7 Ways For Growing Online Businesses In 2019

Here are 7 phenomenal ideas for growing online businesses in any niche market and 2018 has been a truly exciting year for digital marketers worldwide. With the focus on Interactive Chatbots, Social Media Stories, Influencer Marketing, and Live Video the field of online business is more challenging than ever before. From businesses marketing their products and services on Instagram, and online shops blooming everywhere on the net, this year has truly exceeded our expectations. Now that 2018 is long gone, let us share with you  the newest trends for 2019 that were “born” from the minds of digital marketing geniuses.

We are living in a digital era. Nothing can prove it more than this list of 4 ways digital marketing trends changed for online businesses 2019.

#1 Website To Mobile AMP Optimization

Just last year, people all over the world made more internet searches using their smartphones or tablets than their laptops or desktop. This is why mobile optimization is a must, along with investing in a mobile-friendly platform. It’s the only way businesses can attract majority of their website visitors. But most importantly, it’s the only way to convert those visitors into customers.

So, if you want users to come back to your website, and to buy your products or services, make your platform the most mobile-friendly it can be.  You can check out the google amp mobile optimization to get more engagement and increase sales.

#2 Advertise your product on Instagram

2016 has also seen the introduction of ads on Instagram, as well as its new algorithm that can now enable you to reach out to a more specific audience a.k.a the audience you want.

You can now pay to get your business advertised for on Instagram, and many companies are using it to reach more of their target audience. Just as in Snapchat, businesses are using it to share the behind the scenes of their work, which makes them look more reachable, and thus, closer to their customers.

#3 Consumers Reviews

Instead of just being passive consumers, customers are now an active part of online businesses. With the rise of forums, comparison websites, and even Facebook pages and groups, consumers have a lot to say about products and services that were provided for them.

This can definitely seem like a plague to some businesses. However, the smartest ones will know how to use it to their own advantage.

Brands can now use their customers’ experiences as content on their websites and social media accounts. A vouch from a happy customer always being more powerful than any online ad or social media campaign.

Yes, video content is still in. Don’t give up on videos just yet! Now, they are even more popular, and for a reason. Internet users find it easier to watch a 45 seconds video than to read an article or look at a slideshow of pictures.

They find videos more interactive, more alive, and most importantly, more interesting!

So, your company’s new year’s resolution could be creating more video content, and sharing it on platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, or even Instagram for shorter videos.

#4 Social  Live videos

This year has seen the rise of live videos on Youtube, Facebook Live, Instagram. As we said it before, studies show that video content is more interesting than text or photos alone, and live videos aren’t an exception. They allow consumers to be part of the brand experience, which will make them more loyal to it.

#5 Voice Search Trends

Nowadays, people are more busy than ever. So, they find it easier to look for something online using voice search, rather than typing it. It saves time, and as we know well, time is money. Research shows that people use different terms when using voice search. The sentences are often longer or more complex. This is why companies now should focus on including these terms in their keywords list. It might significantly increase their chance of ranking higher in online search engines.

#6 Interactive Apps

Yes, a lot of online businesses think that they don’t really need an app… However, as we stated it earlier, people are spending more time on their phones than ever. And out of that time, up to 52% is spent on apps. So, think about creating an app for your business. Just when you do, don’t forget to optimize it for the app store.

As we can see it, social media has changed the business world completely. It’s now much easier for companies to hear their customers’ complaints and praises. Similarly, with a single click, you can reach out to them and start a real conversation.

So, if you’re a new player in town or just a business who wants to optimize its online presence, think about investing in social media, it is definitely the way to go right now!

#7 Think On Podcast

Focus your efforts on less-saturated forms of content like video and audio while optimizing for less common search engines like YouTube and iTunes.

Plus, these new channels have a very lucrative audience as they are engaged. Did you know that 45% of podcast listeners have a household income of $75,000 or more?

If you don’t have a big marketing budget no worries. These channels aren’t as expensive or competitive yet. You also don’t need a studio to film or record. You can just bust out your iPhone and start recording yourself.

