Blind Man Flies To Attend Traffic Millionaires Summit 3.0

WOWZAAA! What an amazing last 3 days, it was by far the best event myself and my A-Team have ever put on together.

We are back to work this week for the brand new launch of “Project X” (cos I haven’t titled it yet end of the month!)…

I’m super excited by this and wanted to give you 4 Big Lessons from my recent sold-out event: Traffic Millionaires Summit 3.0.

The Traffic Millionaires Summit 3.0 just got over. I’m sitting in my penthouse in rainy cold London, on the leather couch today writing this email to you….

It was inspiring, amazing, mesmerising, breath-taking, and highly energetic. The amount of kinda hearted words from the attendees mouth really touched me.

I’m humbled by this.

All those who attended had a complete-blast over the past 3 days.


We had 4 guest speakers come in to share (not to pitch their shiny object) and reveal what’s working right now…

There was a blind man flying from Lithuania who shared with me at the VIP dinner of how he’s dream was to get on stage and share his story…

The next day, I made he’s dream come true by putting him on the stage and he shared a video of him learning how to “surf” and delivered an off the cuff ‘first time’ keynote on “Overcoming Everything”…

Which left…

Attendees & myself included tearing up, and a standing ovation that lasted a long time….

People got to interact with real world class experts (that you usually never meet in person) to get a DEEPER UNDERSTANDING on the mechanics of building a multi million dollar online business.

The whole event was fun, energising and enriching at the same time.

While making a LOT OF PROFITS online is fun, there is something MAGICAL about teaching people how to do the same.

It’s EXCITING to teach people POWERFUL CONCEPTS, STRATEGIES and TACTICS that blows away their minds and makes them TRULY believe that they too can be successful with such cutting edge information.

On a personal note though….

It feels GREAT to answer TONS and TONS of questions and see the fog of doubt in peoples’ minds clearing away rapidly.

I feel ALIVE doing such events.

I feel I am making a REAL DIFFERENCE to the world.

There is REAL JOY in teaching.

I LOVE seeing my students succeed (and many of them already have).

When you know your actions have CHANGED THE LIVES of others and their families, its both exciting and humbling at the same time.

That’s why I am on a mission to create 100 millionaires by 2018 and TMS 3.0 is going to TURN many of its attendees into our industry’s next superstars.

So what exactly was taught in TMS 3.0 that makes me say it?

Well….to put it simply, attendees were given a COMPLETE A-Z PLAN on how to start, grow and scale a 6-7 figure online business in 12 months FLAT.

Since I have achieved this feat 5 times already (that is growing a NEW BUSINESS to $1 Mil in under 12 months), I can say with certainty that I have GOT THE PROCESS DOWN TO A SCIENCE.

And TMS 3.0 is my way of teaching my students EVERYTHING, right from the very basics to the advanced.

Here are a few of the lessons we covered:

Lesson 1 – Crafting Irresistible Offers That Get Your Prospects Scrambling Over Each Other To Buy Your Product

What’s an irresistible offer?

Its an offer which helps your prospects go from Point A (pain) to Point B (no pain) in the FASTEST, EASIEST and SIMPLEST way.

Craft an offer like that and you have an irresistible offer in your hands.

Nothing in the online world is MORE important than an irresistible offer.

An irresistible offer is the SEED from which your multi million dollar business BLOOMS.

Action Tip:

List out ALL the benefits of your product (it could be your own product or an affiliate product).

List out ALL the gaps that exist in your product.

Now find out how to MAKE IT MORE IRRESISTIBLE so that your customers can get their desired results in a faster, easier and simpler way.

1. See if you can add “Done For You” templates that your customers could use right away.

2. Or add “Cheat Sheets” that make implementation MUCH MORE easier.

3. Or add an extra piece of training that makes the main product MORE WELL ROUNDED (like a conversion training added to a traffic course makes the whole offer more well rounded and far more attractive).

4. Or add a “Personal Coaching” component to it.

5. Or add a “Group Coaching” component to it.

6. Or add a “Mastermind” component to it.

Add whatever component (listed above) that is suitable for your product.

Turn it into a KILLER OFFER that your prospects can’t resist.

Your sales will shoot up FAST.

We covered this topic in detail in TMS 3.0.

Lesson 2 – Creating & Developing A Well Rounded Multi Million Dollar Marketing Funnel

A killer FUNNEL helps you turn a COLD VISITOR into a HUNGRY CUSTOMER in the shortest amount of time.

A killer FUNNEL ALSO helps you seamlessly promote different products to your prospects so that your Average Customer Value is as HIGH as possible.

In today’s times, you CANNOT profit just from a $100 course.

