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Dear aspiring Internet Millionaire,

You’ve Been Waiting For This Long Enough! 

Let’s Change Your Business In Just 2 Days And Help You Start Working And Implementing Like A Millionaire. 

But, first I want to ask you something. 

Do you know what’s the difference between Internet Millionaires and “Aspiring Internet Millionaires”?

Let me tell you right now… It’s not what you expect. 

It’s not how much you know. 

Most aspiring entrepreneurs have all the information they need to make millions. 

It’s not the brand presence, it’s not advanced marketing automations nor is it having a huge list – those are just the side effects of THE REAL REASON some people make millions… and other’s wish they could. 

The No. 1 reason some people are successful, while others are stuck in a rut is much simpler. 

The millionaires are all utilizing something I call: “Hardcore Implementation”. 

Think about it. 

You know what needs to be done. You have all the information, all the training. You have the right mindset, and you’ve got all the coaches on your side. 

But you’re not IMPLEMENTING like a millionaire. You’re not hustling your funnels and your offers out. And that’s the real difference. 

And it’s not your fault. It took me years and millions of wasted dollars to realize this. 

It’s incredibly simple, yet incredibly powerful. 
Shaqir Hussyin
Founder of
The Main Problem Most Entrepreneurs Face Today Isn’t The Lack Of Know-How, It’s The Lack Of EXECUTION
When I talk to my students and other aspiring entrepreneurs they usually tell me they lack 1 thing to achieve a breakthrough in their business. “I know what I should be doing, but I don’t know how to actually get it to work.”

Or a variation: “I don’t know what my next steps should be, I’m scared I won’t get any results.”

This may vary for a few people, but I’d say it covers 99% of people I talk to. 

But then we talk… and they’ve bought and watched all the courses out there. They’ve gone to premium masterminds and they’ve gotten the best training from all the best people…

When we talk I find a lot of them know more about Direct Marketing then I do. 

Most people don’t lack the THEORETICAL knowledge. 

And yet despite all the money they spent on getting better…they either fail… or never try at all. 
Here’s Why This Is Your Best Chance To Change Your
Business And Your Life To Start EXECUTING And
Finally See A Breakthrough
So far I’ve created 5 millionaires and 100s of success stories…

I’ve built 7 different million dollar businesses by the age of 27…. 

I’ve generated millions of dollars selling my own information products for the last 8 years… 

I’ve generated millions of dollars in EVERY home business program I’ve joined… 

And I’ve done it all while working from hotels and beaches all over the world… 

I think it’s safe to say I’ve CRACKED the formula to generating millions online and I know how to build the same system for YOU. 
Ex Nasa Employee Finds Financial Freedom And Success Online
- Becca Barry
Houston, TX
Bill And Michelle Quit Their Job And Made Millions Online
- Bill and Michelle Pescosolido
Frisco, TX
But It’s Not All About The Money
Having made over $25 million in online sales happen is only one reason I'm qualified to get people results.

Besides, I haven't always had that accomplishment to stand behind.

It's more than just making money.

I deeply believe in doing things that are different and innovating...

I've changed beliefs, set new rules in the industry, and I’ve helped hundreds liberate themselves and change their mindsets... so it only makes sense that there’s something different in my approach. 
It’s All About My “Hardcore Implementation Methodology”
Now it’s important to understand how different this is to anything out there.
I've shared traffic and conversion strategies & concepts, but NOTHING like this.

I've also recently discovered a few tweaks in my approach that made me more money faster, and transformed my business with LESS EFFORT than I ever imagined possible. 

All-in-All: These strategies are the "edge" I haven't been willing to share in my past several years online. 

They are what truly "separates me" from EVERY Guru in our space. 
"Industry leaders" have blatantly told me NOT to teach these strategies...

“Why would you teach something that’s going to or “Why would you give your advantage away?” 

My favorite response was... "This is too powerful to be taught to “regular students!”. 

But I don’t care to be honest.

I can easily take all of my money and go to a beach somewhere, and my children’s children probably wouldn’t be able to spend it all. 

As I’ve said it’s not about the money… It’s about giving back to the community. 

“Hardcore Implementation”
Over the last several years online, there’s nothing I’ve been praised for or asked about more than my ability to “get stuff done – quickly”

I’m consistently able to take all of my theoretical knowledge, all of my hunches and gut feelings… and turn them into sales generating WILDFIRES. 

