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Wealth Academy Elite
Coaching On 2 Biz Models
Want to become a complete badass in not just one...but two super lucrative business models? We are talking about models using which you can build 6, 7 , 8 or even 9 figure businesses? As part of Wealth Academy Elite, you get all the training, coaching and guidance you need to succeed in the “High Ticket Affiliate Marketing” Business Model as well as the “Ecommerce” Business Model.

For High Ticket Affiliate Marketing, you get access to access to 3 workshops as well as a 12 month group coaching sessions with Wealth Academy Platinum Coaches. 

For Ecommerce, you get access to our highly prestigious $25,000 Ecom Build Out workshop as well as 12 month Ecom group coaching session with Wealth Academy Platinum Coaches.

Wealth Academy Elite also includes everything you get inside Wealth Academy Mastery.
Wealth Academy Elite
Coaching On 2 Biz Models
Wealth Academy Elite is simply put…...Wealth Academy Mastery on steroids. You get an immersive learning and implementation experience in not just one but two different yet wildly profitable business models - High Ticket Affiliate Marketing & Ecommerce.

It’s designed keeping in mind a simple philosophy for success: The more ruthlessly you implement the right methods and optimize your process under the close supervision of experts , the faster you can attain success. As part of Wealth Academy Elite, you get more implementation workshops and coaching sessions to ensure that your business really takes off fast.
  • Implementation Workshop - Attend this 2 day LIVE workshop where you will have Wealth Academy Platinum Coaches personally help you plan out your business, set up your marketing funnel to promote various products and services and set up traffic campaigns to get in front of your ideal buyers. The ultimate goal of the workshop is to get you to IMPLEMENT whatever you have learnt so that you walk away from this 2 day event with a well functioning funnel & traffic campaign that is in most likelihood would have already started generating traffic, leads and even sales (you get 3 LIVE implementation workshops)
  • Group Coaching Sessions - Get monthly ongoing guidance from your Wealth Academy Platinum Coaches in the form of group coaching sessions. The goal is to make sure that you build upon what you have implemented in the workshop, overcome any obstacles that you might face in your journey and actually go on to build a profitable online business (you get 2 sessions per month for 12 months)
  • Ecom Build Out Workshop - Attend this 2 day LIVE workshop (sold for $25,000 separately which our previous customers paid) where you will have the Wealth Academy Platinum Coaches help you build a highly lucrative ecommerce business. Inside the workshop, you will get to set up a highly professional Shopify store, find and add hot selling products to your store, whip up quick Facebook Ad campaigns to run targeted traffic to your store, optimize your campaigns based on the results you get and learn how to fulfill orders once you start receiving sales (which you can on the same day of building your store and running a traffic campaign). The ultimate goal of the workshop is to make sure you walk away with a Shopify store that is in all likelihood already making sales (you get 1 LIVE ecom build out workshop)
  • Ecom Group Coaching - Get monthly group coaching sessions from your Wealth Academy Platinum Coaches so that you are able to stay on track, fine tune your entire product research & marketing process, optimize your campaigns and scale your ecommerce business (you get 2 sessions per month for 12 months)
  • Traffic Millionaires Summit - Learn how to create a million dollar business from scratch inside this 3 day LIVE event
  • Social Media Millionaires Summit - Learn how to leverage social media to get traffic, build influence and grow your business inside this 2 day LIVE event
  • Ecommerce Millionaire Summit - Learn how to create a wildly profitable ecommerce business inside this 3 day LIVE event
  • FB Ads Intensive - Learn how to create, run, optimize and scale Facebook ad campaigns to generate a steady stream of high quality leads who have the desire as well as the capability to invest in your products and services 
  • Wealthy Women Summit - Learn how to empower yourself and become wildly wealthy by starting your own profitable online business inside this 3 day women only LIVE event
  • I Get Customers Summit - Learn how to flood your website with targeted traffic and convert them into customers inside this 1 day LIVE event
  • Speaking Millionaires Summit - Learn how to magnetize your audience, share your message and pull in $10K - $100K every time you speak, in this 2 day live event

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