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Wealth Academy Accelerator
Kick-Start Foundation
To build a successful online business, you need to have the right training, products and marketing system at your disposal. Wealth Academy Accelerator is designed to provide you with everything you need to kickstart your online business in the right footing.
Wealth Academy Accelerator
Kick-Start Foundation
The key to lasting success in the online business world is in learning how to setup your own marketing funnel to promote your products & services, drive traffic to it and make sales. Wealth Academy Accelerator teaches you how to do that with its comprehensive step by step, click by click training.
  • Section 1 (The Foundation) - How to create true, lasting wealth by unleashing and harnessing your personal power - insider lessons from $50 million frameworks.
  • Section 2 (The Funnel Setup) - How to setup a powerful multi-step, multi-modality funnel that seamlessly promotes all of your products and services to your audience at precisely defined intervals so as to maximize your lifetime customer value
  • Section 3 (Traffic - FB Ads) - How to set up profitable Facebook ad campaigns that targets your right audience, gets you high quality clicks & helps you build a list of super engaged subscribers who convert into customers & repeat customers predictably
  • Section 4 (Traffic - Solo Ads) - How to start generate 300-1000+ leads per day pretty much overnight by advertising on some of the most lucrative email lists in the world which are inaccessible to 97% of the marketers.
  • Section 5 (Traffic - Banner Ads) - How to place simple little banners on tons of high traffic industry websites to get dirt cheap high converting traffic
  • Section 6 (Conversions - Emails) - How to write killer emails that entertains your audience, provides value for them, builds a relationship with them and sells them on your products and services all at the SAME time (once you master this skill, you will be able to connect with your audience on a deeper level which in turn will drive up your sales and profits like crazy)
  • Section 7 (Conversions - Webinars) - How to use simple webinars to INSTANTLY position yourself as an expert, command authority, credibility and influence amongst your audience and sell a ton of high ticket products pretty much overnight (a single well executed webinar campaign can produce more money than most would make in a year)
  • Section 8 (Conversions - High Ticket Selling) - How to use persuasion tactics of master sales closers to sell more products and services over the phone (when you get on a one-on-one call with prospects who have already gone through your marketing funnel, your conversions will simply skyrocket)
  • Traffic Millionaires Summit - Learn how to create a million dollar business from scratch inside this 3 day LIVE event

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