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Finally - The IM Code CRACKED,
And Handed To You On A Silver Platter
If you qualify: I’m Going To Give You My Closely Guarded
Road Map To Becoming An Internet Millionaire!
And I’m Revealing The Secret To YOU On This Page
If you’re damn serious about making BIG money online and creating real wealth so you never have to worry about money again...this is going to be the most important page you’ll ever read.
Here's The Problem...
It’s harder than it looks to make money on the internet. That may seem like the most obvious point I could possibly make, but it’s something that people often forget - usually when they see another ‘magic pill’ info product for sale, or push-button software where you click one button, and cash starts falling from the sky.

The troubling fact is - it's actually when people are at their most vulnerable (when they are desperate to make money online) that these ‘snake oil sellers’ do the most harm.

I know...I’ve been where you are now, and I know what it’s like. When I dropped out of school I knew I wanted to get rich - I just didn't know how.

I started selling stuff on eBay, which generated some cash but hardly enough to retire on. I studied all the gurus ,I bought all their products, in fact I’ve invested at least $250,000 so far in my online education (and counting). 

After a while I discovered that 99% of those products were a complete waste of time and money.

It Took Me YEARS
To Start Making Serious Money Online
I worked day and night, followed everyone’s system (even the systems that contradicted the other systems) and made painfully slow progress, working by myself.

Every time I thought I was on the right track - I’d discover that I’d lost my way again, and have to start over.

I was frustrated.

And just when I was at my lowest ebb...ready to give up...I found the answer. I discovered exactly what it takes to finally achieve success online. And it wasn’t from the magic product of some guru, it wasn’t in their next product they want you to buy, this was more the result of my years of trial and error, finding what worked and what didn’t, and so now here we are.
Should You
Listen To Me?
Please understand: I did NOT post the above picture to brag or boast or otherwise impress you, but merely to IMPRESS UPON YOU the fact that I do have the track record for this.
Be extremely careful with who you trust to teach you online marketing. Unfortunately, the real problem is that it’s so easy to get online and start a business...there’s plenty of ‘phone gurus’ and ‘FaceBook experts’ - people who can post a meme on their profile, but their advice is worth literally nothing.
In Fact - Their Advice Could DESTROY Your Income!
Here’s the thing: 

You have the potential within you to become a multi-millionaire. 

Simple as that. 

Believe me - if I can do can you!

And even with self-proclaimed gurus out there seeking to profit from your downfall, when you listen to the RIGHT person, when you follow the RIGHT advice, it’s proven beyond all shadow of a doubt that you will succeed.

It’s formulaic - do a certain task, get a certain result.

The right person with the right credentials could transform your business and your income almost overnight.

The right person can guide you along a path of ever-increasing wealth in an economy of vast uncertainty, where established businesses and smart people are going broke left, right and center.

The right person will allow you to enjoy the freedom you want and deserve.
The Right Person Is ME - Shaqir Hussyin
This is the unusual story of how I discovered the key to online success…

Picture it: Just a few short years ago, I was a high school dropout, yearning for more, but stuck working at a construction site. (I didn’t even get to use any power tools - I mostly just fetched cups of tea for management.)
I quickly realised...
“There Had To Be More To Life Than This...”
Then here’s what happened that made all the difference…

I was sick and tired of being broke all the time. I saw my family struggle as most families do. I wanted to help but couldn’t. I felt helpless. Ineffective. Like an innocent bystander, watching as the struggle unfolded before me, and affected those I loved the most.

So I made a decision: I would stand by no longer and watch as my family suffered.

After years of painstaking research and trial and error, I finally discovered a foolproof way to make BIG chunks of cash online...ON DEMAND.

It took over 5 years & I invested well over USD$250,000 before I was able to finally crack the internet marketing code…

I’ve distilled my entire process down to 6 easy-to-implement steps that anyone who can copy and paste, can put to work for them in minutes.
Here’s what this program is NOT:
  • This is NOT about learning complex new skills, computer programming or web design - I insist that if you can use a mouse, and send an email, you can do this!
  • This is NOT about scamming people, or sending blind emails, or overpromising and under delivering (like so many fakes out there…)
  • This is NOT going to require you to spend hours studying a manual to learn a new computer system, and you don’t need a degree or just about ANY kind of education! (Remember I am a highschool dropout myself…)
One thing I found when I was starting out - I had to learn so much. Hours of watching videos and reading PDFs turned into days, then weeks, months and years. I don’t want YOU to have to go through the same torture I endured -so I’ve made this as simple and easy to follow as possible.

And just imagine what your life will be like when you get this system working for you…

It’s a different world - I know from experience.

Before I cracked the code, I was crawling out of bed early each morning, and force-feeding myself breakfast as quickly as possible to get out the door on time.

