Struggling Entrepreneur Advice

Are YOU an struggling entrepreneur desperately wanting advice? Have you ever gone to bed TOTALLY DEPRESSED and feeling like a FAILURE? Every legit entrepreneur struggles at one point in their business, its a fact. If you are an entrepreneur and you’ve never had that kind of a day even once, then you are NOT trying hard enough.


This is exactly what makes entrepreneurship so awesome.

From the outside, it looks glamorous but from the inside, it’s a game of intense struggle where you fight your mental demons every single day and overcome obstacles every step along the way before you eventually end up victorious.

Entrepreneurship is HARD but it’s so worth it.

It’s PAINFUL but its rewards are SWEET.

There is NOTHING more awesome than being able to exude a sense of confidence about yourself and your abilities after becoming successful in your venture.

Especially when you know that you’ve gone through the grind and fought hard for your success.

So let me ask you a question:

Are you struggling in your business?

Feeling very low about your lack of success?

If so, then it’s GOOD.

Embrace your failure.

Seriously, I mean it.

Whatever you are going through now is part of being an entrepreneur.

Just like a butterfly’s struggle to come out of it’s cocoon is what gives it’s wings the strength to fly…..your struggles is what will make you stronger and more courageous and help you succeed.

With all being said, I am not writing this post to just give you some soothing advice.

Soothing advice is fine but I am a man of ACTION.

And in this post, I am also going to give you PRACTICAL ADVICE on what you need to be doing if you are not quite getting the results that you wanted in your business.

As I mentioned before, you need to ACCEPT that facing intense struggles are common in the entrepreneurship world.

Once you have accepted it, your mind will no longer battle itself…which will allow you to move onto taking REAL action steps in order to solve your problem.

Step 1: Change Your Circle Of Influence

Stay away from negative, non-ambitious, and jealous people.

Now I am not saying you can’t be friends with people who aren’t ambitious/negative but if you are going to spend a lot of your time with them, their attitude is going to affect you mentally and bring you down.

I will give you 2 scenarios to think about.

Scenario #1 – You are part of a group where everyone in your circle is paranoid about everything.

They think the world is out to get them.

They think successful people must be crooks which is why they are successful.

They think it’s NOT at all possible for an average Joe to make vast sums of money or achieve all his dreams one day.

Basically they are just negative people.

Now if your business is NOT doing well, what kind of reaction would you get from them?

“Dude, I told you that what you’re doing won’t work. It’s all a scam.”

“You will realize your mistake after you have wasted enough money.”

“Why am I not surprised that you aren’t getting results? I have been telling you this from day 1”.

If you were to hear these kind of responses from your circle all day long, what do you think your mindset would be like?

Naturally you will feel LOW too.

The moment you realize what you are doing is unattainable or too good to be true….that’s the moment everything falls apart.

Now imagine another situation.

Scenario #2 – You are part of a group where everyone else is running a successful business.

Now you go and tell them you are not getting results.

What do you think the response would be?

“Hey, look don’t worry. I was also at your place. Then I tried this particular strategy and I got 50% ROI. Go ahead and give it a try and if you have any problems, ask me your doubts”

“Dude, this is normal stuff man. Change your product line or make tweaks to your business model and give it a try. Let’s analyze your business deeper.”

“It happens man. Don’t feel bad. Last week, I made over $20,000 and it all came due to constant testing and tweaking of my products and funnels. You just have to dig in and find the source of your problem and not shy away from testing everything.”

Now if you’re getting these type of replies, how would that make you feel?

You would feel better and pumped up right?

It’s a heaven and earth difference.

One group is all gloom and doom where victim mentality is prevalent.

Another group is all upbeat and positive about life where serious conceptual and strategic discussions take place all the time.

This is EXACTLY the reason why successful people are very very careful about choosing their circle of influence.

They know that if they are part of a wrong circle, not only would they not achieve anything but they would be in a constant cycle of misery.

Step 2: Find Yourself A Successful Mentor

The cheapest and the most inexpensive way to succeed is by getting a mentor who has achieved whatever you want to achieve.

Buying courses & trying things out on your own has its place but nothing beats the speed and effectiveness of a REAL MENTOR guiding you and telling you exactly what you need to be doing to get results.

A year or so back, Adeline came to me as a COMPLETE NEWBIE and said she wanted to learn how to build a profitable online business.

I told her about my coaching program and she jumped on the offer, followed my instructions and aggressively implemented them.

Within a year, she made $100,000 online.

Within 1.5 years, she had made over $200,000.

Now she has several online businesses running including an ecommerce business which makes $200,000 per MONTH in revenues.

She deserves all the success she has been getting.

But imagine for a moment, if at the starting point, instead of getting a mentor, she just decided to figure everything out by herself.

Would she have achieved the same kind of growth within 2 years?

Probably not.

Adeline is not alone.

