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6 Ways To Attract More Webinar Attendees

he question I get asked often is: “How do I get more people to join my webinar?” In this article, I’ll discuss the 6 best way to attract more webinar attendees, so you can get more value from your webinars.

Webinars are a great way to generate qualified leads and convert more of your target audience into loyal clients & customers. Consequently, they’re an effective way to boost your revenue.

I’ve relied on webinars in the past, and still do to this day, to drive quality traffic and generate sales for my businesses. So, I know first-hand just how powerful they can be, when done correctly.

The question, however, is how will you attract webinar attendees? Where are you going to find all the people that are interested in the topic you’re covering on the webinar, and how will you convince them to attend?

I’ve hosted quite a few webinars in the past. In fact, I’m running several right now, as you’re reading this sentence.

webinar attendees, webinar marketing, how to promote a webinar, best time for webinars, webinar blog, join our webinar, how to get webinar attendees, how to increase webinar attendance, how to drive attendance to a webinar

As you can see, I have plenty of experience with getting people to register and show up for my webinars.

In this post, I want to share with you a few tips & tricks I picked up along the way.

Here are the 6 ways to attract more webinar attendees for your next session:

Start With The People You Know

No, I don’t mean your family, friends, and colleagues…

You’ll find the bulk of your webinar attendees among your existing audience.

If you’re wondering why, it’s because they are already interested in your business, and are consuming your content.

It’s a lot easier (and much more affordable) to convince your subscribers and existing customers to watch your webinar, then it is to get cold leads to register for it.

Depending on the content you previously created and shared with your audience, you’ll have several options at your disposal:

· Social Media – If you have business accounts on various social media platforms, and a decent following, make sure you notify them that you’ll be hosting a webinar soon! Don’t just do a single Facebook post. Promote your even multiple times on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and all other social websites your audience is active on.

· Your Blog – If you have a blog, and are regularly posting fresh content, it can be a great source of traffic for your webinar. You can create a dedicated post, announcing the event and talking about all the topics you’ll be covering. Alternatively, you can create a banner to promote the event on the blog and attract webinar attendees that way.

· Your Subscribers – Don’t forget that your email list is essentially an on-demand source of qualified traffic. Create a new email campaign and send out a few emails inviting your subscribers to join you for the webinar.

· YouTube – If you have an active YouTube business channel, don’t pass up on the opportunity to promote the webinar on this platform. You can create a short & sweet promotional video and feature it on your channel. In addition, you can even invest a few bucks in running it as a video ad on this platform.

Use Your Website As A Powerful Promotional Tool

In order to consistently generate qualified leads and maximize your sales with webinars, you have to fully commit to them.

In other words, you need to make it one of the focal points of your overall marketing strategy.

What does that mean in practice?

It means running paid ads promoting the webinar. It means creating compelling email campaigns.

AND, it means featuring your webinar on the homepage of your website.

Does this image look familiar?

webinar attendees, webinar marketing, how to promote a webinar, best time for webinars, webinar blog, join our webinar, how to get webinar attendees, how to increase webinar attendance, how to drive attendance to a webinar

That’s because you’ve already seen in on this very website. Heck, you’ve might have already registered.

My point is, I went out of my way and redesigned my website. I did this to ensure the call-to-action to register for my webinar is clearly visible immediately after someone lands on my website’s homepage.

And if you want to drive traffic to your webinar and get more people to attend, you need to do the same.

Your website is a powerful promotional tool that should not be overlooked.

It can be used to give your new visitors an opportunity to immediately register their spot. They don’t even have to click any links or leave the website.

Simultaneously, whenever a returning visitor loads your homepage, they are immediately reminded of the amazing free event that you’re hosting.

Take Full Advantage Of Popups

It’s important to understand that your target audience is often indecisive.

The truth is, not a huge percentage of people will actually register for the webinar the first time they come across your registration page.

So, how do you convince them to go from visitors to webinar attendees?

You need to give them multiple opportunities to claim their spot on the webinar.

