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Make Millions Buying Gold In Ghana

Imagine this. You wake up in the morning, grab your steaming hot cup of coffee, switch on your laptop and login to your email account and find a very interesting email sitting in your inbox.

An email from a Nigerian dude who wants to give you an offer you can’t refuse.
This Nigerian dude tells you that he has inherited 30 million pounds and wants to give you 30% of that money if you would help him transfer the money outside his country.

He closes out the email by asking you to send all your personal details for further discussion.

Now what would be your reaction when you get such an email?



Maybe a mild chuckle?

And then DELETE.

And maybe while deleting the email, you may wonder if there are actually some knuckleheads out there who would fall for this crap.

Now what if I told you I know a guy who fell for a similar deal.

Hook, line and sinker.

In fact, his case is even WORSE.

Not only was he interested in such a deal but he was SO CONFIDENT about making a fortune that he flew DIRECTLY to Africa to close out the deal.


What would you call that guy?


World’s dumbest fool?

Well…. you can and you should because that guy was none other than ME.

Yeah…. its one of the episodes of my life that I wish had NEVER happened.

I never shared this experience for a simple reason.


Silly as it may be, I just didn’t want to get laughed at.

The things that I did back in those days were so frigging damn crazy that I never dared to reveal much about them EVER.

But today I thought….SCREW ALL THAT.

That experience of mine may make me look like a complete idiot but I need to share it with my tribe because there are a LOT of insights and lessons to be gleaned from it.

Lessons that helped me become the person that I am known as today.

So here goes the story.

Several years back, when I was hanging out in Mayfair, I met a few interesting guys who became my friends.

They ended up introducing me to some people who were so generous like the Nigerian dude that they had an offer for me that I could not refuse.

So what was the offer?

An opportunity to make £90,000 PER DAY.


Yep, they showed me a very simple STEP BY STEP, idiot proof plan to make £90,000 per day.

Here was the plan:

They told me that there were many untapped gold mines in Ghana (a country in Africa) that many people in the world don’t know about.

They told me that there was an incredible amount of wealth there waiting to be EXTRACTED by those who have the WILL to do so.

Then, they said they could SELL me one of the gold mines which I could then use to extract gold and make upto £90,000 per day.

How nice of them.

The price of a gold mine was a one time only NEVER BEFORE SEEN price of just $200,000.


Think about the ROI.

$200,000 one time payment and some more money spent on extraction gives me £90,000 per day in revenues.


But you know what…I may have had issues but I wasn’t THAT DUMB to fall for this…

the first time. 😉

When I heard about this offer, I was like…

Cut the crap guys. Why would you sell me a gold mine when you yourself could extract gold and keep that money?

For which those guys replied that:

  1. They weren’t owners of the gold mines but merely guys selling it for others for a commission.
  1. It takes bit of money and organization skills to extract the gold and make profits from it and it’s a very lucrative offer for the right person.
  1. And most importantly, the ACTUAL owners of the gold mines didn’t want to invest money and take the hassles of extracting gold and making profits. $200,000 was a LOT of money in Ghana and the owners were looking for a way to make BIG MONEY at once and walk off rather than deal with many things.

So basically these were the 3 reasons given to me as to why they were offering me this deal.

They even told me that I could come to Ghana with them to ACTUALLY see the gold mines before buying it.

Hey…they even gave me a RISK FREE TRIAL OFFER.

What more do you need?

I was hooked.

You see….at that time, I was a budding internet marketing who just had made around 6 figures in his business.

So making £90,000 per day seemed like a mind blowing number.

This did seem like a GREAT deal to me.

Then I thought what my family would say if I told these guys YES.

I knew they would say I am crazy and I was about to get scammed and they would LAUGH at me.

But then I also thought…..

These were the SAME PEOPLE who laughed at me 1 year back telling me online marketing was a scam. They said I would end up achieving nothing in the online world but HERE I AM….making 6 figures and on track to hit million dollars.

So you know what I did.



I love them but they are idiots.

I am GONNA make £90,000 per day with my gold mines in Ghana.

And I said an EMPHATIC YES to the generous guys who gave me this offer with a risk free trial.

You know the famous dialogue by Robert Downey Junior in the movie Tropic Thunder:

Yeah…I did that.

Not my proudest moment.

At that time, I was too drunk with success.

I had read a BIT TOO MUCH of motivational books and heard TOO MANY motivational speeches for my own good which made me take EVERYTHING OUT OF CONTEXT.

I was in my own dream land.

Then, I told myself:

“Success comes to those who are willing to do things that others WILL NOT do”

So YEAAHHHHHHHH baby…Ghana here I come.


