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Best Internet Marketing Courses For 2019

I recently got this question from a subscriber and i thought this might be good to answer him in this article. He asked me: What are the best internet marketing courses marketers need in order to succeed online in 2019?

Now before i say anything i just want to point out that the main focus you want to have when going through a course is the following:

  1. Learn the strategies
  2. Execute what you’ve learned
  3. Improve your results

These will be the 3 things i can recommend you to focus on no matter what course you dive into. Reason for saying so is that the internet is bombarded with tons of internet marketing information. From the baddest to the best and beyond your imaginations. 

Young entrepreneurs and aspiring marketers are constantly being pushed here and pulled there. It can be confusing if you don’t know where to put your focus and effort in order to really gain success out of your investment.

Acquiring knowledge is one thing, but executing it and improving it is another thing. The best and most highly paid marketers are the once that have mastered only one skill.

So if you’re interested in knowing what’s the frenzy is about, check the stats below…

Why Internet Marketing And Digital Marketing Courses Online Are Becoming The Next Big Thing.

According to Shar VanBoskirk by by the time we reach 2021, the US will have spend almost $120 Billion (yes with a capital B) dollars in digital marketing.

He discusses how investments in paid search, display advertising, social media advertising, online video advertising and email marketing will pace to 46% of all advertising in just five years.

This clearly shows that to satisfy this high demand, a lot of key roles need to be filled with skilled marketers. But to have skilled marketers you need to get good at your digital marketing skills.

This is where the best internet marketing courses comes into play. But don’t be fooled into buying or learning this form the gatekeepers because you won’t get far.

Let me explain my self…

Google Online Marketing Challenge & Digital marketing course

Please don’t get me wrong by what i’m about to say here, but let’s get real. I have nothing against google, but when it comes to digital marketing i do not defend google.

Google is only interested in dominating the market and raising as much capital as possible, nothing else.

They try to weed out the small guys to only get the big guys to compete against each other so they can get as much money as possible. That’s a proven fact. Just like the rest of the other tech companies. They do whatever it takes to get and use your data for their own benefit, not yours.

google online marketing challenge,best online marketing courses,udemy digital marketin,digital marketing course near me,digital marketing courses harvard,list of marketing courses,digital marketing course pdf,best digital marketing courses 2018 udemy

Google tries to “Teach” non-profit organization or millennials in doing things how they want things to be done. This is with their program called Google OMC (online marketing challenge).

Pretending to help in front of the public eye, but in fact they’re only teaching you how to become their slave.

This is like getting trained by the undercover enemy to not recognize the real enemy.

If you really want to buy a course to learn internet marketing like SEO, i can personally recommend you is to learn from the pro’s. That have proven to beat the system “google algorithm” time and time again and not get trained by google themselves.

You’ll benefit more out if it and you have greater success at getting high serp ranking, organic traffic and money in your pocket.

Udemy Digital Marketing Courses

To be honest udemy has some very good courses and very cheap in pricing.

While most people flock to udemy to get these courses, i have come to see that a grand majority of these courses miss something very important.

They are not really helpful in the long run because they don’t offer lifetime support or a community of constant mastermind and growth.

Let me give you an example:

Let’s say you to learn about business fundamentals, you bought a course and after you’ve finished and then what?.

The obvious thing is that you go and apply what you’ve learned right?. Of course.  

But afterwards let’s say you’ve started a business, you’ve put the course into practice and started getting in to some difficult areas you need help with that is not related to the course it self.

Who you’re going to ask help from?

The course creator?

The unknowledgeable course facebook group members?

You see what’s the problem here?

If you have a specific problem, you need a person who’s been through A to Z in a real business and has the connection and relationships with other millionaire entrepreneurs to give you the best advice possible.

Getting the chance to meet them in person and pick their brains for a specific problem you are facing is priceless and that is what i see those type of platforms do not offer.  

Digital Marketing Course Near Me

Seeing so many cool developments over the last years in the industry has let me to also take notice of the lack of accountability that those developments have on entrepreneurs.

I decided to fill in that gap with our very own solution that helps hungry entrepreneurs to learn key skills that can get them out of their 9 to 5 job and succeed online.  

We created the Wealth Academy Live Events. These events have become a global internet marketing movement that bring the highest paid entrepreneurs in the digital marketing world near you.

This allows newbie entrepreneurs and marketers to get insights and trained from top gurus in the industry. You will get this at a fraction of the cost that it would cost you if you were to do a private coaching session.

If you would like to learn more and experience it for yourself, you can get more information on our live digital marketing events near me page.

List Of All The Best Marketing Courses Found Online

If you’re wondering what course are there and where to start, i have here a list of various categories you can find online to learn of to better improve your digital marketing skills:

  • Digital marketing

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Social media marketing

  • Growth hacking

  • Facebook marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Online business

  • Email marketing

  • Business strategy

  • Business fundamentals

  • Sales skills

Online Marketing Courses 2018, 2019

Based on the rising demand for internet marketing courses, WealthAcademy has designed various certifications courses for newbie marketer in various industries to tackle the most  difficult areas of internet marketing.

As discussed previously, the demand for skilled professional  in these areas are high and will keep increasing as the learning curve gets bigger.

As shown in the survey below by state of inbound, there is a lot of businesses struggling with the following:


google online marketing challenge,best online marketing courses,udemy digital marketin,digital marketing course near me,digital marketing courses harvard,list of marketing courses,digital marketing course pdf,best digital marketing courses 2018 udemy

The sooner you get trained and certified in one of these areas, the better off you will be.

Not just for having a proven knowledge about a specific skill set, but you will also have dedicated more time and developed more experience then the rest that follows.

This will give you the upper hand and thus increasing the value you offer to businesses and the industry. This in return pays you handsomely for being an expert in your field.

Digital Marketing Course Pdf And Basics Walk Through

As a simple reminder, you can also get yourself a free course cheat sheet by simply subscribing to one of our Wealth Academy Certification Courses that you have an interest for.

This cheat sheets (in pdf format) will give you a glimpse into what the course is about, what it offers you. You will also get a blueprint that you can go through and implement immediately in your job or business for fast results.

The cool part of these courses is that you get not only the theory but also the video walk through about the topic. It’s kinda like a behind the shoulder approach into how you should setup everything up and get thing rolling.

The whole course is packed with actionable content made step by step for beginners to medium level entrepreneurs. This helps you grasp the subject much more faster and can be implemented immediately while your studying the course.

Conclusion About Internet Marketing Courses

As I’m sure what you’ve gathered from this post, doing internet marketing isn’t as simple as some people think.

It requires a lot of learning, practicing and refining your skills.

On top of that, learning alone doesn’t give you a guarantee you will succeed. Acquiring experience plays a huge role that can have a strong positive effect on your success in a certain field.

That said, internet marketing isn’t as difficult as you were led to believe. You just need to learn to overcome the ‘fear of failing’ and start implementing.

Like any other skills, marketing is something that you can learn and perfect through practice.

And I’m sure these certification courses will help you become a better online marketer entrepreneur. And also help you excel in your field and grow as an expert.

So Which one of these certifications did you find more interesting?

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback – feel free to post them in the comments below.

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