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Sir Richard Branson 5 Nuggets Of Wisdom On Life & Business

This is an personal business hero of mine. I love Virgin, I love Richard Branson, I love their First Class flights, actually the last time I was on one, I was having a date with my wife, yep 50,000+ feet in the sky, I love it.

I was a total fanboy when I met Richard, let me backtrack…I was maybe 15 years old when I first came across him, I  bought his biography, it was a worn out second hand copy from Amazon, I think it was 1p and s+h. I read it cover to cover. Recently he gave me his new book, signed of course. 😉

He inspired me to think bigger, in the billions, I made a commitment to myself as a future business owner, I would be FUN, I would develop my personality and what’s more I am deffo going to buy myself an island (still in the works), aiming to buy before I turn 35.

So it was a huge pleasure to meet him and spend some time with him in Singapore, learning some real valuable things that I want to share with you.

Would you like to know how Sir Richard Branson managed to acquire a net worth of over $5 billion, while at the same time taking time to travel the world, attempt to break world records, try out new hobbies, and just generally enjoy life to the fullest?

Aside from his HUGE success in the business world, I truly respect and admire him for his unique outlook on life. He has alot of fun. He breaks the rules.

You’re buried in tasks and responsibilities. You’re managing a hundred things at once. And, even if you’re making a ton of money, it can feel like you’ve fully devoted your time to the business. There’s just no room left to lean back and enjoy the life you’ve created.

There may come a time when you’ll ask yourself: “When will I get to reap the rewards? When will I get a chance to enjoy the financial freedom my business grants me?”

It’s exactly these types of questions that Sir Richard Branson has the answers to. He is a world-renowned business magnate, entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist.

However, apart from his huge business success with Virgin Records and other business ventures…

He’s also well-known for his quotes and a seemingly laid-back outlook on life.

He understands perfectly that sometimes business can engulf your life. But, that never stopped him from taking the time to enjoy himself and attempt to pull of crazy stuff like the fastest Atlantic Ocean crossing.

So, how does he pull that off? How does he keep his business ventures running at full capacity, while also seemingly having all the time in the world to do the things he actually enjoy?

Well, these 5 nuggets of wisdom I learned from Richard Branson might just answer that question for you:

1. Spend Time With Your Family And Learn To Delegate

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Rumour has it that Richard never actually went to a grocery store for 5+ years. In my early years of business, I too stopped going, I think for about 3+ years I never had stepped foot into a grocery shop. Even now this is not something I enjoy. My wife orders from Amazon prime and I just do not enjoy shopping or going to the grocery shops at all.

When you start a business, you’ll quickly notice your attention’s being pulled to dozen different sides.

If you’re actively involved in every business activity, you simply won’t have the time for much else.

And I’m sure neglecting your friends and family isn’t something you’d want to do. But, it’s bound to happen unless you learn to delegate.

You see, what Sir Richard Branson helped me realize is that the major flaw of aspiring entrepreneurs is that they believe the only way to run a business is by doing everything yourself.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. First, you’d have to be an expert in at least a dozen of different fields. Even then, it’s physically impossible for a single person to do the required amount of work in a day.

If you take that approach, not only will you have no time for social activities… You won’t even manage to get everything done in your business.

So, what you should do instead is build a team of like-minded individuals. Then, delegate some of the tasks to the qualified team members.

Create systems that your employees can follow. Implement processes, clearly define goals, make sure everyone knows their responsibilities, etc.

You want to get to a point where the business can function at 100% even if you’re not there.

Now, I’m not saying you can completely exclude yourself from all business activities…

You’ll still have to craft weekly or monthly plans, and manage your team from time to time.

But, you’ll have more time on your hands to spend with your family and simply enjoy the lifestyle you’ve created for yourself.

2. When People Say Bad Things About You – Prove Them Wrong!

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Put your head down and get to work.

Richard doesn’t shy away from any hard work.

I remember when I had nothing but a big Idea and $800 to make it a reality.

I started my first business – from my mother’s kitchen table…

So, I’m sure you imagine how people reacted when I told them I was going to be a millionaire one day.

They doubted me, called me crazy, trying to dissuade me from chasing my dreams, and even laughed in my face.

But, guess who’s laughing now?

The point I’m trying to make is – don’t let the bad things people say about you discourage you from following your dream.

Instead, use them to fuel your passion and as a motivation to prove the ‘doubters’ wrong!

You’re bound to hear people say something’s impossible. But, how would they know if they haven’t tried it!

I was morbidly overweight and in debt when I first started building my business. So, I dare say that I’m a living, breathing proof that nothing is impossible.

If you stay focused and determined, don’t stray from the path, and work hard towards achieving your goals – you WILL accomplish them.

Take the advice of Sir Richard Branson and don’t let the “haters” weigh you down with their negative attitude. Distance yourself from these people.

Surround yourself with positive people who will give you their unconditional support instead.

Dare to dream big! And, don’t believe doubters – even if they happen to be a member of your family.

3. Do What You Love And Infuse Personality In Your Business.

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Personality wins the game. You see business is business, but when you add personality it “Humanises” the connection with your prospects.
As I’m sure you’ve gathered already from this post, running a business of any kind is no easy endeavor.