So I went and told my family that I am gonna be flying to Ghana soon and buy a gold mine and SHOW THE WORLD what a badass I am going to be.

My family members told me I was crazy.

I laughed at them and told them they reacted the same way a year back when I told them about my online business but look what happened in the end.

For that, they replied

“Shaqir, that’s different and this is different. How can you be so crazy to believe that people would sell you gold mines in Ghana?”

I smiled.

Like a wise monk who knew FAR MORE than what simpletons knew.

I told them that life is all about TIMING and I am not going to miss out on a good offer just because its beyond the belief system of some people.

The offer made sense.

I pay Ghana owners $200,000.

They walk away with enough money to live the rest of their life like a KING without having to take part in any of the hassles of extracting gold. Its EASY MONEY for them.

I then hire a team to extract gold and do the work necessary to make £90,000 per day.

It all made sense for me.

So I left for Ghana with those people.

You know something funny happens when you near the MOMENT OF TRUTH.

You know how we guys brag about doing everything but when the moment comes, we start having our doubts.

Well…I started having them.

Make no mistake…I was STILL PUMPED about buying a gold mine but while I was going to Ghana, I started wondering

“In the rare event, this turns out to be a scam, what then?

I would be out of $200,000.Where do I go from there?

I know its not going to be a scam. Its going to really work but God forbid…what if I am wrong?”

This thought kept swirling in my mind as we landed on Ghana.

I was now having second thoughts about all this.

A growing fear in the pit of my stomach.

I couldn’t explain why I suddenly felt like that but I couldn’t ignore that feeling.

We went for a tour of the place and then went in to meet the guy with whom I was supposed to do business with.

Let me tell you – this dude was a CHARACTER.

He was Australian.

65 years old.

Ugly as hell.

And was a paedophile.

He went on and on bragging about his 16 year old girl friend.

The conversation with him made me SO FRIGGING UNCOMFORTABLE that my mind was screaming not to do any business with this guy.

You know I may have been stupid to travel to Ghana at that time.

But I ain’t getting in bed with a guy who looks like he may be a criminal.

My own personal doubts coupled with this paedophile’s nauseating personality made me decide that this JUST wasn’t the deal I want to do.

It Just Wasn’t Worth It

When I spend $200,000 on something I expect everything to be absolutely professional and smooth.

Not like how drug deals are struck with crazy loons.

So I decided to fly back to London, back out of this deal and NEVER EVER EVER return to Ghana again.

And that’s exactly what I did.

Thankfully the guys whom I travelled to Ghana weren’t some murderous thugs.

I am talking about the kind who would force people to pay up the money or die.

Even now when I think about it, I feel ANYTHING could have happened to me.

I could have been killed by that gang for not going ahead with the deal.

Or, I could have been locked up in a room and tortured till I accepted the deal.

I was in a COMPLETELY NEW CONTINENT (let alone country) and if I disappeared, my family would have never found me in a million years.

I’m eternally grateful to God for saving me after I committed a HUGE mistake by going to Ghana.

The whole Ghana experience in the end had SIMPLY CRUSHED me and my ego.

But in return it also taught me so many lessons that helped me become who I am today.

Lessons that transformed my personality.

Lessons that helped my business take quantum leaps.

Ones that helped me bring MASSIVE SUCCESS not only for myself but also my students and clients.

So I am going to give you a quick look at the lessons I learnt:

Lesson 1 – Be HUMBLE

Having confidence in yourself is important.

But having humility is EVEN MORE SO.

I travelled to Ghana because I was sooo drunk with success that I thought I could do anything and I would succeed.

When you start believing your OWN HYPE, that’s when you crash.

Entire empires have crashed due to this.

So do your due diligence, think logically and rationally and have a sane head above your shoulders.

It will hold you in GOOD STEAD always.

I was lucky enough to come back in one piece from Ghana.

Life may not be so kind to me always.

So always be fucking humble and THINK THINK and THINK before you take action.

Lesson 2 – Learn to say NO or else you will be EATEN by vultures

It doesn’t matter how good a person you are.

The world is FILLED with vultures who are preying on you.

Looking to take what you have got.

Looking to CHEAT and SCAM you and leave you in ruins.

The ONLY way to safeguard yourself is by mastering the ART OF SAYING NO.

Just like indecisiveness causes failures…so does NOT saying no.

Every successful person in the world is successful because he knows WHEN to say YES and WHEN to say NO.

If you hang out with the wrong crowd and keep them on a pedestal, you are giving them valuable space in your mind which they can use to convince and brainwash you.

Once a person starts getting brainwashed, it’s a SLIPPERY SLOPE.

I am considered to be one of the smarter guys in this industry and I acted like a DUMBASS because I let people convince and brainwash me.

