How To Leverage Influencer Marketing To Acquire Thousands Of Buy-Ready Customers

Do you know what sets apart the best marketers and entrepreneurs from the rest? It’s the ability to take advantage of every marketing tool at their disposal. One such tool that’s often overlooked or underutilized is influencer marketing.

Essentially, influencer marketing allows you to capitalize on someone else’s large social media following. For a small fee, influencers will advertise your brand and promote your offers to a huge audience.

Each influencer typically specializes in a certain niche. What this means for your business is that you can pick and choose influencers whose following coincides with your target audience.

In other words, you can effectively reach thousands who are 100% interested in your offers.

To acquire more customers and scale your profits through influencer marketing, it’s vital to understand 3 things.

You must know who influencers are, how they can help your business grow, and where to find them.

The Role Influencers Play In The Online Business World

To effectively sell to your audience and maximize profits, you need to first build credibility and earn their trust.

If nobody knows who you are, they’ll likely have second thoughts regarding the purchase. They’ll likely be skeptical, not knowing if the product is as good as advertised.

This isn’t some brand new, groundbreaking discovery. Marketers and advertising agencies have known for decades that trust is the key factor in generating sales.

Just think about it. How many singers, athletes, and movies stars have you seen advertise all kinds of products on the TV?

There’s a reason companies are willing to pay top-dollar to these stars to shoot a commercial for their product. It simply works.


People idolize these stars, and trust their product recommendations. As a result, the company’s sales go through the roof.

The same principle applies in today’s technology-driven world. The only difference is that, with the rise of social media, people follow the advice of influencers.


The #1 reason is because the audience recognizes influencers as experts in their respective fields. Their opinions are well-respected by a large group of loyal followers.

So, when an influencer recommends a product or service, their fans listen.

But, what does this mean for your business? How can you benefit from this fact and cash in on their authority on social media?

How Your Business Can Benefit From Influencer Marketing

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There are various types of businesses out there, operating across a wide spectrum of niches. However, influencers also cover a wide range of topics and target markets.

As a result, virtually any type of business can benefit from influencer marketing. You simply need to find and contact the right people, and convince them your brand is worth promoting.

Keep in mind that influencers get approached by companies all the time. However, they will typically only choose to promote products they believe are high quality and useful/helpful to their audience.

It makes perfect sense, if you think about it. Their greatest asset is their online reputation, and they won’t risk damaging it by promoting just anything.

That said, if they do agree to work with you, you can reap massive benefits. A single “shoutout” or a post can get your products in front of thousands of people, practically overnight.

That’s the equivalent of a fully-fledged social marketing campaign, which can cost thousands of dollars, and take months to build and execute.

Influencers are, in that sense, the ultimate shortcut for reaching a laser-targeted audience on social media.

Depending on the price you agree upon, you’ll get a return on your investment with a few sales. Everything on top of that is pure profit.

In other words, influencer marketing is very cost-effective, and can be insanely profitable, when done correctly.

Where To Find The Right Influencers For The Job

If you’re thinking that finding the right influencer will take months searching through countless profiles of social media, you’re dead wrong.

In fact, I’d even say that finding the right influencers is relatively easy. This is mostly because there are online platforms, which allow you to quickly browse through large lists of influencers.

Here’s an example of a great influencer marketing platform, OpenInfluence:

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You can typically filter by niche, following, price, and so on. A quick search later, you’ll have multiple perfect options to choose from.

I recommended several of these platforms in this article. Check it out to see where to find the right influencers, and how to get in touch with them the right way.

Alternatively, you can also search on the social media platforms themselves. For instance, you can type in a hashtag related to your business, and browse through accounts with large followings.

That said, not everyone is an influencer and would be willing to promote brands on their Instagram profile. However, influencers will typically have a business email listed in their bio.

It’s a good idea to pitch your business proposal to them via email, rather than sending them a direct message on the platform. It shows professionalism, and you are likely get an answer a lot faster that way.

Maximize Sales With Influencer Marketing

If you’re looking to quickly get your offers in front of a large, fresh audience – influencer marketing is the way to go.

The effectiveness of this advertising method comes from the fact that it’s basically equivalent to word-of-mouth referrals. It’s a known fact that people buy from businesses they trust.

The same goes for businesses that their friends and experts, whose opinions they value, recommend.

So, I highly recommend making influencer marketing an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. Once you recognize the reach and suggestive power influencers have over your target audience, you’ll quickly see the full potential of this form of advertising.

And, most importantly, you’ll acquire tons of new customers and the sales will just keep piling in.

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influencer marketing, influencer marketing hub, influencer marketing instagram, influencer marketing platform, influencer marketing companies, influencer marketing examples, influencer marketing jobs, influencer marketing statistics

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