Discover The Crucial 7 Forces Of Total Business Transformation That Will Increase Your Revenue GUARANTEED And Take
Your Business, Income & LIFE 
To The Next Level…
7 Days, You In?
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Dear Ambitious High Growth Entrepreneur,

Your NEW future begins you read this entire letter and see if you "qualify" for this exclusive invitation today...

The WealthAcademy Elevation program the ONLY kind of event in it's existence. 

Created by Legendary Global Marketing Expert;Shaqir Hussyin, CEO of WealthAcademy.

After serving the industry for over 8+ years and figuring out the BIG PROBLEM most entrepreneurs face; lack of business success secrets, he decided he was going to change it all for the "little guy"...

Hussyin after investing over $400,000 into his own education and training after travelling over 87+ countries he figured out all the biggest mistakes in all aspects he made when growing his company nearly doubling for 5+ years straight...

This amazing life-changing diagnostic and marketing roadmap that can quickly turn almost any business owner – in virtually any industry -- into what we call a Elevated Entrepreneur, the dominant, trusted authority, higly paid and most trusted advisor in a market niche.

When that happens, EVERYTHING CHANGES.

When you speak, people listen. When you offer stuff, people buy. They buy expensive products and services. Suddenly, your words, ideas and thinking have clout. You command the ultimate respect and the highest possible esteem of your market – and, as a result, control and even dominate it.


... Top Tier Big Ticket Clients get attracted to you, chasing you.
... Your emails are opened, read and re-read.
... You bcome the CELEBRITY almost "overnight".
... Affiliates/Joint Venture partners flock to YOU, seeking to make deals.
... Website Traffic to your sites skyrockets.
... You get massive amounts of free publicity.
... Your customers and prospects turn to you for advice, help and purchasing recommendations.
... You create new income streams virtually at will.
... You’re invited to speak at conferences and seminars.
... You lead events, seminars and workshops and YOU SELL THEM OUT.
... Your sales soar... and your income increases by 5, 10, even 20 times or more.
... You discover how to charge high ticket prices; $2K, $10K, $50K and even $100K+ clients.

If you’ve been wanting to grow your business, you've studied business, or you quietly think of starting your then you may be familiar with the phases a business goes through.

The most exciting phase is GROWTH. 

By now you most likely have built a foundation for your business and have a customer acquisition strategy in place, whether that be Facebook, YouTube or Solo Ads.

But how do you now take it from a little business your running from your spare room to the "next level"? 

How do you grow it and scale your business with processes and systems that will allow you to breakthrough successive revenue barriers. A revenue barrier is a certain amount of revenue that seems difficult to surpass. 

Depending on what phase of building your business you are at, that barrier could be $50,000/year (5 figures). For others it could be $100,000/year or even $1 million/year (or higher).

No matter what level you’re at, you need to radically rethink your business in order to break your current revenue barrier and scale through to 6,7 or event 8 figures (and beyond). 

With the Wealth Academy Elevation program my sole focus is to show you exactly how to do this by implementing systems for advanced traffic and conversions strategies as well as building a team around you to get back your time.

Here's the thing, you most likely live a happy life, a successful life in the eyes of many.

But when you sit down on your own to reflect on where you are in business and life, and you find the courage to be brutally honest with yourself... 

...deep down, you hear a whisper that says... 
"I Want 100X More From My Business And
From My Life Than This!"
Perhaps you feel a little burned out with what you're doing. Your extremely passionate about making this whole business work and create the change in life which you have yearned for so long.

Or perhaps you're well on your way to creating the life and business you want. But you know that you could achieve your dreams faster and easier (and even create bigger results)... only if you had the right mentor to guide you on the path to meet your exacting standards. 

That's why I'm so glad you made it to this page... 

Because I want to work with YOU personally - one on one. 

As you may already know... I spend most of my time travelling around the world, teaching groups of entrepreneurs. Although I love helping so many people achieve greater success...this format of teaching makes it impossible to interact as personally with each student as I want to.