Believe it or not, a lot of people prefer that over studio quality content as it is more authentic.

Well that was the 7 phenomenal ideas for growing online businesses in any niche market

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Shaqir Hussyin

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Shaqir Hussyin is the founder and CEO of WealthAcademy.com & Funnels.com. Nicknamed the “Backpack Millionaire”, he’s invested $350,000 into his own education and training. Whilst traveling to 100+ countries, Shaqir has built over 10+ million dollar brands and attracted over 500,000+ subscribers.

His signature program is now available: Max Income System; 14 Simple Steps To Making Your First Income Online

Shaqir is also a highly sought-after speaker and direct response “Sales Funnels” global leader. Shaqir’s work has impacted over 100,000 businesses in 65 different countries. Connect with Shaqir on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn & FB Group.

How To Start An Online Business From Home In Less Than A Month

It’s a well-known fact that the internet provides countless lucrative business opportunities. However, building a successful online business from scratch is anything but easy. You need to be prepared to invest time, money, energy, and effort into it.

There is no way to get rich overnight, or build a profitable business without lifting a finger. Even if there was, why would anyone share it publicly instead of using it themselves?

So, don’t fall for the get-rich-quick schemes. There simply is no easy way to do this. But, the good news is – there is a smart way to go about building an online business.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about what is possible and how YOU can do it.

Set Your Goal

online businessFirst things first, you need to set a clear goal for your business project.

It needs to be realistic, achievable, and measurable. Simply stating: “I want to make a million dollars” isn’t going to cut it.

That might be the end goal you’ll be working towards; something to motivate you and help you push through.

But, you need to be more down-to-earth when you’re just starting out. In other words, you need to create short-term goals and determine the actions that will help you reach them.

For instance, let’s say your goal is to make $10,000 a month. This can be broken down further into around $350 per day.

Now, you need to figure out what you’re going to sell and how many sales you’ll need to get to generate a daily profit of $350.

This doesn’t mean you’ll hit your goals if you sell 10 products for $35 each. You need to factor in the cost of advertising and acquiring customers.

This might be difficult to ascertain at first. But, once you start deploying advertising campaigns, you’ll know exactly how much acquiring a single customer costs you.

That said, you want to minimize the cost of product creation. This will give you a higher advertising budget, allowing you to find and attract more customers.

Then, you’ll need to price your product accordingly, factoring in the advertising cost.


Develop A Plan & Create Your Product

online businessOnce you have an idea regarding the product price point and the available advertising budget, it’s time to start thinking about what it is you want to sell.

Keep in mind that you want to minimize the product creation cost. With that being the case, information products are likely the best option.

Essentially, these are digital products which you can sell indefinitely. You only need to invest time and resources to create them once.

Essentially, these are digital products like video courses and eBooks. They have several advantages over physical products.

Namely, you only need to spend the time and resources to create them once. After that, you can sell them indefinitely.

And, of course, there is no hassle with inventory or shipping.

Now, the question is: “How do I determine what product I should create?”

To answer that, you need to develop a business plan.

So, let’s take a look at the crucial elements of a successful business plan.


Find Something You’re Good At

One of the first things you’ll need to figure out is what niche (target market) you want to build your business in.

Naturally, it needs to be something you have knowledge and expertise in.

You can’t enter the health & fitness niche, if you’ve been eating pizza and burgers all your life, and have no clue about healthy eating and exercising.

The information product you’re going to create needs to provide a ton of value.

And this is only possible if you know exactly what you’re talking about, and can provide genuinely helpful, relevant information on the subject.

So, sit down and brainstorm what areas you’re good at. You want to choose something you’re knowledgeable and passionate about.

One thing to keep in mind – you need to make sure the niche you choose is profitable as well.

If your expertise is very narrow, and not a lot of other people are interested in the same area, you’ll have trouble finding customers to sell the information product to.


Find A Group Of People Who Are Having A Specific Problem

This is key when building a business that revolves around selling information products.