All the lessons you’ve ever learned, all the expensive programs you have – they are great for building your knowledge you’re your intellectual property. 

On the other hand they are useless unless you take them, turn them into a real life funnel or campaign, and do it the right way, so that it makes you money. 

You see, I've engineered the ONLY formula that can truly change the way your business functions on a fundamental level, without you spending months and years trying to do it yourself. 
The Most Powerful “Get-It-Done” Strategies Ever Taught In the History of Network Marketing...
Make no mistake... this is the HIGHEST LEVEL of behind-the-scenes look ever been done in our community to date.

And I've decided to teach these strategies for two reasons:

1. I've ALWAYS wanted to. 
2. Nobody else CAN.

I figured I might as well give you this opportunity to learn my most powerful insight and my best kept secret to date.

Lots of "Guru's" or renowned industry marketers, teach you the THEORY behind getting sales on demand.

But no one is teaching you how to ACTUALLY do it. 
Why I’m Afraid To Teach You This
My main problem with teaching this stuff is – it’s never been done before.

Not by me, or by anyone else for that matter.

Nope. Not even my $100k+ clients. (If you know any of them, feel free to ask them)

So anyway, here's my TWO main issues with teaching this stuff...

1. I need to ensure that you actually understand this and TAKE ACTION. (*that's why I'm offering my Platinum coaches help, in a CONTROLLED SETTING, to ensure they surely tap into the "RAW POWER" these strategies possess)

2. I need to ensure I’m teaching the right people, who won’t abuse these strategies.

The reason I’m so afraid…

Is because I'm holding NOTHING back.

These is what you've been waiting for...

Finally you’ll be able to take.

These are the strategies that allow you MAXIMUM LEVERAGE of working growing your business instead of wondering where the money is going to come from.

These are conclusively the most powerful "execution strategies" I have to teach this industry.

And that's why I'm offering to teach them to YOU.

That's why I'm going to teach them to you LIVE...

And that’s why I want to give you full access to my SECRET WEAPON: 
In-Person Workshop With Me And My Hardcore Implementation Platinum Coaching Staff
These guys are masters of acting fast and getting results IMMEDIATELY.

You’ll walk away with a complete business system built for you from scratch in these two days. 

All of the coaches you’ll be working with have generated at least 6 or 7 figures and have been involved in campaign launches that have brought at least 6 figures in sales. 

So you’ll be getting the experts that have actually done all of this and have real-world experience at building and launching powerful and profitable business campaigns.
The Industry's Only "Done With You" Solution
That’s Based On Real Results!
If you're ready to "pull-up your sleeves" and get down & dirty, but need the guidance of my elite coaching staff... this is for you.

Up until now my clients have paid $100k+ just to talk to these guys over the phone. 

You get to work with them… IN PERSON. 

They’re going to help you using our proprietary “HARDCORE IMPLEMENTATION” methods, and work like mad with you to finally implement everything you know you NEED in your business… but where never able to implement. 

Plus, you’ll get full access to some of our best kept secrets and we’ve never reveled before, and your exact "jump-start" plan for making 7-figures online IMMEDIATELY. 

If you want the real deal, and someone to take your business to the next level then this is it friend. 

Basically, we're going to teach you how millionaires hustle in their businesses... and give you a helping hand to start doing the same. 
Get Sales Sucking Secret 7-Figure Funnel And Learn To Send Buyer Traffic In 48 Hours, GUARANTEED!
Our "2 - day" Exclusive Mastermind get together is called - "The Wealth Academy Mastery Workshop".

The goal is to help you completely set-up & teach you everything we’ve learned building 5 multi-million dollar businesses, and help you finally start building your short-term profits and & growing your long-term assets. 

We will spend INTENSE 48 hours - locked in a room - with YOU and a few other select clients, and help you finally start EXECUTING instead of just gathering information and learning. 
Helping You Execute Everything You Need – Like A Millionaire Is What My Platinum Coaches Live For
These guys have been responsible for:
  •  TENS of millions of dollars in sales online
  •  Some of the BIGGEST product launches in this industry
  •  Built & launched 200+ Sales Funnels For My $100k+ Clients
  •  And consulted in 2 for the biggest MLM companies in the world
...all in just the past few years.

