Wealth Academy, owned and maintained by Shaqir Hussyin, a 27-year-old internet entrepreneur has risen to fame due to his wild success as an internet marketer. Shaqir is young, charismatic, and incredibly rich, having made a multi-million dollar fortune through direct sales.

Wealth Academy is an marketing education and opportunity website that offers specialized training in online business building and affiliate marketing.

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At Wealth Academy, we own some of the leading websites on the Internet when it comes to helping average people become extra-ordinary, share their message, cash in on their passion and leverage our proven, time-tested formulas, blueprints, and systems.

We are a fast-moving, fast-growing company on a mission to change, inspire, transform 1 million lives in the next 3 years to empower people to create the life of their dreams by leveraging technology, the internet, systems, and marketing knowledge products created by us.

We are a small tight-knit group of people from all walks of background that work together, all from home to create products that matter.

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By 2018 it is our mission at the Wealth Academy is to help 100,000 new entrepreneurs, internet marketers, network marketers, and home business owners create successful campaigns advanced training and resources that are developed from real world experiences.

The strategic bi-product of this will be to create 100 millionaires by December 31st 2018.

Want to become our next success story ? Get in touch : shaqir@shaqirhussyin.com