At that time, I hadn’t learnt the art of saying NO and I almost paid a HUGE price for it.

That episode made me realize the importance of the word NO.

Lesson 3 – CONTEXT is everything

Reading motivational books and listening to inspiring messages is VERY MUCH NEEDED but if you go so deep into that world that you lose track of reality and critical thinking…then YOU ARE SCREWED.

My family laughed when I said I would make it big in the online world.

A year later, I proved them wrong.

My family again laughed when I said I would go to Ghana and buy a gold mine.

4 months later, I escaped from destroying myself because I came to my senses at the right time (due to God’s grace).

If I hadn’t come to my senses, my family would not only be laughing at me (at first) but also crying to see me all ruined.

Its all about CONTEXT.

Never give up on your dream.

But don’t jump into things without rationally thinking it over.

Lesson 4 – Don’t judge anything based on END RESULT. Judge based on the process needed to attain the END RESULT.

I will give you an example.

Most people have very limiting beliefs.

Tell them you can show them how to make $10 per day online. They will believe you.

Tell them you can show them how to make $100 per day. They will believe you.

Tell them you can show them how to make $1000 per day. Quite a few of them will call you a scammer.

Tell them you can show them how to make $10,000 per day. Many of them will call you a scammer.

Tell them you can show them how to make $100,000 per day. Almost all of them will think its a scam.

You see what’s going on?

People decide whether something is possible or not based on END RESULT.

Not based on what process is needed to achieve it.

In reality, making $100,000+ per day online IS possible.

I know guys who do it.

I myself will be reaching there soon (right now I am at $30,000 per day online).

$100K per day is not unbelievable.

However if someone says you can do it easily or with a simple 1-2-3 push button system, then THAT makes it unbelievable.

The TRUTH lies in the process.

Never in the result.

The Ghana deal was a SCAM due to the process.

Not due to the £90,000 per day opportunity.

Lesson 5 – There will always be ENDLESS OPPORTUNITIES

Most people make BAD MISTAKES because they operate from a fear perspective.

They think that they would get only 1 or 2 opportunities in life to make it BIG and if they miss it, they would remain mediocre always.


You will always get infinite opportunities in your life.

But in order to succeed, you have to grab a genuine opportunity and DO WHAT it takes to succeed in it.

With that being said, you must remember that some opportunities will be BIGGER than others. Some opportunities will give you bigger and better results.

So you need to think rationally and with an open mind to take the right call.

Lesson 6 – Surround yourself with the RIGHT PEOPLE

After having built 5 different multi million dollar business by the age of 26, I can tell you one thing with 100% certainty.

Success is there for the taking for ALL of us.

You just NEED to know

  1. What to do
  2. What NOT to do
  3. How to do
  4. And how to keep on the right track and build on your success

To do all that, you need to get the right mentors and surround yourself with the right people (if you want to get mentored by me, see here).

They are the ones who will inspire you, challenge you and push you to achieve great things.

They are the ones who will CRUSH all your negative doubts and self limiting beliefs and make you achieve things that you are truly capable of.

And most importantly, they are the ones who will ENSURE that you never ever believe your own hype and stay level headed.

So there you go.

These were the 6 lessons that my experience in Ghana taught me.

Even today, whenever I remember about my Ghana experience, I laugh at my own craziness while my stomach clenches thinking about what COULD have happened if things had gone wrong.

In restrospect, this was an experience that has embarrassed and helped me in EQUAL measure.

It has transformed me FROM a young, stupid 22 year old kid who couldn’t handle even a bit of success to a man who consistently succeeds.

Final Thoughts On Buying Gold In Ghana

I achieved all this because I:

  • Stayed HUMBLE
  • Learnt to say NO.
  • Understood the importance of CONTEXT when chasing my dreams.
  • Never decided what was possible and impossible based just on end result but based on what PROCESS is needed to achieve the end result.
  • Believed in existence of endless opportunities and made FULL use of many opportunities to grow to the level that I am currently at.

And last but certainly not the least…I TRULY AND FULLY UNDERSTOOD the importance of having the right mentors and surrounding myself with the right people who would never let me astray.

These lessons CHANGED my life.

And I believe they can do for you too if you follow them.

So let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

Also write about your crazy whacky experiences if you have any.

We all have our dumb shocker moments.

I have shared mine in all its (dumbest) glory.

Feel free to share yours too.

We all mistakes but SUCCESS is defined by how we come back from our mistakes.

Just don’t make a Ghana like mistake though. Haha.

Certain mistakes are TOO dangerous to make.

So go out there and CONQUER the world.

I know you can.

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– Shaqir Hussyin
CEO, Speaker, Author & Rain Maker

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