Only my private $50,000 - $120,000 students got my private time up to now.

Getting to know people on a personal level and help them fulfill their life's purpose, passion and dreams brings me the greatest joy and satisfaction. (Far greater, in some respects than accomplishments like being featured in Forbes amongst many other leading publications, earning millions of dollars, and being able to travel the world freely). 

The reason I'm offering this private Wealth Academy Elevation program, for the first time ever is that I honestly believe… 
You Are Likely Just ONE Breakthrough Away...
From Exploding The Profits In Your Business... 
By Working LESS...
If there is one thing I've learned after helping hundreds and thousands of entrepreneurs increase the profits in their businesses... it's that your “big break” is closer than you think!

I've seen it too many times to take this lightly. For me, it was when I changed my focus from ASKING my prospects to give me money head over heels to TEACHING them about how to achieve their goals… and then selling to them. 

One idea. A slight tweak in my approach… Complete change in my business.

You'll get hundreds of similar techniques at the Wealth Academy Elevation event... it's just a matter of which one will create the biggest breakthrough for you! 

But you don’t have to wait until we’re working together to start changing your business for the better… I will reveal the 7 forces you NEED to master in your business in order to get results on this page.

Pay close attention, as mastering these 7 forces is often the difference between owning a profitable business that gives you the money and freedom to get the most out of life… or being a slave to a business that barely gets you by... 
Understand Your Position
And Create An Effective All-In-One Business Map
The world is changing too fast for a traditional business plan.

You need a quick and simple map that will guide you from where you are and where you want to be, and give you the flexibility to anticipate and capitalise on change.

When you can successfully adapt to changing conditions, you’ll grow your business faster. 
Constant Innovation
If you don’t innovate – you’ll never keep on top. You need to keep finding ways to add more value than anybody else does, and deliver it in ways no one else is doing. Your marketing assets must set you up in the marketplace as a constant innovator. Innovation leads to wealth creation. This is how you protect yourself from leeching competitors, you stand apart from the crowd and you create pricing monopoly.
World-Class Marketing Strategies
Marketing is the ultimate leverage. Marketing gets you the customers, and gets you the money. Your ability to craft marketing campaigns is what will create cash on demand. Our marketing must be as great as the product you are promoting. If you don’t understand who your customers are, what they want and need, and how to tell them your story in a way that will get them to buy – you will fail.
Sales Mastery Systems
In the beginning of his famous book E-Myth, Michael Gerber writes:

“Every year, over a million in this country [the U.S.] start a business of some sort. Statistics tell us that by the end of the first year at least 40% of them will be out of business [according to the U.S. Department of Commerce].” 

He goes on to write that within 5 years, more than 80% of new businesses (800,000) will fail. 


Because they don’t have systems! 

In order for a business to survive, it needs good marketing and good systems. 

Without these two things, the best product (or service) in the world won’t keep a business alive. 
Legal and Financial Analysis
We all have blind spots. Do you know where you are spending your money in your business? Being able to measure where your business is, where it’s going, and being able to see the blind spots that could get you into trouble are factors that are paramount for any business.
How do you grow your business 30, 60 or 100% or more in away that doesn’t require extra investment in marketing? You implement small incremental improvement made in the 20% of the areas that matter – and give you exponential improvements to your business.
Raving Fan Clients and Culture
The more value you can provide – the more fans you’ll have… the more valuable your advice will appear. It’s a vicious cycle that will allow you to dominate your market.

These are only the tip of the iceberg you’ll learn in the Wealth Academy Elevation. 
If this sounds exciting to you... and if you're ready to say goodbye to long hours and declining profit margins... and are serious about building a business with profits that INCREASE while you work less... then…
I Want to Invite Just A Select Few High Growth Focused Entrepreneurs to Work With Me Personally
During this intimate experience, I work one-on-one and in small groups with the participants to help them create the dramatic shifts and transformations that are needed to take their life and business to the next level.