Before I cracked the code, I was shoving my way through rush hour traffic, to get to a job i hated by 8am to please a boss who didn’t care if I lived or died.

Before I cracked the code, I broke out in a cold sweat every time a bill arrived, and I genuinely had no idea how I was going to make it through the next month - let alone retire someday.


Here I am now - rising whenever I want, and eating a leisurely breakfast without having to keep one eye on the clock.

Here I am now - my commute is often just to the next room, where I’ll open my laptop and check all the sales that have come in overnight.

And here I am now - never worrying about money, having my financial future secured for as long as I live.
The Best Part Is The FREEDOM
I can do whatever I want...whenever I want...with whoever I want.

No asking anyone's permission. No need to check my bank balance first. Then there’s my family of course - being able to help them in their hour of need. Providing the financial security their 9-5 careers couldn’t. Giving them the lifestyle that the ‘traditional financial system’ denied them.

And then came the best day of my life - the day when I presented a brand new Mercedes Benz car to my father.

Just imagine the incredible emotions running through both of us at that moment. A father being proud his son who had ‘made it’...and a son feeling incredibly grateful that he could give his father a lot more than a pair of socks or a tie.

This is WHY I do what I do - and you can life the ‘Internet Lifestyle’ too, when you experience the magic and the power of…

Shaqir Hussyin’s 
Here’s what you get in the breakthrough Income Kickstarter package:
Component 1: 6 Power Packed, Step-by-Step Marketing Kickstarter Masterclass Modules
This is an ENTIRE IMPLEMENTATION system for setting up your online business to create cashflow on build a MASSIVE your products and services with devastating effect - and make BIG money even if you don’t HAVE a product!

You’ll be able to ‘Look Over My Shoulder’ as I take you through each and every tactic and strategy I personally use to make 6 figures a month online in my businesses - and you’ll be surprised just how simple the process really is.
Module 1: The Foundation Of A Profitable Sales Funnel
You wouldn’t build a house without a solid foundation - so don’t fall for the guru’s magic tricks and bright shiny objects when the best thing you can do to build a profitable business from the ground up is to lay a solid foundation.

The first module demonstrates exactly how to build up a rock-solid, reliable foundation that will never let you down - and this in fact allows you to SCALE YOUR BUSINESS as high as you want it to go, without some design flaw costing you money down the track. (This happens all the time in online businesses...avoid the pitfalls and get the RIGHT advice when you start out)
Module 2: Funnel Setup & Creating The Ideal Lead Magnet
This is where the entire money-making process starts - by reaching out and grabbing those all-important leads. The money really IS in the list - and what most so-called “experts” won’t tell you is that it’s both the QUALITY and the QUANTITY of the leads you get that determines your success.

I’ll pull back the curtain on what it takes to get someone to ‘opt in’ these days, how to create compelling lead magnets that people WANT, and how to build a HUGE list quickly...all with LIVE over the shoulder examples.
Module 3: Email Marketing Mastery
Here's JUST A TASTE of what you'll learn about email marketing:

Email Copy Conversion Secrets...8 Figure Email Conversion Strategies That 97% of marketers have no clue about, it's how I converted them to become The Ultimate Top Earner banking as much as $895,000 in 30 days..

7x Conversion Tips That Will Boost Response Like Crazy...Email Marketing - how to "Write, Relate & Convert" and have Funnels That Convert so you can turn strangers into Top Tier Clients that pay you $2k, $10k, $25k - $50k+ automatically... 

AND How To Make Lots Of Sales & ACTUALLY Have Fun, Freedom and a LIFE!
Even If You're BRAND NEW? Yes!
Module 4: Traffic Mastery (Facebook, Solo Ads, And More!)
If you’ve ever wanted to tap into the GOLDMINE that is FaceBook, but didn’t know how - here’s your answer. With untold millions of active users, FaceBook is where your target market is hanging out...but how to get them into your funnel?

In this module we’ll reveal our closely-guarded secrets for finding and procuring only the best red-hot, laser targeted leads on FaceBook without spending a fortune on advertising. You can even get a stack of leads for FREE!
If there’s one person online who is ultra-qualified to teach you this marketing strategy - it’s me. You may have seen that I run the Solo Ads Agency which makes 6 figures (and then some) per month - running solo ads for clients that bring them millions in sales.

This module shows you what Solo Ads are, how they work and how you can use them to build an enormously profitable business, even if you are just working from the kitchen table in your underwear.
Module 5: Webinar Mastery
This is by FAR my favorite module! As you may know, I and my team run webinars all the time - but what you may NOT realize is just how insanely profitable they are...a typical webinar for us means hundreds of attendees, and thousands and thousands of dollars in sales each and every time.

