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Content Syndication Strategy 2019

Content syndication is when you re-published your web-based content on a third-party website. By the way, any kind of digital content can be syndicated. This including blog posts, articles, infographics, videos and more. So in other words, the third-party website gets free, relevant content on their platform driven traffic and link to your sites.

So thinking about this, whenever you create content, you probably want it to get shared with a lot of people. After all, shares mean that people have engaged and that your content must be amazing. Actually, this isn’t the case.

While, yes, good content gets shared, shares aren’t the only indicator of powerful content and engagement. There are a whole slew of other factors that influence the power of your content on social media.

Ideally, your content gains both shares and links. That makes your content valuable and boosts your authority on search engines and social networks. This is called content syndication.

A good syndication strategy makes the difference between a good digital marketer and a great digital marketer. This article will help you develop the tools to create a great amplification strategy to take your content to the next level.

Why Have An Content Syndication Strategy

Having a good syndication strategy means that your content will be seen by a large number of people who will perform the action you want them to. Social platform shares don’t mean anything unless people are performing the type of engagement with your content that you want.

Now it takes more than just publishing your content to get people to react to it and act on it. You have to have an amplification strategy to take it to the next level. A good amplification strategy will get your content to the right people at the right time who will perform the right action with it.

Social Sharing Doesn’t Equal Syndication Benefits

If you want to build an syndication strategy, you need to go beyond social shares. Social platforms are powerful discovery tools but their amplification strategy benefits are minimal. There are too many amplification limitations to social sharing to make it a proper amplification strategy.

This is because, more often than not, shared links aren’t clicked, shared content is frequently not read by the sharer, social shares have a short shelf life, and sharing goes down after a few days. This makes social sharing minimally beneficial when it comes to amplification. Sure, it can work sometimes, but it often doesn’t work.

Lots Of Shares Doesn’t Mean Lots Of Likes

People share and like content for different reasons. For example, people share content when they find something entertaining, when they want to foster a personal relationship, when they want to show that they support a cause, when they want to share helpful content, and when they want to show that they are part of the tribe.

People like content when they view it as an authority, they support the content, the content is unlikely to change, and/or the content serves as a helpful guide. Something is shared and liked when the content is valuable and helpful. That’s the area you want your content to live.

Syndicating Content To Get Shares And Likes

There are a few ways that you can get your content to get shares and likes:

1. Answer a common question that people have regarding your area of expertise
2. State strong and/or controversial opinions
3. Post original research and data you have collected yourself
4. Develop a real syndication strategy to amplify your reach

That last point is where you, as a digital marketer, need to focus. You need to develop an syndication strategy and here is how you do it.

Developing A Syndication Strategy To Amplify Your Reach

As a good syndication strategy you can use five tactics: manual promotion, target mailings, influencer advocacy, link building and SEO, and paid promotion.

Each of these tactics helps you build a real syndication strategy network where reaching a vast amount of your target audience is really achievable.

Each business uses these differently, so it is best to get together with your web and marketing team and come up with a way to make all those tactics work for you.

So what do you think about these tactics?

Is there a particular one you think that would be more effective in your business?

Share it with us and help us know where we can elaborate more on this topic.

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