This powerful next level mastermind will get your business goals aligned and move you forward toward taking massive action and be instrumental in helping you create even bigger results.

Because of the groups intimate size, I can help you go deeper and farther in discovering the key strategies needed to move you through the revenue barriers you are stuck at.  

I can give you my personal input on your plans - something that is impossible to do in a large-group setting. 
If You Are Ready To Experience World Class Luxury, Outrageous Fun And
An Incredible Few Days That's Unlike Anything Else You've Experienced Before
Then I Want To Personally Invite You To Join This
Exclusive Wealth Academy Elevation Program
So You Can Become ELEVATED...
  •  5 powerful full-on days with me, Shaqir Hussyin - I'll be there advising, teaching and supporting you the entire time
  •  Daily networking lunches featuring healthy and delicious food choices
  •  Private hosted dinners to let you bond with other attendees, myself and my team members
  •  Program materials designed to help you you take your business to the next level with a focused action plan for success
  •  Epic daily masterminding with other inspired, heart centered and driven entrepreneurs wanting to generate millions online
  •  Plenty of relaxation time, to wind down, re-energize and gain focus
  •  And much more
Creating video assets is just one area you can improve on to build your audience further as well as establish trust and grow your influence to take your business to the next level.

This is the “implementation” part of the mastermind. The Wealth Academy Elevation is a combination of training, implementation, networking, and “reprogramming” your mind to expect more out of your life and your business. 
The Wealth Academy Elevation Is Better, Different & Magical...  It’s A Totally Unique Opportunity To 
Supercharge Your Business
This is an all-expenses-paid package (for one) at a luxury resort where I pay for your lodging, meals, and drinks.

It's a full 5-day total immersion experience .

Over these 5 days, you will have a lot of time for “small group networking.” 

Networking in small groups like this leads to deeper connections, better questions, and more “a-ha” moments. 

But it’s not just the group size that’s beneficial. 

When you rub shoulders with the other attendees, it’s with some of the most serious and dedicated small business owners and entrepreneurs on the planet. 

This exclusive Inner Circle has more collective “business brainpower” and a greater combined income than any other open mastermind on the planet. (If you can find another one, let me know). 

To keep this “inner circle” intimate, this mastermind is limited to a much smaller group than the other masterminds. 

Note: I will reveal things here that we can’t share in other settings. If accepted, you will have to sign an NDA and no recording will be allowed. 
Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get When You Join
The Wealth Academy Elevation Program:
ALL Of My Most Closely-Guarded,
Competition Crushing Secrets
You will get 5 days of advanced training on how to setup your business to scale to the next level, the advanced traffic and conversion strategies to use in the marketplace today.

You'll also discover how to leverage systems and people to build a real business allowing you to focus on the high leverage activities in your business and much, much more. 