A great way to do this is by adding exit-intent popups to your website and your registration page.

Popups use Javascript and the web browser to track the user’s mouse movement on your page. Thus, they can show a special offer whenever the user intends to leave the page.

Here’s an example of a popup I’m currently using:

webinar attendees, webinar marketing, how to promote a webinar, best time for webinars, webinar blog, join our webinar, how to get webinar attendees, how to increase webinar attendance, how to drive attendance to a webinar

Popups Give Your Audience A Second Shot At Registering

Basically, instead of losing a potential registrant, you can show them a small popup window that allows them to simply enter their name & email and secure their spot on the webinar.

You want to use all the tools you have available to get as many people to register as humanly possible, and popups are amongest the most effective when it comes to maximizing conversions.

Let Your Audience Share Your Event

When someone gets excited about the amazing content you’ll be sharing, they’ll register for the webinar. Plus, there’s also a good chance they’ll tell others about it.

Your job is to make that as simple as possible. Allowing registrants to quickly and easily share your webinar with their friends on social media.

Add social media buttons after they register for the webinar. Let them spread the news by liking your event on Facebook, tweeting about it, and sharing it on Google+.

Word-of-mouth is still one of the most powerful forms of advertising. Moreover, people are much more inclined to register for your webinar if a friend recommended it.

Some registrants will share your webinar automatically, while others might need a bit more convincing.

This doesn’t mean you have to be sleazy or pushy. You can simply add a line of copy above the social buttons, telling them something along the lines of:

“Let Your Friends Know About This Amazing Webinar!”

If you do this, I’m convinced the number of your webinar attendees will soar.

Create An Email Campaign To Promote The Webinar

Like I said, you need to fully commit to your webinar to get the desired results.

That includes creating a new email campaign and writing multiple compelling promotional emails.

Sending a single email to let your subscribers know that you’re hosting a webinar simply isn’t enough.

They might not see it in the heap of emails they get in their inbox every single day. Likewise, they might open it late and completely miss out on the webinar.

Besides, even if a subscriber opens an email, they might need a bit more convincing before they register.

Or they might put it off and simply forget about it…

That’s why you need to have a comprehensive campaign promoting your webinar.

You need to send at least 2-3 emails a week or two leading up to the event.

You should approach these emails the same way you would approach an email promoting one of your paid offers.

They can’t just simply say “I’m hosting a webinar, click here to register”.

Webinar promotion emails need to be compelling and persuasive. They need to spark the reader’s interest and get them excited to attend the webinar.

The best way to do this is to give them an overview of the content you’ll be sharing. Focus on the main benefits they’ll receive by attending the webinar.

However, your job doesn’t stop there. After the person registers for the webinar, you need to make sure that they actually show up.

So, write a few emails that will remind them that they registered for the webinar. And, of course, tell them exactly when they need to tune in.

You should have 2 reminder emails at the very least, one a day before the event, and one an hour before the webinar goes live.

Don’t Forget The “Thank You” Page

Another great way to attract more webinar attendees is to make use of the “Thank You” page.

Apart from the standard “thank you” message, you can also include a section with a call-to-action for your webinar.

This is an extremely effective way to promote the webinar. You’re giving new subscribers an opportunity to get valuable content right off the bat, free of charge.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, six ways to effectively promote you  webinar and ensure you get the most webinar attendees.

I’m confident that, if you use the strategies I shared with you in this post, you won’t ever have to worry about holding a presentation to half a dozen people.

In fact, you can expect to get hundreds of attendees, eager to hear what you have to say.

So, are you ready to start creating amazing webinars to grow your business and scale your profits?

Then I invite you to join our Webinar Marketing Specialist Certification Program.

The program is designed to empower aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and other marketing professionals with knowledge and help you develop the skills to create powerful webinar campaigns that reliably generate qualified leads & predictably drive sales.

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webinar attendees, webinar marketing, how to promote a webinar, best time for webinars, webinar blog, join our webinar, how to get webinar attendees, how to increase webinar attendance, how to drive attendance to a webinar

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