Now I Want To Give You Their Skills In Person! 
Here's What We'll be Doing Together...
1. DFY Implementation
We’ll pin point what’s holding you back in your business – and crush it “millionaire-style”.
2. Lead Generation Optimization
We’ll optimize your business to start getting hot, interested leads in on demand.
3. Your Sales Funnel SETUP
We’ll work with you to set up a lead generating, sales sucking sales funnel machine… and we’re not talking just telling you HOW to do it… WE WILL DO THIS WITH YOU.
4. "Wealth Academy Traffic Actualization Secrets" 
Our Step-by-Step Traffic Blueprint on sending waves and waves of profitable traffic… quick and dirty, so you can get sales on demand, any time, any place.
Questions, custom help, solving your conundrums, etc…
"...So WHEN is this workshop?
...And how MUCH does it cost??"
The next "The Wealth Academy Mastery Workshop" will take place a couple of times throughout 2018 and the exact dates and locations will be announced soon.

Typically with all the Masterminds and Workshops like this are priced in the $30,000+ range. 

And my clients have so far had to pay $100k+ just to have my coaches work on the phone with them. But I think at this point you NEED this. 

You’ve invested too much into your education and into learning the tricks of the trade not to have my team help understand how to EXECUTE to make millions in your business. 

So I’ll make this as affordable as I can for you. 
To Help Ensure Your Results - This Workshop
Will Be Limited to Only 25 Students
To Make Sure This Is A No-Brainer For You
In Bonuses
If You Sign Up Today
To help ensure your success - LONG TERM – and make sure it’s no brainer I’m going to give you the following awesome bonuses:
Group Coaching Sessions (Previously Only Available To 100k+ Clients)
We understand things can get difficult, so we want you to always have access to 1-on-1 coaching with one of our 6 or 7 figure expert coaches who can help you get “unstuck” at any moment.

As a Wealth Academy Pro member you’ll get 4 sessions of up to 30 minutes with one of our Platinum Coaches who will help you get everything set up, so that you can start growing and scaling your online business. 

All of our Platinum coaches have gone through the certification programs, taken the exams and are certified in all 12 core areas of business and marketing.

On top of that, they’ve also been involved in creating and launching campaigns for Wealth Academy that have generated at least 6 figures in sales.

So you can rest assured knowing you’ll talk to a real expert with real-world marketing and business experience.

Here’s just some of the things your Wealth Academy Platinum Coach can help you with:
MILIONAIRE BONUS: Free Access To 3 Millionaires Live Events
We need text for this one!!!
Traffic Millionaires Summit
($10,000 Value)
Learn how to create a million dollar business from scratch inside this 3 day LIVE event.
Social Media Millionaires Summit
($10,000 Value)
Learn how to leverage social media to get traffic, build influence and grow your business inside this 2 day LIVE event.
eCommerce Millionaire Summit
($10,000 Value)
Learn how to create a wildly profitable eCommerce business inside this 3 day LIVE event
But This Isn’t All Neither. Just To Make Sure This Is An Offer You Can’t Refuse, I’ll Also Include:
FB Ads Intensive
($2,500 Value)
Learn how to create, run, optimize and scale Facebook ad campaigns to generate a steady stream of high quality leads who have the desire as well as the capability to invest in your products and services.
Wealthy Women Summit
($10,000 Value)
Learn how to empower yourself and become wildly wealthy by starting your own profitable online business inside this 3 day women only LIVE event.
I Get Customers Summit
($10,000 Value)
Learn how to flood your website with targeted traffic and convert them into customers inside this 1 day LIVE event.
But Time Is Of The Essence! There are ONLY 25 Spots remaining for this Workshop!

So, you need to HURRY to get in!

Special Price For The Wealth Academy Mastery:
If you're the type of person who wants training from the industry's best, then this Workshop is for YOU.

If you're willing to spend 2 days working at a millionaire’s pace - with my master coaches and specialists – who’ve collectively made me MILLIONS per year doing EXACTLY what they're going to teach & set-up for YOU, then this is for YOU! 

GRAB YOUR SPOT & we look forward to hanging out with YOU and get to work on building your business.

To Your Success,
Shaqir Hussyin
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