7 Eye Opening Facts About Digital Marketing You MUST Know

Today, if you want your company to be in, you have to go digital. From renewing your website to creating an app or building your social media presence, we can’t deny that today, digital marketing plays a big role in making or breaking a company. More and more users and consumers make researches online before even thinking about trying a product. They also give their opinion and feedback afterwards. Thus, it is now so much easier for companies to interact with their customers.

Digital marketing is not magic, but it’s pretty close to it, as proven by these 7 facts about digital marketing.

  • Social media is killing it

Today, pretty much all businesses have a Facebook page, or a Twitter account. The artsier ones even have an Instagram or a Pinterest account, and that’s not a coincidence. Research shows that more than 1.7 billion have active social media accounts. That’s a lot, which makes social media the perfect scene for companies who want to have a strong presence online and influence their consumers.

Not only that, but some studies also show that more than 45% of social media users actually feel uncomfortable if they can’t access Facebook or their emails. Think about how clueless and angry you feel when Facebook is down. We’re addicted, and companies can use that to make more profit.

  • Digital marketing budgets are growing

Companies are spending more money on digital marketing today than they were a few years ago. Before, having a Facebook page meant posting content on it from time to time, not even bothering to answer consumers’ messages, and focusing all your communication offline. Now, a Facebook page isn’t enough, a company needs to be present on all platforms, to hire people who are specialists in the field, and to plan every single thing that will be posted online, which means that the budget allowed to things such as online content is skyrocketing.

Offline advertising is not the way anymore, and we have the numbers to prove it. By next year, the budget allowed to digital marketing will increase from 12% to 15%. And, people working in that field are more on demand than ever. According to eMarketer, digital ad spending will actually surpass TV ad spending by 2017.

  • Mobile searches are ruling the digital world

Research has shown that internet searches are mostly done by smartphone and tablet instead of computers. And this is perfectly understandable: Mobiles give more freedom to consumers. They can look up anything anywhere given they have proper internet. They can watch videos and access any kind of content. And most importantly, they always have their phones on them and can use them at any moment, which isn’t the case with computers. This is why today, more and more businesses are focusing on building apps and making their websites mobile-friendly.

  • Video is still a consumers’ favorite

Videos are fun! They’re interesting. They grasp our attention. And, watching a short one doesn’t take as much time as reading an entire article. When it comes to learning about a product, consumers would rather watch a quick video about it than read a text describing it and this is why more and more companies are focusing their online content on videos that are not only informational, but also fun to watch. It is a real competition of creativity, and only the best can win.

  • CRM is now an online thing

It is expected that 2017 will be the year of e-CRM, with consumers using mostly platforms such as social media, chats and emailing to communicate with companies, leave them feedback, ask about a product/service, or complain, and this is one of the main reasons why more and more businesses are investing in social media specialists.

  • Measurement is still an issue

A lot of small businesses struggle greatly when it comes to measuring the results of their investments in online communication and digital marketing, since most of them state that they can’t really know which digital tactic works best and has the biggest impact on the company’s profits. And even more hallucinating, some of the smaller businesses don’t bother to track anything.

  • Digital marketing isn’t just social media

When we say digital marketing, most people think about a community manager taking care of a company’s Facebook page and Instagram profile, answering tweets, and posting videos on their Youtube channels, but this is just one facet of digital marketing. If a company wants to increase and better its online communication, it has to focus on four things: email marketing, mobile marketing, SEO, and of course, social media marketing; only then will it have a strong presence online.

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