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Wealth Academy Pro
Master Traffic & Conversions
Gain complete expertise over every aspect of traffic and conversion campaigns with Wealth Academy Pro’s advanced curriculum. The goal is to train you on how to create campaigns that suck in the best traffic from all corners of the web and convert that traffic into sales & profits using relentless, high quality marketing.

Wealth Academy Pro also includes everything you get inside Wealth Academy Accelerator.
Wealth Academy Pro
Master Traffic & Conversions
Once you learn the marketing basics, the next step is to learn the advanced marketing strategies and tactics that can help you get results in a far more quicker and simpler manner. Wealth Academy Pro takes over from where Accelerator left off with the single minded goal of making you an absolute marketing pro when it comes to getting traffic and conversions.
  • Section 1 (Webinar Marketing Secrets) - Advanced training on how to plan out, structure and create compelling webinar campaigns that are proven to help you generate sales (regardless of the product price point) effortlessly, predictably and consistently (you will learn how to create your webinar slides, how to write copy, how to present your webinar with clarity, energy and persuasion; how to put together a simple webinar funnel, how to promote that funnel by getting quality leads and how to optimize everything so get into profit stage as soon as possible - you are one good webinar funnel away from a 7 figure business)
  • Section 2 (Email Profit System) - Get a swipe file of 500 of Shaqir’s best performing emails for you to study, model or even use as is, whenever you want to promote any product or service. Your email marketing game will go up several notches just by going through Shaqir’s emails, not to mention the sales you can make by deploying his emails in your business
  • Section 3 (Speaking Secrets) - How to confidently speak on stage in LIVE events in a way that commands respect and admiration and gets people to happily buy your high ticket products and services (Shaqir’s business grew rapidly once he started speaking from stage - learn his secrets on how to gain celebrity status amongst your audience and sell lots of products with a 90-120 minute talk)
  • Section 4 (Traffic - Youtube Advertising) - How to create simple yet compelling Youtube videos, promote it to your ideal audience via Youtube Ad campaigns to generate high quality traffic. Video traffic is by far some of the highest converting traffic you can ever get (as people land on your site after watching your video) and using Youtube Ads, you can get in front of your any audience you want and educate them about your products and services
  • Section 5 (Ecom Academy) - Complete training on how to build a highly profitable and smooth functioning ecommerce business from scratch. Everything from setting up a professional store to finding products & reputed suppliers to finding designs for print on demand products to creating, optimizing & scaling Facebook campaigns to fulfilling orders to building teams & automating the process is covered.
  • Traffic Millionaires Summit - Learn how to create a million dollar business from scratch inside this 3 day LIVE event
  • Social Media Millionaires Summit - Learn how to leverage social media to get traffic, build influence and grow your business inside this 2 day LIVE event

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