I have seen many others achieve crazy breakthroughs after they got involved with mentors.

Heck, I too got my biggest breakthroughs from my mentor.

Several years back, I was stuck at the $30,000 per month mark for a LONG time.

I just couldn’t go to the next level.

But one solid piece of advice given to me helped me make some changes to my business and I went from making $30,000 to $300,000 per month almost instantaneously and from there on, my revenues have risen to $620,000 per month and even $895,000 per month recently.

If I had tried to figure everything out on my own, I would still be stuck at the same income level.

That’s why I always say:

If you are not getting results, JUST get a mentor.

A real mentor….not a shady guru.

Just get a mentor and start following what they tell you to do because they have faced and solved just about every problem that you may be facing right now.

Step 3: Form A Series Of Daily Habits & Stick To Them

The key to success is PRODUCTIVITY.

And the key to productivity is to KNOW how to get things done.

You can plan all you want, set goals all you want, motivate yourself all you want…and STILL not get anything done.

The ONLY way to break from that cycle is by creating DAILY HABITS and following them religiously.

For example:

After you wake up in the morning and switch on your laptop, do you feel you waste 30 minutes to 1 hour checking email, news sites and your Facebook feed?

If so, then you need to start your day by NOT logging into Facebook or your email.

Get your REAL WORK done first (it could be writing an email to your list or setting up some ad campaigns or writing a sales letter or whatever)…and then open your Facebook or email to relax.

If you are addicted to something, it’s impossible to not get sucked into it.

The only way to solve it is by CUTTING your addiction out.

So make a list for every time wasting activity you do and figure out how to cut it out from your schedule until you’ve completed your work for the day.

Once you finish your work, you can give yourself the reward by indulging yourself in whatever you like.

Developing daily habits can be HARD at first but once you start doing it for a few days, it becomes natural.

After that, you just need to make sure you don’t fall back into bad habits.

That’s all there is to it.

Always remember:

Successful people ALWAYS execute things fast.

The faster your implement, the faster you will know whether something works or not, so start taking ACTION.  

Good daily habits lead to rapid execution which in turn lead to results.

Step 4: Cultivate Patience And Perseverance

Most people misunderstand entrepreneurship.

They execute things SLOW and expect good results.

Success comes to those who do the opposite.

It comes to those who execute things FAST and expect no results.

Whenever you EXPECT results, you will more often than not, get disappointed.


Because when you expect results, you get EMOTIONALLY INVOLVED with it and that can weigh you down when things don’t go as per plan.

However if your mindset is like:

“I don’t care about results. If I keep trying various things properly and execute fast, I will find what works.  All I need to do is just keep doing my work and remain patient”

…then in that case, you are FAR MORE easier to achieve success.

This is coming from my personal experience.

I used to be emotionally attached to results in the past and would get disappointed when things didn’t click.

The moment I stopped expecting and started becoming patient while furiously implementing stuff….I started getting $5000 days…$10,000 days….$50,000 days and even a $163,000 day in my business.

So make plans, keep executing things fast, keep tweaking your approach till you hit your goals but don’t expect anything or be emotionally involved with the results.

You will be PLEASANTLY SHOCKED to see your progress.

Step 5: Take Mental & Physical Breaks

This is very crucial.

When you are not getting results, it’s very easy for us to convince ourselves that we need to work harder.

We may even push ourselves way too much in such situations.

Let me tell you something:

Blind slogging is rarely the way out.

If you want to work at your best capacity and have your brain functioning at an optimum level, you NEED to work in blocks and take time off at regular intervals during your day.

Sitting in front of a computer for 5 hours straight is NOT good for you (both mentally and physically).

And it’s not that productive either.

After you do some grueling work, take some time off.

Take a walk around.

Listen to some positive music.

Fill your mind with happy thoughts.

Basically re-energize yourself for the next round.

Don’t take long breaks of several hours as that can disturb your momentum but you do need your smaller and more frequent breaks.

Take care of your health and be in a good space mentally.

Your quality of work would be SIGNIFICANTLY higher and you will feel happy about yourself.

At the end of the day, you need to tell yourself that results in business WILL come and it will.

My Thoughts For Struggling Entrepreneurs

It’s natural to experience struggles and failures when building your business.

You just need to stay positive, take PROPER actions as I have outlined in this post and keep moving forward.

6 years back, I was freaking making tea for construction workers.

And when I started my own business, I lost $45,000+ without making anything.

My friends and family used to laugh at me.

Imagine how I would have felt at that time.

But I stuck on, kept moving forward and ended up creating 5 different million dollar businesses and making over $15 million in 6 years.

Today, I live in a penthouse, drive a Ferrari and travel the world.

Life wasn’t so rosy for me at one point.

But now I am living the DREAM.

You just have to BELIEVE.

And keep moving forward.

You WILL succeed.

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