You need to know how to PROMOTE a series of products right from $50 to $5000+ and a killer funnel helps you do JUST THAT.

The key to creating a KILLER funnel lies in knowing how to LINK UP components (capture pages, sales letters, sales videos, webinars, pre sell pages, emails, upsell pages, etc) in a way that helps you build massive trust amongst your prospects and gets them to buy from you QUICKLY and FREQUENTLY.

In TMS 3.0, we covered everything that you need to know on how to build a multi million dollar funnel from scratch.

Action Tip:

No matter what product you are selling, you NEED to have your own funnel promoting it.

So put together the following components:

1. Simple capture page – You need to collect the email info of your visitors for follow up (this increases sales BIG TIME)

2. Thank you page – Once your visitor opts in, you provide value and pre-sell on your product

3. Sales Page – This is the page where your ACTUAL product is sold (this could either be your own product page or an affiliate product page)

4. Value Based Sales Emails – Make it a point to send out atleast one email where you give value and promote your product. Keep doing it consistently and with regular inflow of leads, you will see sales soon flowing in.

This is a VERY SIMPLE funnel but one that can help you make more sales & profits than if you were to send traffic directly to an affiliate link.

We covered ADVANCED FUNNELS in TMS 3.0.

Lesson 3 – Generating A Steady Stream Of High Quality Traffic & Leads For Your Business

Traffic is the lifeblood of your business.

I can’t stress this enough.

I shared with the audience how my online business generates as much as $28,000 PER day in sales and if I were to not generate leads DAILY, even my income would start dipping.

So would the income of EVERY ONLINE COMPANY if they stop generating leads.

Getting high quality traffic & leads is ALWAYS critical for your success.

In TMS 3.0, we covered several ways to generate 100-1000+ high quality leads PER day.

1. High Quality Solo Ads (attendees got my $100K per month solo ad formula along with 50 of the profitable solo ad sources handed to them on a platter)

2. Facebook Ads (I invited Mr X, the $250K per day FB Ads guy, who taught attendees on how to use Facebook Ads to generate 1000s of hyper targeted prospects FAST)

3. YouTube Video Ads We revealed “real time” LIVE rankings on the paid platform for YouTube something that 99% of marketers have absolute no clue how to do.

4. Banner Ads (attendees learnt how to find profitable sites to place banner ads for less than $100 – $500 per month)

Action Tip:

Start generating atleast 10-30 leads PER day in your online business consistently (and you will start seeing sales eventually with follow up).

If you want HIGH QUALITY traffic fast, then sign up for a Strategy Session With My Solo Ads Agency Traffic Coach.

Lesson 4 – Engineering Conversion Systems That Help You Gain Massive Credibility, Develop Relationships & Make More Effortless Sales

The fastest way to build a relationship fast with your prospects is by GIVING THEM VALUE.

Real hardcore value.

But just giving VALUE is not enough.

That is why I can write emails this long, demand $100,000+ coaching fees and clients from all over the world, GURU’s included seek me out for traffic, leads and converting sales…

You can start doing this too.

The real SECRET to success is in MIXING VALUE with selling.

Marketers who learn how to do that can NEVER go hungry.

Make your advertising valuable.

Make your marketing educational, entertaining and inspirational.

And that’s a sneak-peak of what attendees learnt in TMS 3.0

1. We covered how to craft simple to write, sales producing emails (my secret to making $10,000+ per day for YEARS now).

2. We also covered how to craft high performance WEBINARS that educate, enthrall and convert your prospects into high ticket sales with EASE (whenever I want to make a quick $100,000, I just whip out a new webinar and BOOM….I reach my goals).

Action Tip:

If you want DAILY sales, then start out by writing DAILY emails.

Provide value, tell stories and sell your product.

Learn how to create webinars and start hosting them too.

So there you go.

That was a SMALL glimpse of what we covered in TMS 3.0.

We ALSO covered how to PUT IT ALL TOGETHER so that you would end up with a HIGH OCTANE TRAFFIC & CONVERSION MACHINE.

If you had attended TMS 3.0, congrats. You are going to do GREAT POWERFUL THINGS in your online business in the coming weeks and months.

If you missed out on TMS 3.0, then too bad for you. This was your GOLDEN CHANCE to be in the same room as me, soak up all my knowledge and ask me ANYTHING you had ever wanted to.

Make sure you don’t miss my future events.

So with that being said, I am going to hosting a brand new 4 part online workshop this month – the Invitation for you will come later on tonight.

And if you want to claim your complimentary Income Action Plan then we still have spots left for serious entrepreneurs…

Liked this? Want my 1:1 help? Claim your FREE 30 minute Income Kickstarter Strategy Session – Click here.


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