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Wealth Academy Accelerator
Kick-Start Foundation
To build a successful online business, you need to have the right training, products and marketing system at your disposal. Wealth Academy Accelerator is designed to provide you with everything you need to kickstart your online business in the right footing.
Wealth Academy Pro
Master Traffic & Conversions
Gain complete expertise over every aspect of traffic and conversion campaigns with Wealth Academy Pro’s advanced curriculum. The goal is to train you on how to create campaigns that suck in the best traffic from all corners of the web and convert that traffic into sales & profits using relentless, high quality marketing.

Wealth Academy Pro also includes everything you get inside Wealth Academy Accelerator.
Wealth Academy Mastery
Platinum Coaching
The best way to learn any skill is by DOING under the guidance of experts. Wealth Academy Mastery provides you with just that. Get access to a LIVE in-person workshop conducted by Wealth Academy Platinum Coaches where you will get to actually build your business step by step under their guidance. At the end of your workshop, you will walk away with a well functioning online business ready to get you traffic, leads & sales. But it doesn’t stop there.

You also get 6 months of group coaching with Platinum Coaches who will ensure that you are able to build upon what you have implemented in the workshop and successfully grow your business.

Wealth Academy Mastery also includes everything you get inside Wealth Academy Pro.
Wealth Academy Elite
Coaching On 2 Biz Models
Want to become a complete badass in not just one...but two super lucrative business models? We are talking about models using which you can build 6, 7 , 8 or even 9 figure businesses. As part of Wealth Academy Elite, you get all the training, coaching and guidance you need to succeed in the “High Ticket Affiliate Marketing” Business Model as well as the “Ecommerce” Business Model.

For High Ticket Affiliate Marketing, you get access to access to 3 workshops as well as a 12 month group coaching sessions with Wealth Academy Platinum Coaches. 

For Ecommerce, you get access to our highly prestigious $25,000 Ecom Build Out workshop as well as 12 month Ecom group coaching session with Wealth Academy Platinum Coaches.

Wealth Academy Elite also includes everything you get inside Wealth Academy Mastery.
Wealth Academy Elevation
Exclusive Mastermind, One On One Coaching & Traffic Setup
The fastest way to experience extreme success in building a super profitable online business in record time is by positioning yourself to premium training, coaching, guidance and service.

Success becomes so much more easier when you have got experts helping you execute every little thing.

As part of Wealth Academy Elevation, you not only get access to 6 workshops and 12 month group coaching sessions, but you also get to spend 5 days with Shaqir Hussyin attending a very, very exclusive mastermind where he will personally train & coach you on how to structure, build and scale businesses to 6, 7 and 8 figure mark. You also get 12 month personal one-on-one coaching with Wealth Academy Platinum Coaches. 

On top of everything, most importantly, you get Wealth Academy traffic team to personally build your Solo Ads & Youtube Ads traffic campaigns from scratch. Not only do you walk away with 2 “done for you” traffic campaigns ready to pull in leads, sales & profits for you but you also get Elite Traffic Coaching on how to manage your campaigns and ensure your business smashes through various revenue targets with ease and precision.

Wealth Academy Elite also includes everything you get inside Wealth Academy Elevation.

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