The usefulness of information products comes from the fact that they help the customer improve their life in some way.

So, they have to either help them solve a specific problem or reach a certain goal.

Essentially, buying an information product is equivalent to investing in yourself.

The audience is looking to develop a skill or learn valuable information that would help them change their current situation for the better.

So, your job is to discover that problem which your knowledge and expertise can help solve.

The product you will be creating is, at its core, a solution to that problem.

So, you’ll need to research your target market, before you make the final decision. You need to be positive that your idea will be well-received by your target audience.

This can be done through surveys and interviews. Alternatively, you can approach people you know are your target audience, and ask them if they would buy a product that gives them a solution to a specific problem.

This is how you validate your idea. If it turns out there’s no need for your solution, you’ll have to go back to the drawing board.


Create The Solution

Once you recognize the wants and needs of your target market, you can start the product creation process.

There are two things you need to take into consideration here.

First – what is the best way to deliver your solution to the audience? Are they more interested in reading a book, or would they prefer watching a series of educational videos?

Second – your level of knowledge and expertise on the subject. For instance, if you know a lot about the topic, you might consider creating an in-depth video course.

You can explain everything in detail, step-by-step, and it’s much easier to consume than a 500-page book.

Keep in mind that both the perceived and actual value of your solution needs to be at least as high as the price point.

So, make sure to deliver quality content that provides actionable advice – so that your customers can actually apply what you teach and get results.

After you determine the format and create the content, it’s time to start promoting your solution and generating sales.


Write A Sales Letter

A sales letter is a web page designed to promote and sell your solution. There are a dozen different ways to create a compelling sales letter.  That said, there are some general rules you’ll want to follow:online business

  • Establish the problem – Frame the burning problem that your product is the solution for. Why is it such a big deal? Share stats or past experiences, and show them they’re not the only ones facing it.
  • Aggravate the problem – Talk about why solving the problem is a huge priority. Explain the long-term consequences of leaving the problem unchecked.
  • Share your story – You need to tell the reader who you are, and why they should trust you. Showcase your knowledge and expertise. Help them relate to you by sharing your personal story, and tell them how you managed to overcome the problem they are facing.
  • Present your solution – Introduce your product and present it as the best possible solution to the problem. Explain exactly what they’re getting by investing in your solution.
  • Create persuasive sales arguments – Talk about the main benefits of leveraging your solution. Paint a picture of what their life will be like after solving the problem for good by using your product.
  • Talk about the investment – This is especially important for high-ticket products. Make them understand that they’re not paying for a product per se, but rather investing in a solution that will help them transform their lives.
  • Guarantee – Create a guarantee that will eliminate or at least lower the risk factor for the customers. This helps remove the buyer’s doubt and greatly facilitates the purchase.


These are just the bare bones of a successful sales letter. However, it’s a good place to start, and having a solid work frame will prevent you from staring at a blank page for hours.

You can always expand on the points I listed here, and add other sections to your sales page, where you deem it’s appropriate.


Test Your Marketing Campaigns

online business

To generate a decent amount of new customers, you’ll have to invest in advertising.

There are a number of different advertising channels to choose from. You can advertise on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, run ads on Google Adwords, buy Solo Ads, etc.

Whichever approach you decide to take, it’s important to test out your marketing campaigns.

Testing the campaigns basically means investing a certain amount of money and seeing how many sales each of the campaigns generates.

Try out different ad copy and visuals, and several different ways of framing your offer. Compare them to see how each is performing.

It’s best to discontinue the ones that aren’t getting results, and scale the ones that prove fruitful.

Increasing your advertising budget for campaigns that are profitable will allow you to get your offers in front of more people, and boost your online income.

Nobody can tell you exactly what will work for your business and your audience. The only way to know for sure is by testing and improving your marketing.

So, don’t be afraid to experiment with different versions of ads. Once you know what’s working, you can improve your conversion rates and drastically increase your return on investment.


Create A Timeline

online business

You won’t get anything done if you try to do everything all at once.

