Proven Way To Sell On A Webinar Fast

Have you ever tried hosting a webinar for your audience before? What was your experience like?

Webinars are one of my favorite ways to sell my audience on my products & services.

They’re my “secret weapon”, since I use them to promote $1,000 – $10k+ high ticket offers. And, they’ve been working exceptionally well so far for me.

However, I noticed something peculiar while hosting hundreds of webinars.

It’s that the audience sometimes feel a level of uneasiness during the presentation.

And it’s caused by them knowing that, although they’re receiving insanely valuable content for free… There’s bound to be a product pitch towards the end.

What Kind Of Impact Does This Have On The Attendees?

Although they won’t verbally express it, you can bet that most of them will start thinking:

“What’s this guy’s play? What is he trying to sell me?”

It’s no secret that this is how webinars work. I know it, you know it, your audience knows it.

Nobody’s going to go out of their way to make room for a webinar in their schedule, if they’re not getting something out of it.

From the hosts perspective, that’s an opportunity to pitch one of their products and services directly.

Apart from establishing themselves as an authority, and improving the relationship with their audience, obviously.

However, selling is still the primary focus. Nobody has to explicitly say it, everyone on the webinar is aware that this part is coming at some point.

That’s why I wholeheartedly believe that there is a right way, and a wrong way to sell on the webinar.

The wrong way being keeping your attendees in the dark.

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Your offer shouldn’t be kept a mystery throughout the webinar.

It’ll just make the audience uneasy and anxious, because they have no idea what it is that you’ll be trying to sell them.

Fear might be a strong word here…

But, there’s always that creeping sense of dread, which comes from the fact that you might be hard selling them on something they’re not interested in.


And the problem with this is that you’re actually dissuading them from buying.

And you’re doing so before you even get to explain what the product/service actually is.

Now, how does this problem arise, in the first place?

The Misconception About The Webinar Offer

The problem is a result of a common misconception about the webinar offer.

Too many people believe that they shouldn’t mention the offer before the pitch itself.

Which obviously isn’t the optimal approach, if you’re aware of the “webinar anxiety” attendees experience.

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Hence, instead of briefly explaining the offer at the beginning of the presentation, they do the complete opposite.

They’re doing everything in their power to make the offer a “secret”. Which is ridiculous, if you ask me.

Like I said, pretty much everyone knows that there’s going to be an offer at some point.

So, what do you gain from keeping the offer a secret? Absolutely nothing.

In fact, you’re only losing the interest of the attendees.

They’ll be focused on trying to figure out what the offer is, rather than paying close attention to the content you’re sharing on the presentation.

Even if that’s not the case, the transition between valuable, relevant content and a hard pitch isn’t exactly smooth.

I’ve said this a countless times before… Nobody, and I mean nobodylikes having products “shoved down their throat”.

Sadly, that’s exactly what the vast majority of people do on their webinars. But, just stop for a second and think about how it looks from an attendee’s perspective.

You’re being friendly, helpful, and informative throughout the entire presentation… And than BOOM! All of a sudden you turn into a sleazy salesman that won’t take no for an answer.

Most people won’t take kindly to this sudden change in demeanor.

Not to mention that, if you’ve waited till the last moment to start pitching… You aren’t exactly giving the prospects enough time to make an informed decision.

And, what’s to stop them from leaving the webinar once the pitch starts?

They’ve already consumed all the content…

The Right Way To Sell On A Webinar

The solution to this problem practically presents itself.

If the problem arises from the audience not knowing about the offer, the answer is obvious.

You should tell them about the offer up front. Ideally, you want to briefly explain what it’s about, during the introduction segment.

Start by introducing yourself and your company. Then, talk about the topics you’ll be covering on the webinar.

And lastly, before you dive in, simply introduce the offer to put the attendees’ minds at ease.

You don’t have to go into much detail. At the start, it’s enough to just tell them what the product is and what it can do for them.

You’ll have plenty of time to thoroughly explain it later.

A few sentences will suffice, for now. It’s enough to give the audience a general idea of what the offer is.

Then, they’ll be ready for it once you’ve gotten to the pitch.

They won’t be caught off guard, and those people who are interested to learn more about it will surely stick around to hear what you have to say.

This will alleviate their anxiety, and in turn – boost your sales!

Simply telling your attendees what you’re selling at the beginning of the webinar doesn’t just erase anxiety, it boosts sales.

The More Opportunities You Give Them To Buy, The More Sales You’ll Accrue 

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This is another reason why you want to introduce your offer both at the start and end of the webinar.

You’re doubling the chances that the audience will check it out, and potentially buy it.

By also introducing your offer at the start, you are:

  1. Eliminating offer anxiety.Attendees can now pay full attention to the content, without worrying about what the offer is and when you’ll start pitching it.
  2. Showing respect for the audience.It shows that you respect the customers and value your time. You’re not insulting their intelligence by pretending that there’s no offer.
  3. Giving them time to deliberate. By introducing the offer at the beginning, you’re essentially giving them the duration of the entire webinar to think it through and decide whether it’s something that piques their interest.
  4. Increasing your chances of closing sales. After you’ve introduced the offer, you can mention it at any point during the webinar. By relating it to the content, you’re making sure it stays top of mind, and emphasizing on it’s importance – thus, boosting your chances of closing sales.
  5. Alleviating potential sticker shock. This is particularly true for high ticket offers. People might be dumbfounded when they hear the price of couple hundred (or thousand) dollars for your high ticket product/service. However, if you mention it at the beginning, you have the rest of the webinar to showcase its value. This will help justify the high price, and it won’t come as a shock to the audience.

Final Thoughts

There you have it – a single, simple tweak that will help you sell way more on your webinars.

Have you ever experienced webinar anxiety yourself? Or, have you attended a webinar where the offer was in the clear from the get-go?

If you have any comments, questions, feedback, or even random thoughts – let me know in the comments below!

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webinar, webinar software, webinar definition, webinar free, webinar app, join webinar, how to create a webinar, webinar hosting, how to sell on a webinar

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