The road to success is rarely a straight line. More often, it’s a winding road, filled with bumps and roadblocks.

And it takes mental fortitude, determination, and perseverance to reach the finish line.

In that regard, what Sir Richard Branson suggest – and I fully agree with him on the subject – is that you should do what you love.

To quote the legend himself: “Follow your dreams, get involved in life, in the things that interest you.”

If that dream is to create a business, make sure it revolves around something you thoroughly enjoy. I was listening to him when he spoke at the conference and a key factor in his success was that he took the risks no one was taking, he took calculated risks and in the process had alot of fun.

Don’t devote your entire life to something just because it might bring you financial stability. Instead, try to turn your passion into a profitable business.

If you’re working 8 hours a day on something you genuinely enjoy, you will lead a much more fulfilling life.

As for the sofa in the kitchen, it’s a brilliant metaphor Branson uses to remind us of what’s truly important in life.

He stresses that, to be truly happy, you don’t need much more than a kitchen big enough to hold a sofa, where you can spend quiet time with the partner you love, simply enjoying the small things in life.

You don’t need many more “add-ons”. Being successful doesn’t necessarily mean you have to live in a 500 square feet mansion.

As long as you’re surrounded with the people you love, and have enough money to live a comfortable life, you should be more than content.

4. Keep Setting New Challenges For Yourself

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Pushing yourself makes you grow. Growth is the key you want to have as a habit in your day to day life.

I’m continuously fascinated by the human ability to push boundaries and achieve incredible things.

Whenever we feel like we’ve reached our pique, there’s always someone to prove that we can go even further.

I’m sure you know the saying: “The sky is the limit.” Well, we might need to come up with a new phrase, since this one’s obviously disapproved by Elon Musk and the likes, who are sending cars into space, among other things.

In other words, when we put our minds to a task, we can achieve something seemingly impossible. The trick is to constantly challenge those boundaries and set new challenges in front of ourselves.

That’s what Sir Richard Branson states as his motivation. He always creates new challenges for himself, to see just how much further he can go.

I’ve adopted this approach, and I can attest to the fact that it really helps you give your 110%.

You just need to get out of your comfort zone, and use each day as an opportunity to learn something new, develop a new skill, or simply improve on what you already know.

In today’s business climate, with competition all over the corner, there’s one person you should strive to be better than. Yourself from yesterday.

To reach your full potential, you constantly need to challenge yourself. Do more, become better at something, do it more efficiently, do something that you haven’t done before…

Try to be a better person each and every day, and you’ll reach incredible heights.

5. Do Some Good, Come On?

 richard branson, richard branson biography, richard branson net worth, richard branson quotes, richard branson wiki, richard branson worth, sir richard branson

One of the key concepts Richard Branson lives by is “giving back”.

He firmly believes that any successful person holds the responsibility of doing some good for the world.

If you believe in Karma, that this makes perfect sense and requires no further explanation.

If you’re more keen on approaching life from a pragmatic standpoint, this approach shows that you are genuinely helping improve the world and are not just in it to make as many sales as possible and earn a ton of money.

Believe it or not, Richard Branson began giving back to the community when he was just 17 years old. He did it by starting his own charity, and has given out hundreds of thousands of dollars to countless noble causes since.

This is the best way to leave an impact in the world. After all, once your time on this Earth is up, all the money you’d have left behind will do you no good. The thing people will remember are the actions you took and the impact you had on the lives of others.

And, if you ask me, there’s limitless joy in helping those in need.

Life is essentially a game of chance, and some have it better than others. If you’re in a position where you can help save a life, or simply make someone’s day by donating a small sum to a charity, then do so.

You’ll notice you feel much better than you would spending the same amount of money on yourself.

So, for example, instead of going out for lunch in a fancy, expensive restaurant, put that money towards a noble cause.

I’m sure that’s a “sacrifice” most of us can afford to make.

Being successful isn’t just about making as much money as possible. Although it should be a goal that motivates you, in today’s day and age MONEY MOTIVATES.

One of the things Richard Branson always inspires me is thinking bigger, I am also planning to get on his Virgin Galactic Flight, it’s a $200,000 cost but I’m sure it’ll be the best money spent ever.

It’s about living your best life, enjoying every second of it, doing what you love, and spending time with your friends and family.

Money is simply a catalyst that makes all of these things possible. Nothing more. Therefore, it shouldn’t be your primary focus in life.

Instead, do what you love, and challenge yourself to grow as a person each and every day.

Because, regardless of how much money you have in your bank account, you’ll never be truly happy unless you take the time for yourself and learn to enjoy the little things in life.

I also recommend buying 1 or all of Richard Branson’s book.

He’s little book “Screw It, Let’s Do It” changed my life.

How did you like these 5 nuggets of wisdom from Sir Richard Branson?

Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

Would you like to start working on your dream business, and still have the time to spend with your friends and family?

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t?

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richard branson, sir richard branson, richard branson quotes, richard branson net worth, richard branson worth, richard branson biography, richard branson wiki

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