Successful People Morning Habits

What you decide to spend the first hour of your workday on is crucial. It sets the tone for the rest of the day. The most successful people all have daily routines they follow, which usually start out with an hour of productivity.

Instead of allowing yourself to slowly sip your coffee and waste time feeling lazy and sluggish, you need to jolt your mind and body into work mode to properly prepare for the day ahead.

Admittedly, you can’t complete the majority of your daily tasks within the first hour. But what you can and should do is make a habit of using this time productively.

Although we all spend our first morning hour differently, there are a couple of tips you can pick up from the most successful people, to boost your productivity and be a winner every single day.

  1. Don’t Check The Email First Thing In The Morning

Unless your line of work requires you to be available to clients, customers or business partners 24/7. There’s really no reason to make checking your email a priority.

The reason for this is simple – reading and responding to emails doesn’t feel all that productive.

The founder of Tumblr, David Karp, said in his Inc. profile that he tries his best not to check his email until 10 a.m. He makes a good point when he says that “If something urgently needs my attention, someone will call or text me”.

Instead, you should spend the first hour on planning out your workday or focusing on a single, meaningful task. This way, you’ll feel much more productive, knowing that you’ve already completed at least one real task.

  1. Tackle The Most Difficult Task First

Don’t put tasks off, especially if they’re complex, difficult, or not particularly appealing. There’s merit to completing the worst task first – you won’t spend the rest of the day dreading it. And everything else will seem a lot easier in comparison.

The time-management book “Eat That Frog” by Brian Tracy perfectly illustrates this. Using Mark Twain’s metaphor that if you eat a live frog in the morning, you’ll be able to face any and all challenges throughout the day and easily overcome them.

Once you get that dreaded task out off the way, you’ll be able to focus on more enjoyable (or at the very least less difficult) task for the remainder of the day.

So, leave room at the end of each day to find your “frog” for tomorrow. If you have the time, it pays to gather all the material necessary to complete that task. Making it less frightening and a bit easier to complete in the following morning.

After you’ve dealt with your “frog” for the day, you’ll feel empowered and ready to take on the world!

  1. Successful People Always Plans & Organize

I’m sure I don’t need to stress out how important it is to plan out and efficiently organize your workday.

If you have unfinished tasks from the previous day, with new ones slowly creeping in, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you need to get done.

That’s why it’s vital to take the time to create a to-do list, highlight the most important task, especially if they have a tight deadline, and get to work. 

This will allow you to manage your time more efficiently. Thus reducing the stress and distractions, and fully focus on one task at a time.

Sometimes you have to make a hundred decisions in a single day, and more work that you can realistically handle. In these situations, having a sound plan to follow and knowing which tasks are a priority will allow you to stay productive and get more done.

  1. Gratefulness & Visualization

This is something that most entrepreneurs overlook. You need to take some time to keep yourself motivated by thinking about all your accomplishments and things you’re grateful for, and visualizing where you want to be in the future.

Tonny Robins, a renowned self-help author refers to this time as an “Hour of Power”, which he spends by motivating himself and practicing gratefulness and visualization.

He suggests that, in order to reach your peak of productivity, you need to incorporate this into your daily routine. His “Hour of Power” involves light exercise, motivational mantras, and most importantly – at least 10 minutes to remind yourself of what you’re grateful for.

Looking back on your accomplishments and being mindful of the things you’re grateful for will make you feel fulfilled, and inspire you to strive for even greater success.

Also, visualizing “everything you want in line as if you had it today” will give you that extra bit of motivation to work even harder towards achieving your goals.

  1. As Yourself If You’re Doing What You Love

If you’re doing something you don’t actually enjoy every single workday, over time you’ll start losing motivation and become less and less productive.

Feeling unfulfilled at work and missing that vital sense of accomplishment isn’t something you can easily dismiss.

If you’re spending at least 40 hours a week doing something you don’t actually enjoy. It will inevitably reflect on your life as well.

What you can do is follow the routine Steve Jobs thought us and ask yourself “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?”

If you answer “no” for multiple days or weeks in a row, that’s a clear sign that you’re unhappy with your current situation and that something needs to change.

  1. Start Off Your Day Doing What Makes You Happy

Your mood for the entire day is usually set early in the morning. That’s why it’s a good idea to spend a few minutes each morning to indulge yourself and do something you thoroughly enjoy.

It doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary. It can be something as simple as taking the time to enjoy your morning coffee, listening to your favorite song, or wearing your favorite shirt.

You can have a better idea of how successful people start their day below:

The idea is to create a habit of enjoying the small, simple things in life at the very start of each day.

Although it might seem trivial at first, you’ll notice that by doing these things, you’re putting yourself in a great mood and giving yourself a reason to look forward to the rest of the day.

  1. Mediate

Meditation is an excellent way to clear your mind from the previous day, gather your thoughts, and start out fresh. It trains your mind to shut out the distractions and improves your focus, allowing you to increase your productivity.

Most people believe that the goal of meditation is to stop your flow of thoughts completely, which is neither true, nor possible. What meditation does is allow you to calm your mind, and instead of having your thoughts all over the place, learn to focus on one thing at a time.

