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YouTube Advertising Traffic Hack

Tried YouTube advertising yet? well guess what, you’re about to learn how to generate youtube ads traffic hacks in this post.  Imagine this: your ideal customer clicks on one of your competitor’s YouTube video, and is shown your ad before the competitor’s content. Well, YouTube ad placements allow you to do just that. 

Let’s say they get a thousand views on their videos, on average… That would mean that with each of their videos, you’re getting your offers in front of a thousand people, who you know for sure are interested in the topic your business covers.

YouTube Ad Placements allow you to do just that. As long as your competitors allow monetization on their videos, you have the opportunity to leverage their traffic to grow your own YouTube channel and generate qualified leads for your business.

And that’s exactly what I’ll be covering in this post. I’ll show you how to utilize this feature to extend the reach of your YouTube ads and leverage your competitors’ resources to grow and expand your business.

Here’s How You Can Start Leveraging YouTube Ad Placements:

#1. Finding the Perfect YouTube Ads Opportunity

One thing to keep in mind, when looking for good videos for your YouTube ad placements, is that not every channel allows for video ads to play before their own content.

You’ll have to do some digging to find the ones that allow monetization, and are getting a lot of engagement from the users, in order to take full advantage of this strategy.

First, you want to head over to YouTube’s homepage, and type in a relevant keyword in the search bar. If you have done keyword research for previous advertising campaigns or SEO, this step is pretty simple.

Just choose one of the keywords your video ad is based on and start your search. If not, then check out this post to learn about the keyword research process.

Once you type in the keyword and hit “Enter”, the first thing you’ll see on the very top of your screen is the number results that match your search.

For example, if you type in “youtube advertising”, you’ll see that there are 63,000,000 results matching your search. We’ll need to narrow it down a bit.

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In the top-right corner, you can see the filter button.

The default setting ranks videos and channels based on relevance. It shows you the content you’re most likely to be interested in, based on the keyword you typed.

For this purpose, however, we’re more interested in the number of views a channel gets on their videos on average.

We want to get our ad in front of as many people as possible.

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So, click the Filter and choose to sort the search results by view count. Also, in the “Type” category, select “Channels” to only display channels instead of particular videos.

What you want to pay attention to are channels that have a fairly large subscriber base, are active (posting new videos on a regular basis), and have a solid number of videos uploaded.

Once you find a promising channel, simply click on their name and visit their YouTube homepage to make sure that the content they’re producing is indeed relevant to your business.

Click on their “Videos” tab, and take a look at when they uploaded their most recent video. Also, check how frequently they publish content on YouTube.

Once again, you want to aim for channels that are active, and have a good number of views on their videos.

However, it’s crucial that you check whether the channel owner has enabled monetization of their videos, or not.

Although there is no way to directly check for this, what you can and should do is go through a couple of videos and see if any ads are played.

If you see any ads before, during, or after the video, that’s a clear sign that monetization is enabled. Likewise, if one the recommendations on the right-hand side is an ad, that’s a telltale sign as well.

#2. Browsing Through Featured Channels

While you are evaluating a specific channel, you can find those perfect Placement opportunities in their “Featured Channels” tab.

You can change this text into something like “related channels” or “channels we recommend”. So, depending what the channel owner deems fitting, they can name it accordingly.

Regardless, you will always find it on the right-hand side of a channel’s homepage.

Here’s an example from my own YT channel:

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Most YouTube channels have this feature available, as a way to introduce their viewers to other content they might find interesting.

Whereas entertainment channels might have all sorts of other channels featured, with content that’s not necessarily strictly related to what they’re producing, the story is a bit different with business channels.

They usually don’t feature random channels, but the ones that are covering the same topic, and are authorities in the industry.

So, it definitely pays to go through someone’s list of related channels, in order to find that hidden goldmine – someone who has enabled monetization on their videos, and has a lot of viewers and subscribers.

Remember, you need to determine that a channel has enabled monetization of their videos. However, you’re preferably looking for their newer videos that other advertisers haven’t claimed yet.

I suggest compiling a list of at least 10 videos you can potentially use as YouTube ad placements for your ad.

Do this before creating the actual advertising campaign and your life will be much easier. 

This process might take a while, but it will definitely pay off in the long-run.

Creating & Setting Up Your YouTube Ads Campaign

In order to create your YouTube advertising campaign, you’ll first need to link your AdWords account to your YouTube channel. If you don’t have one already, or don’t know how to link the two accounts, check out this guide I wrote on creating a YouTube business account.

Finally, it’s time to create the campaign and make our research pay off.

From your AdWords homepage, navigate to campaigns and select “New Campaign”.

After a redirect, you’ll see a new page where you can select the campaign type.

Simply click on “Video” and select “Product and brand consideration” as your campaign objective:

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Name your campaign a select your advertising budget.

Under “Networks”, check the “YouTube videos” option, and only that.

Adjust your bidding and select the audience you want to target, then scroll out to the “Content” tab. This is where you’ll see the “Placements” option, which is set to any placement by default.

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Here’s where we’ll start taking advantage of our competitors’ traffic, by using the videos from the list we compiled earlier.

Here, you can simply copy & paste the URL of the video you want your ads to show on.

Recently, AdWords has enabled advertisers to use entire YouTube channels as their YouTube ad placements.

Still, it’s better if you find the exact video you want your ads to run on.

Sure, YouTube won’t charge you for an in-stream ad if nobody watches 30 seconds of it… However, you won’t get any results if you place the ad on a 6-month old video that nobody is watching anymore.

Once you’ve added the YouTube ad placements, selected the creative (the video you want to use as your ad) and adjusted all other settings of your campaign, you’re pretty much done.

You can save your settings and launch the campaign, letting the ad run on the placements you selected.

After a while, you might want to go back and look at the data to see which of the YouTube ad placements are performing the best. Then, just remove the ones that aren’t bringing results. You can also scale your ads by increasing the bids, if your advertising budget allows it.

That’s it! You’re now ready to hijack your competitors’ YouTube traffic to grow your own channel, generate qualified leads and boost your sales!

before i go i also wanted to give you a bonus idea of where you can also get traffic from accoording to

Top Competitors For Youtube 

  • 1) Vimeo.
  • 2) Twitch.
  • 3) Dailymotion.
  • 4) Metacafe.
  • 5) Photobucket.
  • 6) Flickr.
  • 7) Veoh.

How Much Does YouTube Ads Cost

YouTube ads have an average cost-per-view of $0.10 – $0.30, and the views that you generate will count towards your overall YouTube viewer count.

The average cost of reaching 100,000 viewers is around $20.000

My Thoughts On Doing YouTube Ads And Getting Traffic From YouTube Competition?

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