You’ll discover the exact process we use to construct and record the webinars for maximum profits with minimum effort...over and over again.
Module 6: Strategy Session Mastery
If you've ever wondered how all the Top-Earners, like myself, are able to regularly close $10k, $25K, and even 6-Figure deals with ease...I'm about to reveal the exact funnels and process myself and my team use to do just that.

From cold prospect to raving fan to buyers willing to invest 6-figures with you, we'll reveal the exact "Strategy Session" process we've perfected and had to you on a silver platter as well :)
The Core CashFlow Kickstarter 6 Module Program is Worth
But wait, there’s more…
Component 2:  My Top Proven, High-Converting Swipe Of Copy & Paste Ads
If you’ve ever written an ad that failed - here’s the solution. I’m going to give you my entire stash of ads which have brought me MILLIONS of clicks and MANY MILLIONS of dollars in revenue.

For those of you who have hired a professional copywriter - you’ll be painfully aware of how ridiculous their fees can be. For example:

To write a single FaceBook ad, I have been quoted as much as $5,000.

So imagine just how much you’ll save when you have this arsenal of ads at your disposal
The Copy & Paste Ad Swipe File Is Conservatively Valued At
Component 3:  500x Email Swipe Campaigns That Convert
Here’s another HUGE and CRITICAL component of your marketing funnel - emails that SELL. If you’ve been on my list for long, you will have noticed that I send out an email almost every day. What you don’t see is the results - I make a STACK of cash from every single email I send out.

Once again - if you were to hire a pro copywriter to write an email every day - you’d be looking at $5,000 to $15,000 per month (And if I was to do this for a client for some reason - I’d be charging even MORE than that)

But when you have this cache of highly effective, sales-pulling emails at your disposal, you’ll never need to hire a copywriter again. Simply choose the right email for the offer you want to send out, insert your name and URL, add a little personality to make the email unique to you, and you’re done in just a few minutes.

The 500x Email Swipes That Convert Is Worth
(Compared to how much I charge per email...this is a steal)
Component 3:  Exclusive Mastermind
This is going to be your secret weapon in the battle for online supremacy - the support of a mastermind of like-minded individuals and expert marketing advisors.

Here’s the problem with what you’ve been doing so far - nobody has had your back, to tell you when to run an ad (and when NOT to run an ad), and to keep you accountable when it’s easy to slide backwards into procrastination. 

Just imagine if you could get feedback from our group of marketing experts and coaches before you run any kind of advertising? And if a funnel doesn’t perform as you had hoped - we can take a look and show you some tweaks to get it back to producing profits.
Exclusive Mastermind Is Valued At
This represents IMMENSE value as a full, comprehensive, look-over-my-shoulder guide to building a profitable online business with HUGE scalability potential, and virtually zero risk.
Combined, the four key items in the CashFlow Kickstarter program
are valued at an amazing...
And let’s face it - if you were to invest 15k in a program like would indeed be a wise investment. Everything is here for you to make a million dollars online - and then some.

However, when you get the PLATINUM PROGRAM today, you’ll get a few extra components that will almost GUARANTEE success…
Shaqir Hussyin's Cashflow Kickstarter
Platinum Bonus #1:  90 Minute Funnel Hacking Online Workshop Valued At $1,997
This is where you’re really getting into the advanced stuff - watch as I rip apart my most profitable funnels, explain the inner workings of each one, and show you exactly how to put them together - minus the learning curve.

Why am I including this bonus? 

It’s simple - Because I remember what it’s like to struggle through all the learning and experimentation that comes with building your first funnel - and I want to spare YOU that fate. Otherwise you would have to buy the traffic and lose most of those leads while you try to get your funnel right. 

Now you can skip this stage and get your first funnel right, first time.

* Located as "Bonus 1" in your members area.
Platinum Bonus #2:  My Closely Guarded Million Dollar-Swipe Files with Unlimited Lifetime Updates Valued At $1,997
Warning: This is NOT the same as the previous two awesome swipe stashes I’m giving you - this is MY PRIVATE COLLECTION of ads, emails and others that I have personally collected while studying the competition in different niches.

And YOU get LIFETIME UPDATES! So this is not some simple folder of swipes - as I collect more swipes, YOU will receive them too! So don’t bother surfing the web for hours - let me do the work for you.

Advanced tip: Please remember, I buy a LOT of info-products online which means I get to see a lot of upsell pages and one-time-offers you’d NEVER get to see...unless you’re buying the same $2,000 products that I am. These secret sales pages are some of the most closely-guarded secrets online - and you’ll got those as well. This is INVALUABLE market research.

