Connect with Shaqir on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn & FB Group.

Make Money Online With Google Guide

Looking for legit ways to make money with Google as an online job? Here are the three best ways you can make money online with Google at home without investment. And if you are looking to earn money like the pros, you definitely need to check how you can integrate your very own digital course into your strategy.

There is no limit to earn from Google. You just set your target, you work accordingly and you can definitely achieve your target.

First lets look at Google AdSense.

Many online entrepreneurs simply love AdSense. The reason they say that is because there is nothing better on internet that can beat earnings from Google AdSense.

Millions of AdSense publishers from all over the world are earning from this online job.

So with no further ado lets get you setup with Google Adsense account in the following steps.

Make Money With Google Posting Links And Adsense

  1. Create a blog (It’s very easy to create a blog and it hardly takes 30 minutes to setup an excellent blog.)
  2. Publish daily content on your blog if possible (Anything that you know like entertainment, cooking, politics, hobbies, your experiences, something technical etc)
  3. In the blog content, add internal links redirecting to your offers (an affiliate link or own product/service)
  4. Then apply for Google AdSense
  5. Once AdSense account is approved, place AdSense ads on your blog
  6. Start earning for each and every time a visitor click on AdSense ads on your blog

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Note: the amount of money you earn will build upon itself after a couple of months because the traffic visiting your site. The visitors gets to either click on your adsense ads that appeal to them or your links embedded in your blog posts that you publish regularly.

This give you the possibility of earning from google adsense, your affiliate links or from your very own product and service.

By the way, if you are thinking that above step #3 is hard then you are completely wrong.

I have created one of the best training for creating your very own high profit digital course online to date.

This will  help you earn money with google a descent monthly income where i will help you to learn everything you need to know from scratch about creating your digital course.

You can get the free training by signup here.

But what if you don’t have money to invest in blog software etc etc?

Can you still earn money with google?

Of course you can, let me show you how…

How To Earn Money From Google Without Investment

Doing the following online job does not only give you income but can make you an instant internet celebrity.

Thousands of people are opening a YouTube channel daily and showing their skills on YouTube through videos.

Once their channel becomes popular they start earning hundreds or thousands of dollars through the ads in their videos and many other ways.

Opening a channel is as easy as creating an email account. Here are the exact steps to setup your youtube channel:

  1. Start your own YouTube channel
  2. Create a video through your pc or mobile (anything interesting, humor, tutorial, how to’s, reviews etc)
  3. Upload your videos on YouTube with search volume titles (get search volume with this tool)
  4. Apply for YouTube partner program
  5. Do giveaways contests to get the number of subscribers and view time needed as creator
  6. Start earning from YouTube after you get approval.

After you’ve gotten your channel setup, you can now focus on the real money making part.

Monetizing Youtube To Start Earning Money From Google.

Now lets look at 6 ways to monetize youTube videos and other content in 2019 and 2020.
  • Engage Fans, Answer Questions and Get Paid (example: worthyt)
  • Get Sponsorship (example: Famebit)
  • Get Donations through PayPal
  • Sign Up for Affiliates programs
  • Sell Your Own Merchandise on YouTube (example; your own course on your desired topic/skill)
  • Start a Newsletter Using Upscribe and Mailchimp to send email promotions to

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Note: the majority of youtubers who make thousands or even millions online are those who create their very own asset. That asset is an email list of their subscribers. They are not DEPENDENT on youtube to reach out to their fans.

This helps them earn money seperate from youtube on a monthly basis sending out valuable “early bird” content pieces to their email subscribers way before it is published on youtube.

Think of this as a vip list.

The graph above shows you why having an email list is a must if you want to earn serious money online.

but it doesn’t end here.

Let’s look at the last part to earn money from google…

How To Make Money From Google Play Store

If you want to earn money from Google on part time basis on and off then Google Opinion rewards is best for you. To be super honest and transparent, i personally don’t recommend you putting your effort into it but just in case you want to try it out i will still share this with you.

You can go to Android Play Store or iOS App Store and install the app on your mobile.

You can fill up survey forms and win Google Play credits.

These online surveys can be completed by anybody very easily. Google Opinion Rewards will allow you to earn Google Play Credits, later you can use them to buy any kind of paid apps.

Right now minimum amount that Google pays in India is Rs 10 which is $0.14 USD. That is super low don’t you think? I hope you agree.

If you want to work online on part time basis you can go ahead and try out Google Opinion Rewards. Otherwise i simple recommend you stick the the two above.


As you can see, there are some amazing ways to makes some extra money with Google. It is more than possible to make some extra money every month just by working with a company that is probably on your computer every single day anyway.

If you think being in front of the camera is not the thing you want to be doing, then go ahead and try posting links and Adsense.  It’s super simple, straight forward and highly addictive writing about what you most love.

Ready to start… how will you be using Google to make extra cash in the near future?

Comment below and let me know what you think.

About The Author

Your Millionaire Mentor
Shaqir Hussyin

Shaqir Hussyin is the founder and CEO of & Nicknamed the “Backpack Millionaire”, he’s invested $350,000 into his own education and training. Whilst traveling to 100+ countries, Shaqir has built over 10+ million dollar brands and attracted over 500,000+ subscribers.

His signature program is now available at: specially designed for aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to start their online business with their very own high paying product.

Shaqir is also a highly sought-after speaker and direct response “Sales Funnels” global leader you can meet in person. His work has impacted over 100,000 businesses in 65 different countries. Connect with Shaqir on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn & FB Group.