You’ll learn stuff like: 
The Business Building Basics
  •  How to implement the "7-essentials forces" that MUST BE PRESENT in any business
  •  How to double, triple, even QUADRUPLE your leads and get sales
  •  Learn how get tons of hot, ready to buy “free traffic” in droves to your offers
  •  How to "GET INSTANT ATTENTION" – even if no knows who you are right now
  •  How to know "read your prospects minds" – and how to use this info to SELL
  •  My top 3 "traffic secrets" NO ONE else will reveal to you…
At The Mastermind Retreat We Will Be Taking Your Lead Generation To A Whole New Level To Scale Up Your Business
  •  Mass Media Traffic - You’ll learn how to scale your ad campaigns to go to mass media, including radio, TV, and print, so you can quickly 10x your sales
  •  Market Domination Tactics - You’ll learn how to dominate your niche using advanced online strategies like the Google Display Network, retargeting, and remarketing
  •  Universal Advertising Methods: - You’ll learn how to go from having a few ads (and a small audience) to having your ads appear “everywhere” to a much larger audience
  •  Winning Direct Mail Formulas: - You’ll learn how to use postcards and letters to drive massive amounts of prospects online to buy your products and services. (Note: Direct mail is NOT dead … it’s a $48 billion per year advertising giant used by Google, Apple, and many Fortune 500 companies)
How To Supercharge Your Traffic, Millionaire Style…
  •  Content Video Marketing on YouTube - You’ll learn how to tap into a huge (free) pool of traffic (YouTube gets over 4 billion views every single day).
  • Adjusting Your Marketing Message - For different mediums (TV, radio, and print are different animals … you’ll learn how to master these mass market mediums).
  • How To Track Multiple Large Scale Campaigns - With pixels, Google Analytics and other tools
  • How To Monitor Your Campaigns - So you know what offers, funnels and traffic sources are doing the best (and which are doing poorly)
  • How To Scale Your Marketing - With a strategy called "starve the ponies, feed the stallions"
  • How To Implement Split-Tests That Create Exponential Growth - From incremental changes to your landing pages, sales pages and order forms
Behind The Scenes Access To Some Of The Industry’s Best Kept Secrets
  •  Secret #1: A "brand new" Smooth High-Ticket Sales funnel – proprietary ownership of Wealth Academy, for you to learn from and "model" as Shaqir helps you craft your very own! 
  • Secret #2: The 3 traffic methods that are 100% FREE and anyone can start using to drive swarms of hot, targeted BUYERS to their offers
  • Secret #3: Full dissection of Shaq’s landing pages, and how to quickly tweak your own pages to get EXPLOSIVE results, even if they suck right now
  • Secret #4: "The $25 Million Dollar Secret" - you'll watch first hand, as Shaqir de-constructs the bullet-proof process that netted over $25 million in sales
And That’s Not All. You’ll Also Get…
The Chance To Connect With Our Industry Experts So You Can Develop Lucrative Relationships And Expand Your Network And Influence
That’s why we want to give you the chance to learn from the very BEST in the Internet Marketing industry — people you’d have to spend a fortune to get this kind of access to!

Just some of the people who have come and spoken on stage at our events. 
4 Nights And 5 Days At A Luxury Resort
The Elevation retreat will redefine how you think of luxury.

I have handpicked a selection of luxury resorts in which we’ll work together to supercharge your business.

You will stay in a suite of luxury and be treated like royalty. 

On top of that … if you enjoy shopping, nightlife, or sports, all locations will have plenty of nearby options, including nightclubs, live entertainment and boutique clothing stores. 

Check out the stunning resort photos below... 
My Professional Video Team Will Work With You To Produce High Quality Video Content
Content is king… And in today’s clogged market the only way to even have a chance of being noticed is having super high-quality video content. 

That’s why I’ll give you access to my video team and help you shoot impactful, powerful content that will help you position yourself... AND SELL.
But that’s not all…
If You Become A Part Of The Wealth Academy Elevation,
You’ll Get The Following Bonuses
Personal Coaching Sessions
($5,000/Month Value)
Get one-on-one coaching sessions with your assigned Platinum Coach who will look into your business, troubleshoot any problems that you may have, identify the areas where your campaigns can improve and help you implement everything that you need to get sales & profits rolling.

You are getting some of the smartest marketing minds (compensated by Wealth Academy for their time) to work on your business and help you succeed as quickly as possible (you get 2 sessions per month for 12 months).
Done For You Solo Ads Traffic Campaign With Elite Coaching
Get a full fledged Solo Ads traffic campaign set up by the Wealth Academy traffic team. To get your campaign running profitably, they will look into your products and funnel, determine the right email lists for you to advertise in, write your ad copy and then mail it out to the lists to help you get high quality traffic.