* All swipe files, templates, and more will be located as bonuses under each module.
Platinum Bonus #3:  Secret Traffic X Step By Step System valued at $1,997
OK, so now you’ve got an awesome funnel - but what good is that if nobody sees it? And while the core program of course contains plenty of great traffic strategies and ideas...the advanced traffic strategies revealed here are SO powerful, and SO sensitive that I won’t even reveal Mr X’s NAME outside of the CashFlow Kickstarter group.

Mr X Charges (and GETS) up to $5,000 per consultation on the extremely rare occasions that he even CONSIDERS investing his time. So when you go through his training - do NOT waste a single second waiting to IMPLEMENT his advice.

* Located as "Bonus 2" in your members area.
Platinum Bonus #4:  Sponsoring Kickstarter Recruiting Machine Plug & Play “Auto-Recruiting” Webinar Template. Fill In The Blanks 1-2-3 To Get Instant Front End Customers, Empower Network & MTTB Signups & Easier Upsell Commissions valued at $4,997
If you’re promoting anything from Empower Network...this is going to be worth more than the entire package to you.

You already know I make TONS of money with I’m going to give you the exact Webinar Template I use whenever I want to put my recruiting on autopilot. Sounds simple - but this can make you MILLIONS all by itself.

People talk about the ‘dream’ of massive, passive income - but few ever see that dream come true. But now YOU WILL - because this done-for-you machine does all the work for you. Simply insert your story, personalize the content a bit, add your affiliate link, and it goes to work 24/7, recruiting affiliates and paying commissions. 

* Located under the Webinar Mastery module as a bonus.

WOW - altogether, the must-have components of the Platinum Pack come to a whopping $25,976 in value!
(When I was putting this together...I never thought the combined value would be almost 26K…!)
And again - if you were to invest just under 26 grand in something like this - and put the systems to work - it would definitely be an even smarter investment than the Gold Pack.

Because how many times would you insert $25 into a machine, if this machine spat out $50 each time? This is EXACTLY what happens when you have this system working for you

And it’s all here, ready for the taking...but I’m not going to ask you for anywhere near $26,000 today.

In fact - when you have all this at your disposal - you actually have ZERO excuses to NOT make at least $10,000 online even as a newbie, so if I was asking for ten grand it would be a great buy.

But it’s not $10,000 either.

In fact, I’m not even asking for the $5,000 that MR X charges for his consultations alone. 

Because I want to get this into as many people’s hands as possible, before you get duped into wasting money on some guru’s product that does nothing but make that guru rich.
Please Note: The RRP for this system will be US$4,997 when I
officially release it to my list in less than 2 months
But I’m giving you a chance to get in on the ground floor, and invest just a fifth of get all the benefits listed above.

For the first 100 people who invest in the Platinum Pack’ll be just $997 in total. 
(UPDATE: There are currently less than 40 spots left in the Platinum Program - so get in now before they’re all gone…if this page is here, there are still spots open)
Look I’m going to give you the absolute best guarantee I possibly can... I’m taking on all the risk...
30-Day, Money-Back Guarantee
I’m SO confident the Platinum Pack has everything you need to succeed - I’m happy to stand behind it with probably THE best guarantee in the industry…

Here’s the deal: If, in the unlikely event that you’re not 100% satisfied that the Platinum Pack has everything you need to generate your first real results online - then I’ll gladly send you a prompt and courteous refund. 
Here’s What You Do Now: 
Simply click the Add To Cart button. 
You’ll go through our well-known secure shopping cart process, and I won’t even need to see your credit card details at all. 

Then, once you have completed your order, you’ll receive your login details to the membership site where you’ll have instant access to all of your products:
So here’s 3 more seriously good reasons to take action now... 
  • Your investment could be tax deductible…(We can’t offer you taxation advice, but this is almost always the case)
  • You are saving a whopping 96.16% when you get started today...
  • You’re getting nearly $26,000 worth of over-the-shoulder training, swipes, templates, and industry leading secrets handed to you on a silver platter...gosh I wish I had this deal when I got started...
Basically, you have nothing to lose by saying yes, so go ahead and...
See you on the inside.

Stay magical,
P.S. This really IS a potent combination of templates, and look-over-my-shoulder guidance. For anyone serious about online success, who hasn’t quite reached the heights you know you are destined for, THIS IS THE ANSWER.

P.P.S. And remember my OUTRAGEOUS Money-Back Guarantee - if you’re not IMMEDIATELY CONVINCED this has everything you need to execute and generate your first real results online - please contact us right away and I’ll gladly buy it back from you. I simply don’t know how to reduce the risk any further than that - at this point, it’s all on ME.

P.P.P.S. In case you’re not quite convinced - I can throw in a little something extra to sweeten the deal - claim your spot in the Platinum Program right now and I’ll give you an extra Secret Promotional Swipe File - Gift Pack…
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