9 Hot Trends To Help Boost Your Profits Dramatically In 2017

These last few years have seen a phenomenal growth in online businesses all over the world. And 2016 has been a truly exciting year for digital marketers worldwide.

With the focus on social media, SEO optimization, and creative content, the field of online business is more fun than ever. From businesses marketing their products and services on Snapchat or Instagram, to online shops blooming everywhere on the net, this year has truly exceeded our expectations.

Now that 2016 is coming to an end, let us share with you  the newest trends that were “born” from the minds of digital marketing geniuses.

We are living in a digital era. Nothing can prove it more than this list of 2016’s 9 profitable trends in online business:


  • Making your website mobile-friendly is non negotiable

Just last year, people all over the world made more internet searches using their smartphones or tablets than their laptops or desktop. This is why mobile optimization is a must, along with investing in a mobile-friendly platform. It’s the only way businesses can attract majority of their website visitors. But most importantly, it’s the only way to convert those visitors into customers.

So, if you want users to come back to your website, and to buy your products or services, make your platform the most mobile-friendly it can be.


  • Snapchat is now your best friend

Social media took the internet by the storm. The biggest example of that is the newest player in the market – Snapchat. Since its launch, this app was instantly embraced by millions of users worldwide.

The reason is quite obvious. It allows you to send “fleeting” pictures and videos that disappear after a few seconds. You can also create a whole 24 hours “story” that you can share with your followers.

It was a given that businesses everywhere would jump on the bandwagon and start “snapchatting”. And it works! More and more users are following big brands’ Snapchat accounts, which is a good way for these businesses to share a little bit of their behind the scenes magic with their followers.

If you aren’t using Snapchat right now, then you have an untapped field of prospects you’re missing out on.


  • You can now sell your products on Facebook

Facebook enables you now to sell your services and products online through its new “Buy Now” button. This enabled many online businesses to reach their target audience easily, since Facebook is one of the busiest social media platforms out there. With this new feature, converting you Facebook page visitors to customers has never been easier!


  • Use Instagram the best way: Advertise your product on it

2016 has also seen the introduction of ads on Instagram, as well as its new algorithm that can now enable you to reach out to a more specific audience a.k.a the audience you want.

You can now pay to get your business advertised for on Instagram, and many companies are using it to reach more of their target audience. Just as in Snapchat, businesses are using it to share the behind the scenes of their work, which makes them look more reachable, and thus, closer to their customers.


  • Consumers can now be your marketers!

Instead of just being passive consumers, customers are now an active part of online businesses. With the rise of forums, comparison websites, and even Facebook pages and groups, consumers have a lot to say about products and services that were provided for them. This can definitely seem like a plague to some businesses. However, the smartest ones will know how to use it to their own advantage.

Brands can now use their customers’ experiences as content on their websites and social media accounts. A vouch from a happy customer always being more powerful than any online ad or social media campaign.


  • Yes, video content is still in

Don’t give up on videos just yet! Now, they are even more popular, and for a reason.

Internet users find it easier to watch a 45 seconds video than to read an article or look at a slideshow of pictures.

They find videos more interactive, more alive, and most importantly, more interesting!

So, your company’s new year’s resolution could be creating more video content, and sharing it on platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, or even Instagram for shorter videos.


  • Don’t forget live videos

This year has seen the rise of live videos on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. As we said it before, studies show that video content is more interesting than text or photos alone, and live videos aren’t an exception. They allow consumers to be part of the brand experience, which will make them more loyal to it.


  • Don’t forget the role of voice search!

Nowadays, people are more busy than ever. So, they find it easier to look for something online using voice search, rather than typing it. It saves time, and as we know well, time is money. Research shows that people use different terms when using voice search. The sentences are often longer or more complex. This is why companies now should focus on including these terms in their keywords list. It might significantly increase their chance of ranking higher in online search engines.


  • Finally, think about apps

Yes, a lot of online businesses think that they don’t really need an app… However, as we stated it earlier, people are spending more time on their phones than ever. And out of that time, up to 52% is spent on apps. So, think about creating an app for your business. Just when you do, don’t forget to optimize it for the app store.

As we can see it, social media has changed the business world completely. It’s now much easier for companies to hear their customers’ complaints and praises. Similarly, with a single click, you can reach out to them and start a real conversation.

So, if you’re a new player in town or just a business who wants to optimize its online presence, think about investing in social media, it is definitely the way to go right now!


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