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Our VISION is to impact, inspire, empower and transform a 1,000,000 entrepreneurs to wake up and create the life they deserve, desire and dream about.

Core Values

Growth. Opportunities. Recognition. Income. Fun.

We Attract Growth Hackers, Hustlers And Top Tier Talent That Make Waves.

We build disruptive products and services that impacts the Internet Marketing Home Business Industry, help people become Top Earners in our space and add more value than anyone else in the marketplace. Not a typical start-up, we’re a pretty profitable, yet bootstrapped company that is growing exponentially. We heading for Mars, you in?

Leading the company is our young, crazy serial-entrepreneur CEO, Shaqir Hussyin.

From a single, hungry and dedicated Individual in London, UK in 2009 starting out from his parents kitchen table to building an 8 Figure Empire with over 20 A-Player Team members collaborating seamlessly from different countries today.

Shaqir Hussyin’s HQ is one of the most respected, loved, and followed Internet Marketing Companies that lead this industry provide cutting edge marketing and sales education, coaching, training, live events to entrepreneurs from all over the world.

We’ve been built the “ASIAN WAY”, which consists of raw-hard work and Integrity.


Shaqir Hussyin

Shaqir’s relentless drive to push the boundaries is reflected in the companies vision to share wisdom, teachings and tools to empower online entrepreneurs to build their businesses, unleashing potential and making a difference.

He has been coaching and providing cutting edge training for the home-based business industry since 2009 and was one of the fastest and youngest success stories in the history of direct sales, earning his first $10,000,000 by age 26. Since then, he has created well-known marketing coaching and Industry leading Done For You programs such as SoloAdsAgency, VideoAdsAgency and S.H.I.C (Shaqir Hussyin’s Inner Circle), Traffic Mastery Intensive (TMI).

He’s now the most sought after highest paid marketing consultant in the entire Home Business Industry clients investing routinely $40k – $170k for Shaqir’s private coaching, mentoring, consulting and access to him.

Shaqir is on a mission to create 100 millionaires and 1,000 six figure earners by December 31st 2018 to set a new standard for the Industry.

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