Instead, set a specific timeframe for each of the crucial activities. This will ensure that you’re fully focused on the task at hand and remain productive.

Here’s roughly how it should work:

First Week

Dedicate the first week to researching your audience and your target market. Again, you need to make sure that there is indeed a demand for the solution you plan on creating.

You want to validate your idea before going any further. It needs to be profitable if you’re hoping to build a long-term, sustainable business.

Without research, you’re basically going in blind. And you might spend a decent amount on product development and advertising, only to realize that nobody’s interested in what you have to offer.

That’s something you want to avoid at all costs. So, do the necessary research.

The data you gather from the research is invaluable. It will help you create a product your customers want, and frame the offer in a way that will appeal to them.

Second Week

Once the research phase is complete, set a week aside for product creation.

Remember, the product needs to be high quality and deliver massive value. That’s the only way to reliably and consistently acquire new customers and keep the sales going.

That’s said, don’t worry about creating anything fancy. You can always improve upon it further down the line.

For now, focus on creating valuable content and delivering a step-by-step solution to the audience’s problem.

This will be your core product, so spend as much time and energy creating it as necessary. If it flops, the future of your entire business might not be bright.

Third Week

Take an entire week to craft a compelling, persuasive sales letter. Trust me; you’ll need the entire week.

The sales letter is just as important as the product, if not even more so.

Because, even if you have the best product on the market, if your sales letter is bad – nobody’s going to buy it.

A great sales letter, on the other hand, can sell thousands of products, even if the product itself is mediocre.

Remember, you need to create persuasive sales arguments and tell the reader exactly what the benefits of leveraging your solution are.

Fourth Week

Once everything else is set up, you can spend a week creating and testing out your ads. That’s the only way you’re going to figure out what works and what doesn’t for your business.

So, write up a few copies for a bunch of ads, and let them run for a few days. Then, compare your results and see which headlines, visuals, and offers give the best results.

Combine the best elements into one or two ads, and scale them by increasing your advertising budget.



Like I said, building a business from scratch won’t be easy.  

You’ll have to invest time, money, and energy to learn and develop your skills… That’s the only way to build a business that will generate a sustainable income for years to come.

That said, although it might not be easy, hopefully the 5 steps I outlined in this article will simplify the process. They can serve as a framework that will help you get started and ensure you’re on the right path.

So, bookmark this article, print it out, or just write down the steps on paper. Also, don’t forget to share it with anyone who might find this information useful!

Do you have a great business idea but don’t know how to convert it into a profitable business?

Then let’s talk and see how we can help you turn your dream business into a reality!

You have an opportunity to leverage decades of real-world experience from industry experts and top-earners, and implement it in your business today.

Discover how YOU can leverage the power of internet marketing to grab your share of the online wealth.

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Shaqir Hussyin

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Shaqir Hussyin is the founder and CEO of WealthAcademy.com & Funnels.com. Nicknamed the “Backpack Millionaire”, he’s invested $350,000 into his own education and training. Whilst traveling to 100+ countries, Shaqir has built over 10+ million dollar brands and attracted over 500,000+ subscribers.

His signature program is now available: Max Income System; 14 Simple Steps To Making Your First Online Income

Shaqir is also a highly sought-after speaker and direct response “Sales Funnels” global leader. Shaqir’s work has impacted over 100,000 businesses in 65 different countries. Connect with Shaqir on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn & FB Group.

What Are The Best Ways To Think Of Startup Ideas

There are TWO techniques to think of ideas I’ve seen, that are proven to deliver results for startups and help them scale big time into the millions.

No matter if you’re a newbie or a hardcore veteran entrepreneur wanting to start a new business… Literally anyone can do this!

Take my word for it, because what I am about to share with you is closely guarded knowledge. These nuggets of wisdom come from a billionaire, serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker, music/film producer, board adviser and founder of priceline.com, ubid.com and bookings.com – JEFF HOFFMAN.

So, read this whole article closely if you want to learn exactly what to do to launch your next big idea for your startup into the millions.

