Attraction Marketing Secrets To Dominate Your Niche Market

Attraction Marketing Secrets To Dominate Your Niche

If you’re active in the online money-making community, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of marketers and entrepreneurs seem to be very interested in the topic of “attraction marketing”.

But, what’s with all the buzz about “attraction marketing”?

Despite all the talk about this advertising method, a lot of people are unclear about what “attracting marketing” actually is. 

So, is “attraction marketing” something YOU should be concerned with? And can it help you grow your business and scale your profits?

The answer is – absolutely!

And in this post, I’ll provide you with an in-depth look at “attraction marketing”. We’ll go over 7 simple steps you can follow to successfully apply it to take your business to a whole new level.

First, let’s shed some light on “attraction marketing”…

What Is Attraction Marketing And How To Use Attraction Marketing To Dominate Your Niche Market?

“Attraction Marketing” is a marketing strategy that revolves around acquiring hot, qualified leads and reliably converting them into loyal customers.


Traditional marketing relies on promoting your products and services to a wide audience and convincing them to make a purchase. Meanwhile, “attraction marketing” targets people who are already interested in your offers and are ready to click that “buy” button.

It shifts the focus from your business, products, and services to the customer, and puts the spotlight on their wants, needs, and problems.

In other words, instead of trying to push your products and services on the potential customer, attraction marketing presents your offer as a solution.

It relies on providing value to the lead before pitching your offers, and forming a strong relationship based on trust, that greatly facilitates future sales.

Say goodbye to chasing customers and acting like a pushy salesman. Attraction marketing allows you to position yourself as a trusted adviser – someone who genuinely wants to help the prospect solve a particular problem or reach a certain goal.

This strategy works wonders for any type of business, regardless of whether you’re just starting out, or are running a well-established company.

That’s what makes “attraction marketing” so powerful.

Once your target audience perceives you as an authority on the subject, and you form a trust-based relationship, they will be much more inclined to make the purchase.

Let’s take a look at the 7 steps you need to follow to start utilizing  “attraction marketing” in your business today.

Step 1 – Brand YOURSELF, not your products

The crucial difference with “attraction marketing”, compared to other advertising methods, is that you’re actually branding yourself as a marketer, rather than your products and services.

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Now, don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying that your marketing strategy should be self-centered. Nor that it should emphasize your accomplishments, skills, or how much money you’re making…

What I mean by “branding yourself” is positioning yourself as a leader. Someone offers their knowledge and expertise on the subject. Someone who genuinely wants to help others overcome a certain obstacle and achieve their goals.   

The fact is, nobody really cares about your resume and college degrees…

The only thing your potential customers are concerned with is what you can do for them.

They want to know if your products and services can help them change their lives for the better.    

You need to show them that YOU possess the skills and knowledge required to lead them to where they need to go. You need to convince them that you’re focused on providing value, rather than simply trying to make a few sales.

Here are the 3 main reasons why YOU need to become a brand, rather than your business:

  •    People follow people, not companies

Like I mentioned, people are much more inclined to buy from someone they know and trust. It’s much easier for them to connect with the person behind the business, rather than follow a corporate voice. Companies feel distant and cold, and people feel their only goal is to make as many sales as possible. Positioning yourself as a leader in the audience’s eyes will instill trust and remove doubt, which will significantly increase your sales, without actually selling.  

  •    Companies come and go, but YOU stay

Businesses come and go all the time. That’s just the nature of the online marketplace. In fact, more than 90% of businesses don’t make it past the first year, regardless of what industry they’re in. If you’re putting all the effort towards branding a company, if it fails, you have to start over from scratch. Build a rock-solid foundation instead. Brand yourself and ensure that, if one business endeavor doesn’t turn out to be fruitful, you still have a large following and a solid background to rely on.

  •    Branding your company will actually cause you to LOSE sales

When you’re branding a company upfront, without first connecting with your target audience, a good percentage of people will research the company, rather than reach out to you first. This opens up an opportunity for them to actually find a different leader to join. They might even stumble across a competitor’s article telling them not to join your company. That’s why you’re bound to lose some customers if you’re branding your business or products & services. Instead, try to connect with your audience and establish a relationship with them first.

Step 2 – Know Your Audience

For your marketing efforts to pay off, you need to know exactly who you’re targeting with your message.