You will also get Elite Coaching on how to run your own solo ads campaigns by advertising on lucrative email lists that are proven to drive traffic that converts. 
Done For You Youtube Ads Campaign With Elite Coaching
($14,500 Value)
Get a full fledged Youtube Ads campaign set up by the Wealth Academy traffic team. Everything from product & funnel analysis to ideal prospect identification to keyword research for ideal prospect targeting to high converting video creation to campaign setup will be done by them to help you get the cheapest and highest quality leads possible. You will also get Elite Coaching on how to manage your Youtube Ad campaigns and scale up your campaign once you start making sales.
Implementation Workshop
($23,500 Value)
Attend this 2 day LIVE workshop where you will have Wealth Academy Platinum Coaches personally help you plan out your business, set up your marketing funnel to promote various products and services and set up traffic campaigns to get in front of your ideal buyers. The ultimate goal of the workshop is to get you to IMPLEMENT whatever you have learnt so that you walk away from this 2 day event with a well functioning funnel & traffic campaign that is in most likelihood would have already started generating traffic, leads and even sales (you get 6 LIVE implementation workshops)
Group Coaching Sessions
($2,500/Month Value)
Get monthly ongoing guidance from your Wealth Academy Platinum Coaches in the form of group coaching sessions. The goal is to make sure that you build upon what you have implemented in the workshop, overcome any obstacles that you might face in your journey and actually go on to build a profitable online business (you get 2 sessions per month for 12 months).
Ecom Build Out Workshop
($25,000 Value)
Attend this 2 day LIVE workshop (sold for $25,000 separately which our previous customers paid) where you will get personal attention from the Wealth Academy Platinum Coaches on how to build a highly lucrative ecommerce business.

Inside the workshop, you will get to set up a highly professional Shopify store, find and add hot selling products to your store, whip up quick Facebook Ad campaigns to run targeted traffic to your store, optimize your campaigns based on the results you get and learn how to fulfill orders once you start receiving sales (which you can on the same day of building your store and running a traffic campaign). 

The ultimate goal of the workshop is to make sure you walk away with a Shopify store that is in all likelihood already making sales (you get 1 LIVE ecom build out workshop).
Ecom Group Coaching
($15,500 Value)
Get monthly group coaching sessions from your Wealth Academy Platinum Coaches so that you are able to stay on track, fine tune your entire product research & marketing process, optimize your campaigns and scale your ecommerce business (you get 2 sessions per month for 12 months).
Traffic Millionaires Summit
($10,000 Value)
Learn how to create a million dollar business from scratch inside this 3 day LIVE event.
Social Media Millionaires Summit
($10,000 Value)
Learn how to leverage social media to get traffic, build influence and grow your business inside this 2 day LIVE event.
Ecommerce Millionaire Summit
($10,000 Value)
Learn how to create a wildly profitable ecommerce business inside this 3 day LIVE event.
FB Ads Intensive
($2,500 Value)
Learn how to create, run, optimize and scale Facebook ad campaigns to generate a steady stream of high quality leads who have the desire as well as the capability to invest in your products and services.
Wealthy Women Summit
($10,000 Value)
Learn how to empower yourself and become wildly wealthy by starting your own profitable online business inside this 3 day women only LIVE event.
I Get Customers Summit
($10,000 Value)
Learn how to flood your website with targeted traffic and convert them into customers inside this 1 day LIVE event.
Speaking Millionaires Summit
($25,000 Value)
Learn how to magnetize your audience, share your message and pull in $10K - $100K every time you speak, in this 2 day live event.
24/7 Customer Attraction Robots
Implementation Workshop
($15,000 Value)
Attend this 2 day LIVE workshop where Wealth Academy Platinum Coaches will demystify copywriting, break it down into easy to understand chunks and help you craft your own copy (for text and video sales letters) from the ground up.

Copywriting is often made more complicated than what it really is but when you understand the basics and the mechanics of writing copy, you will find crafting copy to be a stimulating and enjoyable process. The ultimate goal of the workshop is to get you to compile the pains, needs & wants of your audience and write out effective copy which connects with them and sell them on your products & services.