Back in 2017 I hosted the Traffic Millionaire Summit 5.0. During the summit, Jeff went DEEP into the tricks and techniques he uses to massively scale his businesses and joint ventures.

Remember, these are secrets that the big businesses do to become GIANTS in their industries!

So, if you want to launch, build and grow your idea into a business and achieve your own financial freedom you need to implement these nuggets today…

Then Let’s Get Cracking!

People approach me with amazing business ideas all the time. The trouble is, they often have no clue of how marketing works. They don’t know what industry they want to get it. They’re not even sure whether there’s a demand for the idea they have.

You need to test out your idea, before you fully commit to it.

So the first thing you want to do when you have an idea is:


Anyone can have an office or a logo… But the real successful startups knows these three crucial things:

  1. What are they selling
  2. To whom they are selling it
  3. Why people are buying what they are selling

This is what makes them stand out, launch and ultimately scale into the millions.

I see so many people wanting to become entrepreneurs because it’s something that seems sexy, stylish and attractive. Although it’s often portrayed this way, the reality is fundamentally different.

So again, if you have an idea, make sure that idea fills a need and or solves a real problem in our world.

Don’t just set up a shop with a logo and website and think you’re automatically an entrepreneur with a startup company. It doesn’t work that way.

If you can imagine your product as a bridge to get specific results, ask yourself this question:

  • What results do they want to get, and would they need to buy my stuff to achieve them?

Example: A group of people who listen to music while they jog. What do they need to buy in order to do so? The obvious answer is an mp3 player.

So if your selling the coolest, lightweight mp3 player on the market with an added bonus of a arm-strap specially for jogging…

Are you filling a need or solving a problem in the market? Absolutely!

So, this is why only a few startups succeed. Because they know exactly what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.

(RELATED: Learn How To Find Real Problems In The Market Space And Fill The Need In 14-Steps Here)

Now before you go off and learn those 14 steps above, let’s focus on the second part that is…


So there’s a problem that exists with many entrepreneurs or marketers today. Let me give you an example so you can understand me better:

Let’s say you are in the health industry selling health care products and you get an invitation to go to a banking conference. Would you say that that would be time well invested or not, since you’re in a different industry?

Or if someone were to offer you a Sports Illustrated magazine. Would you read it?

I am guessing for both questions you would say no. You’re not interested since it not relevant to me or the industry your in…

And that’s the big problem!

So, what you want to do is get out of what your doing. Leave the industry you’re in for a few moments, and follow your curiosity.

Take 10 minutes a day or once per week and follow what attracts your attention. Anything that sparks your curiosity in another industry, so you can learn something new.

Afterwards, write down in one sentence something you’ve learned from what you’ve discovered.

These will become like puzzle pieces for when the opportunity shows up. You can be the first one who puts all these various puzzle pieces together to launch a totally unique startup.

In other words, you’re combining concepts, strategies and solutions from various industries into one single idea, which will become your very own unique startup.

This is how Jeff Hoffman launched various multi-million dollar business like priceline.com, ubid.com and bookings.com


I can’t stress this enough, these are highly effective techniques given to you that can truly help you gain knowledge of your industry and niche market you want to dive into.

Following these two techniques have allowed me to to create various services in the IM-industry like; income-kickstarter, gurufunnels, solo-ads-agency, video-ads-agency and the shic-mastermind from which various students have become 6-figure earned and millionaires in their respective markets.

So i highly recommend you to put these into action, take 10 minutes a day or even per week and start collecting ideas and learning new breakthroughs in various industries so you can one day connect all those pieces of puzzles into one highly successful startup

Want to know more about what jeff talked about?

Check my short interview with jeff here after we closed traffic millionaire summit 5.0;

(NOTE: Before you launch a startup, you need to know what problems are there, what areas are people struggling with, and what they will buy. Get instant access here and watch step1 now and get clear on what problems you can fill a need for in the market space.)

Hope you’ve enjoyed it.