There are tons of successful people who swear by dail meditation – Ariana Huffington, Russel Simmons, Ray Dalio, Andrew Cherng, Oprah Winfrey, to name a few.

If you’re having trouble focusing and feel like you’re easily distracted, with your mind constantly chattering, you should definitely give meditation a try.


These are a bunch of different ways in which you could start your workday on the right foot.

You can follow the examples I gave you in this post, or figure out your own routine, as long as it’s something productive that gets you going and puts you in the right mindset for the rest of the day.

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10 Ordinary Beliefs That Inspire Extraordinarily Successful People

What separates successful people from unsuccessful people?

Sure, success is ultimately based on action.

But action starts with one critical element: belief.

Successful people believe: in their ideas, in their determination, in their persistence, in other people… in themselves. Their beliefs inform and inspire their actions — and that’s what makes them successful.

What do successful people believe?

1. They believe success is only inevitable in hindsight.

Read stories of successful entrepreneurs and it’s easy to think they always had some intangible entrepreneurial something — ideas, talent, drive, skills, creativity, whatever — that you don’t have.

They don’t.

Success is inevitable only in hindsight. Look back on any entrepreneurial path to greatness and it’s easy to assume that every vision was clear, every plan was perfect, every step was executed flawlessly, and tremendous success was a foregone conclusion.

In reality, success is never assured. Only in hindsight does it appear that way.

If you’re willing to work hard and persevere, who you are is more than enough. So don’t measure yourself against other people. Pick a goal and measure progress against that goal.

That’s the only comparison that matters.

2. They believe they can choose themselves.

Once you had to wait: to be accepted, to be promoted, to be selected… to somehow be “discovered.”

Not anymore. Nowadays, access is nearly unlimited. You can connect with almost anyone through social media. Moreover, you can publish your own work, distribute your own music, create your own products, attract your own funding.

You can do almost anything you want — and you don’t need to wait for someone else to discover your talents.

The only thing holding you back is you — and your willingness to try.

3. They believe their role is to serve.

No one accomplishes anything worthwhile on his own. Great bosses focus on providing the tools and training to help their employees better do their jobs — and achieve their own goals. Amazing consultants put their clients’ needs first. Admirable businesses go out of their way to help and serve their customers.

And as a result, they in turn reap the rewards.

If you’re in it only for yourself, then someday you will be by yourself. If you’re in it for others, you’ll not only achieve success.

You’ll make a tremendous difference in the lives of other people.

4. They believe they will win through persistence.

Success is often the result of perseverance. When others give up, leave, stop trying, or compromise their principles and values, the last person left is often the person who wins.

Other people may be smarter, better connected, more talented, or better funded. But they can’t win if they aren’t around at the end.

Sometimes it makes sense to give up on ideas, projects, and even businesses—but it never makes sense to give up on yourself.

Always, always, always be the last one to give up on yourself.

5. They believe in doing things no one else is willing to do.

Even if those things are simple. Even if those things seem trivial. To be different you must act differently — and the easiest way is to do things no one else is willing to do.

6. They believe in making lasting connections.

For many people the process of building a network takes on a life of its own; numbers, not people, matters most.

But we don’t need numbers. We need real connections: people we can help, people we can trust, people that we care about and that care about us.

So forget numbers. Make connections with people you want to be part of your professional or personal life for a long time. And when you do, forget about receiving and focus on providing, since that is the only way to establish a real connection and relationship.

Numbers aren’t there for you when you need them. People are. Connect with people.

7. They believe that strategy is important… but execution is everything.

Strategy is not a product. Binders are filled with strategies that were never implemented.

Develop an idea. Create a strategy. Set up a rudimentary system of operations. Then execute, adapt, execute some more, and build a solid operation based on what works.

Strategy is important but only in the way it informs execution. Successful people are successful because they know how to execute—over and over and over again.

8. They believe real leadership is determined over years, not moments.

Genuine leadership isn’t situational. Genuine leadership isn’t short-lived.

Great leaders consistently inspire. Great leaders consistently motivate. They earn the right to lead. They make people want to follow them.

That takes trust — and trust takes time.

9. They believe that work comes first and payoff comes later… often much later.

Ever heard someone say, “If I got promoted then I would work harder”? Or, “If the client paid better then I would do more”? Or, “If I thought there would be a bigger payoff then I would be willing to sacrifice more”?

Successful people earn promotions by first working harder. Highly profitable businesses earn higher revenue by first delivering greater value. Successful entrepreneurs earn bigger payoffs by first working hard, well before any potential return is in sight.

Most people expect to be compensated more before they will even consider working harder.

Successful people see compensation as the reward for exceptional effort, not the driver.

10. They believe they will write their own slice of history.

Most people won’t make it onto the Mount Rushmore of great entrepreneurs. Most people won’t become a household name.

And that’s okay. You can still make a small change in your industry. You can still make a small change in your profession. And, don’t forget – you can still make a small change in the lives of your employees and customers.

You can be responsible for a number of minor changes… and who knows, possibly even a major one. You just have to be willing to try something new.

Which, of course, is what successful entrepreneurs do every day.

– Jeff Haden

Read Jeff’s original post on “10 Ordinary Beliefs That Inspire Extraordinarily Successful People.

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