You will you walk away from this 2 day event with a clear understanding & breakdown of how to write good copy along with your first text/video sales letter crafted under the guidance of Wealth Academy Platinum Coaches.
BONUSES: $300,000
In a nutshell, here's what you're going to get when you join Wealth Academy Elevation:
  • Learn From The Most Intimate Business Secrets Directly Form An Internet Millionaire While Also Relaxing In The Lap Of Luxury
  • Set Success Systems In Your Business That Will Keep Bringing In The Dough Years From Now
  • Get A Pro Video Team To Create Invaluable Positioning Content For You
  • Meet, Learn From And Connect With The Biggest Industry Names
  • Supercharge Your Marketing Systems To Bring In 6 and 7 figures every month
  • $300k Worth Of Workshops, Coaching And Training To Make Sure You Get The Most Out Of These Lessons
And, most importantly…
If You Don’t Put These Systems In Place, Your Business Will Run Your Life
If you don’t have a stream of consistent sales, a system for handling them and making your life easier - you’ll never be able to relax .

Never forget that the purpose of your business is to serve your life, not the other way around. This is why you need to attend The Wealth Academy Elevation.

Click the button below to secure your spot! 

What If I'm Not Ready For This?
This might sound harsh, but if that's your mindset, then you'll never break through the successive revenue barriers.

Even if your business is brand new, you need to understand these concepts for 2 important reasons. 
REASON #1: You Will Avoid Painful Mistakes
The amount of mistakes that I've made while scaling up my business and my company Wealth Academy have cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars , lots of stress and unnecessary work.
  •  Just last year 3 ex-employees stole $240,000 of my company revenue simply because I didn't have the business setup the correct way, which meant money could leak out.
  • I hired the wrong COO (Chief Operating Officer) who left after only 8 weeks, after I literally opened up the entire business to them so they took lots of IP and intelligence about the operations of the business.
These are just a few 2 examples (that I can share) but there are others.

All were a result of NOT having proper systems, team players and checks in place.

In the long run, I would saved a lot more time and money if I had created proper systems for these departments, instead of trying to Band-Aid solutions.

Here is the one thing I can guarantee, every business owner will face similar crossroads. 

Every day, you must make decisions that could potentially harm your business.

The best way I can advise to protect yourself from costly mistakes is by learning from someone who's been there and done that, and that is most definitely me.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Learn from the mistakes of other business owners to shortcut your success. 
REASON #2: You Will Be Setup For Success
In order for concepts to "sink in" you need to hear them more than once.

You might be at a point in your business, where you are simply not sure what direction to take and whilst you have heard about certain things you need to be doing to grow your business but your still not quite sure how to apply them and need a bit more time to understand the ideas.

When you understand that systems and leverage are necessary to scale, you will subconsciously run your business better.

You will be in a better position when you hire your first, second and tenth employee.

You will find ways to outsource you daily tasks, so you can focus on higher level activities that will help your business grow.

If you run a business this way - the RIGHT way - from the start, then your business will be more profitable as you grow the business.   
If you are truly committed to growing your business, then you need to apply for the Wealth Academy Elevation RIGHT NOW!

WARNING: We can only accept a LIMITED number of people into the retreat, maximum of 25 people, of which 9 spots are already booked out from offering these to a select few VIP clients already.

If this is something you are interested in then I urge you to get it right now.  
P.S. Remember, the Wealth Academy Elevation gives you access to 7+ days of customized live training that will help you scale your business.

As a WA Elevation member, you’ll get a complementary 8-night stay at a luxury resort during the core training program, which includes accommodation, food, drinks, activities as well as local airport pickup and drop-off. 

But most importantly you’ll work with a bona-fide Internet Millionaire, and you’ll learn not only the difference-making basics no one has ever thought of teaching you – but you’ll also secrets he’s used to crush his competition and how to implement them in your business. 

To your success,
Shaqir Hussyin
Author, BackpackMillionaire
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