About The Author

Your Millionaire Mentor
Shaqir Hussyin

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Shaqir Hussyin is the founder and CEO of WealthAcademy.com & Funnels.com. Nicknamed the “Backpack Millionaire”, he’s invested $350,000 into his own education and training. Whilst traveling to 100+ countries, Shaqir has built over 10+ million dollar brands and attracted over 500,000+ subscribers.

His signature program is now available: Max Income System; 14 Simple Steps To Making Your First First Income Online

Shaqir is also a highly sought-after speaker and direct response “Sales Funnels” global leader. Shaqir’s work has impacted over 100,000 businesses in 65 different countries. Connect with Shaqir on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn & FB Group.


7 Ways to Lead Successful Entrepreneurial Teams

As anyone who’s ever started a company should know, there isn’t a simplistic formula for success in entrepreneurship.

Whether you are part of a founding team or running your business solo, building your business from the ground up comes with diverse risks and roadblocks. On a daily basis, startup founders confront issues both internally and externally.

Internal issues span from building the product to developing the business strategy and.

Externally, they’re often dealing with factors such as shifts in consumer behavior and economic and market decline.

Here are seven ways you can rise above these challenges and lead a winning entrepreneurial team:

1. Lead with purpose.

Startups require strong leaders that can mobilize teams to move fast, and with purpose. Given the grueling hours and sacrifices often needed to work at a startup, seek team leaders who can inspire teams in tough times. Seek people who will champion the company’s mission and have meaningful contributions. Leaders should be able to intuitively lead with purpose and establish cohesive units that are equipped to troubleshoot and withstand any setback.

2. Express your vision, regularly.

A leader’s ability to draw the course and drive the team in the right direction is critical in achieving success for the company. Articulate your product roadmap, as well as your short-term and long-term goals for the company and each individual. Show why problems need to be addressed and paint a picture of why your solution matters to the world. A strong entrepreneurial team should be able to visualize the problem it is solving. Furthermore, it needs to be able to communicate it in a way that their audience can quickly understand.

3. Be willing to listen.

The enterprise should benefit from the collective wisdom and experience of the community. A highly valued but underused skill is knowing when and how to listen. Since your team members are at the frontline of each task, you must know when to accede to their views and perspectives. In addressing an issue at hand, take advice from key parties and then analyze and incorporate recommended strategies as needed.

4. Know when to innovate.

Failure to innovate can present risks of losing ground to rival companies and even losing key members of your team.

However, innovation doesn’t mean continually creating new products or processes. This can waste resources and slow the team’s productivity. Know when to stick to your vision and business plan or when to improve, create and even reinvent your product or service. By listening to your team, investors and most importantly, your customers, you will be better able to anticipate trends and shifts in the market.

5. Manage with existing resources.

Excellent managers focus on developing their team’s unique strengths and taking advantage of what they already do well. As you deliver your business plan, know the limitations of your talent pool and effectively manage your scarce resources. With data and experience, regularly review your activities and team to oversee that they are on track, on time and on budget. However, don’t be afraid to take charge when you need to scale up resources.

6. Be quick to decide in uncertain times.

In business, there is not always the luxury of time, data or complete resources to contemplate decisions. Exemplary leaders have the impressive ability to make quick, yet well-informed decisions, even in uncertain times. With a tinkering entrepreneurial team, don’t hesitate to make firm and intelligent decisions quickly and move on to the next phase of growth for your company.

7. Attract the top talent.

It will be difficult to attract the best talent if they cannot grasp what their future looks like as an employee of your company. Communicate benefits and opportunities for professional growth to every current and potential employee. If employees are unclear about what’s at stake as a member of your team, they won’t hesitate to walk away. Employees must find themselves so heavily involved in the success (or failure) of the business that they would invest their own resources or take a significant pay cut in exchange for equity.

-Phillip Kingston

Read Phillip’s original post on “7 Ways to Lead Successful Entrepreneurial Teams.”

Get the knowledge you need to start, grow and scale a profitable online business directly from an internet millionaire & his rockstar team! Register for one of our live events here