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You want to start off by asking yourself a few fundamental questions, which will define your marketing approach:

  • Who are you as a leader?
  • What’s your mission, what are you passionate about?
  • Who are the people that whose lives you want to impact?

Depending on what you want to accomplish with your business, you’ll want to target different types of people. Who you’ll target will be largely based on their demographics, hobbies, and interests.

For example, if you’re in the health & wellness industry, you’ll have to determine your target audience based on what you are most passionate about.

Does your business revolve around healthy organic foods, meal plans & recipes, low-fat diets, or maybe exercises and workouts?

Or, if you’re in the wealth industry, for instance, are you passionate about teaching people how to make money online, invest in real estate, or trade profitably?

You need to factor all of this in, and really think about what it is YOU are passionate about, in order to determine who you will be addressing in your marketing campaigns.

The reason for this is simple – you will have to be excited and passionate about the subject, in order to create valuable, relevant, engaging content for your target audience.

If you’re genuinely interested in what you’re promoting, you’ll have a much easier time creating amazing content and crafting a compelling message. Moreover, promoting products you’re excited about will feel effortless and natural.

Step 3 – Understand Their Biggest Pain Points

Once you understand who the people you’ll be targeting are, the next step is to research their biggest problems, pain points, and challenges their facing, in order to fully comprehend their wants and needs. See example below:

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As I said already, the main goal of “attraction marketing” is to present your products and services as a solution to their burning problems.

The same applies to the content you’ll need to create.

In order to attractyour ideal customers, you’ll need to create valuable content that provides answers to their biggest questions.[tweet this]

You need to provide them with useful information and actionable advice. Your content must help them get a step closer to solving the biggest problem they’re facing,

If you can accomplish this with your content, the audience will experiences the benefits of applying what you teach. In turn, they’ll be much more interested in your paid offers.

At that point, the price won’t represent an obstacle. Most people won’t even factor it in, because their focus will be on permanently solving a burning problem and transforming their lives.

The fact is, there are millions of people in your target market, complaining about their problems and looking for a solution your products and services offer.

If you can get that solution in front of them, you won’t even have to worry about convincing them to buy your products/services.

They’ll be more than happy to pay a handsome sum, when they’re getting the answer to their problems in return.  

In order to take full advantage of “attraction marketing” you need to:

  1. Understand exactly who your target audience is
  2. Discover what their biggest challenges, problems, and pain points are
  3. Consistently create engaging content that helps them overcome those challenges

Which brings us to the fourth step…

Step 4 – Create Valuable Content That Addresses Their Challenges

The best way to establish authority in your field and position yourself as a trusted leader is by consistently creating relevant, valuable, engaging content for your target audience.

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But, what exactly does that mean?

First, in order for your content to be relevant, it needs to cover the topics that spark your audience’s interest.

This is where you’ll rely on the previous step to create content that answers their questions and provides information that addresses their problems & challenges.

Secondly, your content needs to be valuable. The information you share needs to be useful and applicable.

In other words, instead of simply telling them WHAT they need to do to overcome a certain problem, your content needs to show them HOW to do it.

They need to be able to use the information you provide, and after applying it to their life or business, see actual results.

Last, but certainly not least, your content needs to be engaging. Apart from educating your audience, it also needs to entertain them.

So, you can’t simply list all the information, without paying attention to how you present it. You need to use the power of storytelling and captivating visuals to grab and keep their attention, to ensure that they do, in fact, consume the content.

The content you create can be anything from videos, articles, and posts on social media, to stuff like free reports and guides, infographics, cheat-sheets, and interviews.

As long as it provides the solution to their problems, in a fun and engaging manner, you’re good to go.

Step 5 – Forge A Trust-Based Relationship With Your Audience

I’ve already mentioned the fact that people join other people, more than they follow companies. Watch the video below to learn more:


What’s vital to understand here is the fact that these people give you their hard-earned money. In exchange, they want a solution to their problems. Or, at the very least, a way to enhance their lives.

The best and fastest way to generate more sales and increase your profits is by communicating with more people.

You need to actually connect with your audience and treat them as human beings. Don’t just view them as potential sales.

And yes, I am referring to holding an actual conversation with your prospects. You can do this on the phone, via Skype, messenger, or similar apps…

I can’t stress this enough: Regardless of how good your products or services are, people generally won’t make a purchase unless they know who they’re buying from.

That’s why, in order to maximize your sales, you need to work on building rapport with your audience. You have to actually forge a relationship with them and earn their trust.

Once they are confident that you know what you’re talking about, and can indeed help them resolve their situation, they will perceive you as a leader. In turn, they’ll be more than happy to buy from you.

After you generate a lead, it’s important to nurture that relationship. This means you’ll need to keep providing valuable content on a regular basis.

Remember, “attraction marketing” emphasizes the wants and needs of the prospect. So, make sure you’re keeping their best interests in mind.

Once you establish a trust-based relationship with your target audience, everything becomes so much easier. You’ll be able to consistently generate tons of qualified, ready-to-buy leads. On top of that, you’ll have to invest next-to-no effort to convert them into loyal customers.

Step 6 – Provide Them With The Perfect Solution

At this point, you have discovered a prospect’s burning problem. You’ve also managed to connected with them on a personal level. The only thing left is to actually provide them with the solution they’re looking for.

Keep in mind that each prospect’s situation is unique and different, and that they are looking for a specific solution to their specific problem.

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There’s only one way figure out what the perfect solution for each individual prospect is. You have to actually take the time to talk and connect with them.

You’d be surprised by the number of entrepreneurs and business owners that never reach out and communicate with their leads. Yet, they still complain about not making a profit.

In reality, this step is super-simple. You just need to talk to your leads and discover their burning problems and biggest pain points. Then, simply point them towards the perfect solution (one of your products or services).

Step 7 – Maximize Your Profits By Leveraging Multiple Income Streams

This is the key that will take you from barely making ends meet to consistently generating 5 or 6 figures every single month.

If you rely on a single revenue stream, you’re putting all your eggs in one basket. Meaning, you’re taking unnecessary risks.

If it fails, you’ll be stranded, without anything to fall back on. If your business revolves around marketing a single solution to a single problem, you’ll find it extremely difficult to actually turn a profit.

Check out how clearly illustrates how you can manage your monthly job income to build multiple income streams below;

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In order to become a top earner, you have to create multiple income streams to serve all the wants and needs of your target audience.

Instead of relying on a single product or service, you need to create an Integrated Product Suite.

Integrated Product Suite (IPS)

IPS is a set of complementary products which serve multiple wants and needs of the people in your niche.

With it, you’re providing solutions to all the different problems your audience is facing, or might face in the future.

If you’re stuck with a single product, you’re missing out on as much as 90% of your target audience. They might not necessarily need the particular solution you’re offering, but have similar needs you can just as easily fulfill.

Let me illustrate with an example…

Imagine if Apple could only sell iPhones. They’d probably generate a decent profit from iPhones alone, right? Sure, but they overlook all the other needs of their customers. Which means leaving a TON of money on the table…

Instead, they have an Integrated Product Suite – complementary products that their customers are just as likely to buy.

There are Macs, iPads, iPods & iTunes,  Apple TV, iWatch… And let’s not forget other accessories like headphones, speakers, phone cases, keyboards, and so on. See what Apple is doing here? They are covering ALL the potential wants and needs of their customers.

This way, they’re not entirely reliant on selling a single product – an iPhone. Instead, they present you with a myriad of other options. This maximizes the chances that the prospect will still buy something from them, instead of going to a different company.

That’s what you need to do in your business, if you’re hoping to truly maximize your profits.

Think about all the problems your target audience is facing. Try to offer a specific solution to each and every one of them.

Remember that every single conversation with a prospect could make you money… You just need to have the right products in your arsenal.

Final Thoughts

I’m confident that, if you follow the 7 steps I outlined in this article, you’ll be able to start leveraging attraction marketing. 

This system has tremendous potential. Once unlocked, it will enable you to quickly grow your business and scale your profits to 6 figures or beyond!

Need help implementing “attraction marketing”? want to learn what it really takes to build a wildly profitable online business in today’s marketplace?

Then I wholeheartedly recommend that you grab a copy of my BACKPACK MILLIONAIRE BOOK.

This is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to systematically building and running a sustainable & lucrative online business.

With this revolutionary business model, you’ll be able to leverage the power of “attraction marketing” and reliably generate $10,000+ a month with your business.

So, if you’re struggling to generate leads, drive sales, and scale your profits, or want to start a successful online business from scratch – the BACKPACK MILLIONAIRE BOOK is exactly what you’re looking for!

Best of luck in all your business endeavors.

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